Where is Elden Root? How to Get to Elden Root in ESO | HGG (2023)

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by Angus Green | Last Updated: Jun 8, 2022

(Video) ESO - Reaching Elden Root

Where is Elden Root? How to Get to Elden Root in ESO | HGG (1)

Image: ZeniMax Online Studios & Bethesda Softworks via HGG / Angus Green

Where is Elden Root in ESO? There are several ways to get to the Aldmeri Dominion capital of Elden Root, Grahtwood. As the capital of the Aldmeri Dominion, this massive tree city has got it all: Undaunted Pledges, 7 Guild Traders, Crafting, Mages and Fighters Guild- you name it.

This guide will explain how to get to Elden Root the fastest, so you don’t have to sweat finding this essential city. Some ways of getting to Elden Root are more direct than others. We’ll cover both the fastest ways as well as the linear way written into the storyline.

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Where is Elden Root? Many Paths Lead the Way!

There are transport caravans right outside the entrance of the massive tree that is Elden Root, Grahtwood. You can see 4 caravan icons on the zoomed in map of Elden Root. Ships or caravans from other locations throughout Tamriel will take you to this area and you’ll be right outside the Elden Root wayshrine. We’ll cover the major alliances first and then the DLC zones. You can access Elden Root from the Aldmeri Dominion zone of Auridon from the large southern city of Vulkhel Guard.

For the other alliances you’ll need to get to the capital city first before heading over to the Aldmeri Dominion capital of Elden Root, Grahtwood. Mournhold in Deshaan (Ebonheart Pact), and Wayrest in Stormhaven (Daggerfall Covenant) will be your choices.

If you aren’t starting as an Aldmeri Dominion character, it will take a couple more steps to get here through ship/caravan. As you won’t start the game in one of these major cities, we’ll describe how to get to these locations first below.

(Video) ESO - Elden Root

Click each map to expand

What’s Your Starting Point?

If you have just started you’ll either be in one of the alliance starting zones or a DLC area based on where you choose to start.

The Aldmeri Dominion will start you off in Khenarthi’s Roost. The southernmost area will have a boatswain named Sugar-Claws who can take you to Auridon.

The Daggerfall Covenant will start you off in Stros M’Kai. In the central major city there you’ll find a boatswain named Gilzer who can take you to Daggerfall Glenumbra. This brings you to more docks that can lead you to Vulkhel Guard Auridon (look for Azoufah).

The Ebonheart Pact will start you off in Bleakrock Isle, in the southwest of the Bleakrock Village there will be the boatswain named Liezl who can take you to Davon’s Watch. There you can take the helm of the Rusty Argonian Blade and sail to Vulkhel Guard Auridon yourself.

Where is Elden Root? How to Get to Elden Root in ESO | HGG (6)

Direct Routes

You can travel from various DLC zones via caravan or ship to wind up in this area of caravans outside of Elden Root.

DLC locations that have this direct route to Elden Root include:

  • Vvardenfell
  • Summerset
  • Northern and Southern Elsweyr
  • Western Skyrim
  • Blackwood

If you have the DLC unlocked, a decently quick way to get to Elden Root would be to go over there and then ship right over to one of Elden Root’s caravan locations.

(Video) ★ Elder Scrolls Online ★ - L23 The Orrery of Elden Root

The Deadlands, Fargrave, the Reach, etc, do not have direct routes to Elden Root. You’ll need to port over to their corresponding DLC to make the journey over. They will likely add a caravan/ship route to get to and from High Isle once they release it June 6th.

Porting to Friends or Guildmates to Reach Elden Root

The fastest way to get to Elden Root quickly without having to use docks or caravans is by simply teleporting to a friend or guildmate in Grahtwood. You can discover unknown wayshrines by porting to guildmates in locations you haven’t visited yet, unlocking them for future use.

Quite often people are in Elden Root to grab their daily Undaunted Pledges or to use the great guild trading hub located there. Sometimes I’ll port to a guild mate and find myself somewhere else in Grahtwood. But usually someone on my friend’s list or guild is located directly in Elden Root.

You can also use the addon BeamMeUp to quickly access the location you want to get to. Minion is an addon management tool and my preferred way to get addons in ESO. I suggest downloading BeamMeUp off of that if you want to try it out.

You will need to be in several guilds though for it to be useful (as it uses your guildmate’s locations to port you to specific locations without charging you the transport gold fee).

Porting to Housing

This house won’t act as a fastrack to discover Elden Root. However, I use it as a fast way to port to Elden Root when I’m not near a wayshrine.

There is a wonderful and cheap tree house in Elden Root called Snugpod costing only 45,000 gold. It only comes with one fairly small room but in terms of housing this is definitely on the cheaper end. This humble home can be ported to at any time, but if you exit without owning the house you’ll return to where you originally ported from.

