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Ruth Heflin was moved in her spirit tofly to where Randy Clark was to deliver this powerful word -- wethought it was a very important thing to display so this is whatwas spoken by Heflin over Clark.

Ruth Heflin thought that it was soimportant to drop what she was doing and fly to the Metro Churchin Kansas City, Missouri where Randy Clark was ministering. Thefollowing is a prophetic utterance by Ruth Heflin over RandyClark. For those that are not familiar with Randy Clark -- he isthe Vineyard Pastor that came to Tornoto, Canada in 1994 thatinitiated the move of God there. Ruth in her unusual way sungthis to Randy.

"Hallelujah! And Yeah the Lordsaith as son to thee, "There is a wind of My Spiritthat’s blowing even now, blowing, blowing, blowing. And yeahthe increase shall come. It shall come, it shall come, it shallcome. Yeah blowing across this city, blowing across this state,blowing across the nation, yeah blowing, blowing. Oh can’tyou feel the gentle blowing of My Spirit? Can’t you feel thegentle movement yeah of My hand? Can’t you see yeah thatwhich I am doing, doing, doing? For this is My day," saiththe Lord."

"And I’m moving, moving,moving. I am moving in My way. I am moving, moving, moving. Ishall move man out of the way. And My Spirit, My Spirit yeahshall ascend, shall ascend. There shall be a great ascent yeahthen in thee. Even in thee, a great ascent," saith the Lord.

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"For I am lifting thee up. I amlifting thee up for the greater day. I am lifting thee up andyeah thou shalt flow in the greater way. And thou shall forgetyeah the former day, for the greater day yeah shall truly be thatwhich shall come upon thee. It shall come upon thee, and thoushalt know how to yield to that which I am doing. And yeah theLord, as son to thee, yeah even this night as thou shalt yield alittle bit more to Me. Yeah thou shall be changed and experienceyeah My Glory. A greater Glory than you’ve ever knownbefore, a greater Glory than you’ve walked in before. Agreater Glory than you’ve experienced hither to before,Heaven coming down. And you being lifted up, lifted up, liftedup, lifted up, yeah into realms you’ve never known before.For there is an acceleration that I am teaching thee, therhythms, yeah the rhythms of My Spirit, yeah the rhythms of MyGlory. And yeah thou shalt move yeah in revelation power,revelation power yeah in this very hour," saith the Lord.

"And men shall come unto thee,they shall come unto thee from afar," saith the Lord."What you have seen in this place is only the beginning. Thebeginning, the beginning, the beginning of that which I shall do.Oh it shall be done in you, in you, in you, in you yeah it shallbe done in you. For it shall be done by My Spirit. For even now Iam blowing away the hindrances, removing the stumbling blocks.Yeah I am doing it, doing it, doing it. For you, for you, foryou. And you shall bow in amazement. You shall bow again andagain in amazement as you stand and watch what I shall do, andhow I shall do it. Even through you, through you," saith theLord.

(She sings in the Spirit here andbeckons the congregation to do likewise imploring, "Justlift up your voices, let that rhythm of the Spiritcome".......she prays more in the Spirit).

Hallelujah! "And I’m turningthee around, my son. I shall turn thee around and around andaround. Oh you shall know the great turnings, the great turningsof thy God. For yeah thou shalt lose thine own direction, andthou shall get the direction only of My Spirit. Oh turn the newdirections, turn the new ways, doing things differently than informer days, doing it by the Spirit, not by the understanding.Flowing in, yeah that which is higher than you’ve everflowed before. A greater day, a greater anointing. Oh for I shalllift thee up, and place a spotlight upon thee. Oh you shall nothide behind this stuff, you shall not hide even behindother’s ministries. For it is thee that I am raising up todo exploits in and through thee," saith the Lord.

"And I shall use thee to call manyyeah from the nations, yeah to go into the harvest fields. But Ihave a great work, a greater work for thee to do. And miraclesand signs and wonders shall flow through you. Oh I shall do itfor thee. Again and again you shall bow before Me, as I shall doit through thee. I am doing it, I am accelerating that which Ihave spoken unto thee.

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Know the lateness of the hour. Yeahlook into the heavenlies and feel the time in thy soul, my son.Yeah listen ye for My voice and feel it’s the timing in thysoul. The urgency yeah coming from within. Oh I say this untothee, it shall not be burdensome unto thee, for thou shalt knowthe rest that’s in My Glory, the rest, the rest, the restthat is in My Glory. You shall stand back and be in amazement asI do the great thing. Beyond anything you’ve ever seen, youshall see, and declare it. You shall see it

in the Spirit and speak it forth and itshall be manifest in the openness before the people. Oh miracleseven this night," saith the Lord. "Miracles, miracles,miracles. Miracles, signs and wonders. For it is thy time, it isthy time,’ saith the Lord. (She prays in the Spirit for amoment).

Hallelujah! Hallelujah, Hallelujah.Thank You Lord.

Prophetic word given to Randy Clark atDeliverance Evangelistic Church by Ruth Heflin, Tuesday, October15, 1996

For that which you have known in partshall grow...shall increase. It shall be multiplied and thoushalt know the great multiplication. for again and again thoushalt stand upon this platform and thou shalt begin to see in newrealms of the Spirit...for I remove every scale from thine eyeand thou shatl see those things that thou hast longed tosee...thou shalt see that which is afar and that which is near.Thou shalt see that which is hidden and that which is revealed.Thou shalt see in measures beyond any that thou hast experienceduntil this time. For it shall be the anointing of the seer thatshall come greatly upon thee and thou shalt see and describe thatwhich thous seest and as thou proclaimest