You can get to Elden Root quickly by porting to this house once you own it. It is conveniently located just east of the Elden Root wayshrine, just south of the Great Tree Stables. Unfortunately there is a requirement you must meet before buying it. You’ll need to complete part of the Grahtwood zone storyline called Heart of the Matter.

(Video) ESO Quest - The Orrey of Elden Root

Where is Elden Root Chronologically? Zone Storyline

Where is Elden Root? How to Get to Elden Root in ESO | HGG (9)

If you are wanting to get to Grahtwood chronologically in the Aldmeri Dominion storyline, you’ll travel there by completing Auridon’s questline. There is a boatswain named Scout Linimondil in Skywatch, Auridon (city in the center of the map) that will lead you to the city of Haven on the southern edge of Grahtwood. Eventually it will lead you into Elden Root as you follow the story.

Join the High Ground

We hope this guide helps you get to Elden Root fast so you can explore more of Grahtwood or use the city’s many resources. For more information on all of your favorite games and the latest in all things ESO, follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter.

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(Video) The Elder Scrolls online Elden Root
" );})(jQuery);});

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Where is the Elden Root throne room? ›

It is somewhere in the highest branches of Falinesti, the walking city of the Bosmer king. In The Elder Scrolls Online the Camoran Throne is located within the Elden Tree, Elden Root. It is occupied by King Aeradan.

How do I get from Auridon to Grahtwood? ›

Grahtwood is base game, you can take a wayshrine to Auridon and then go to the docks and the navigator takes you to the capital.

Can you go to Valenwood in eso? ›

The entirety of the Valenwood is available in Elder Scrolls Online for exploration.

How do I open the Elden tree? ›

After defeating Morgott, you discover that the entrance to the Great Erdtree is blocked by thorns. Melina asks you to go to the Mountaintops of the Giants to get some special kindling that you can use to burn down the Great Erdtree. She gives you the Rold Medallion that you can use to reach this area.

How do I find Elden Lord? ›

Godfrey, First Elden Lord, is the first major boss located within Leyndell, Royal Capital, and the final barrier to facing the final boss of the dungeon. Godfrey is located past the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace, in the tower at the top of the giant branches that are growing out of the ramparts.

How do I get to the Elden Ring at the Palace? ›

How to Get to Mohgwyn Palace
  1. If you have already collected the two halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion and gained access to the secret region in the Mountaintops of the Giants reaching Mohgwyn's Palace is as easy as using a teleporter.
  2. This teleporter is located at the spot marked on the map above.
Jun 27, 2022

Where do I go from the Elden throne? ›

Elden Ring: Where to go after Morgott
  1. Main story: Mountaintop of the Giants.
  2. Optional: Subterranean Shunning-Grounds.
  3. If you haven't done it yet: Deeproot Depths, Lake of Rot & Astel, Naturalborn of the Void.
Apr 20, 2022

Where is the Elden map? ›

Every map fragment in Elden Ring can be found by visiting stone obelisks scattered throughout the Lands Between. Once you enter a region, you'll have an empty map of the area, but the stone obelisks will be marked, allowing you to ride towards them to open the map up properly.

How do I get to Auridon eso? ›

Speak to Razum-dar, then Captain Jimila, to travel to Auridon aboard The Prowler. Optionally, you can choose to interact with a great deal of the characters that you have interacted with throughout the quests and events in Khenarthi's Roost.

How do you travel between provinces in Elder Scrolls Online? ›

Look for a nearby stable or on the Crown Store for a new ride. In addition to mounts, you can quickly travel throughout Tamriel by using nearby Wayshrines. These act as Fast Travel points; as soon as you discover the location of a Wayshrine while exploring, you can use it to instantly teleport around Tamriel.

Where is earthen root enclave? ›

Earthen Root Enclave is an islet located off the southeast coast of High Isle, reached from a ship west of the Coral Road Wayshrine. It is a meeting place for druids from all three Cirlces in the Systres Archipelago, and several natures spirits reside there. It is included in the Lost Depths DLC alongside Graven Deep.

Where is the secret room in Elden Ring? ›

Go through the invisible floor at the broken railing, then under the arch and into the hallway. Hit the wall at the end of the hallway. Hit the brick wall at the northern end of the ruins. Hit or roll on the large square brick patch on the floor to reveal an underground room.

Is there anything in Godrick's throne room? ›

Nepheli and Kenneth will be inside the throne room; if they aren't there, try resting at Godrick's site of grace to make them appear.

How do you get to the throne room in Redmane castle? ›

It can be reached by crossing the bridge in-front of the "Impassable Greatbridge" site of grace. Follow the path upwards to the castle gate. Circle behind the castle using the path on the right hand side.

Where is across the roots Site of Grace? ›

At the end of Deeproot Depths, once you traverse through the tree trunk pathing and find Across The Roots Site of Grace. In the Prince of Death's Throne arena, from interacting with Fia after defeating Fia's Champions.


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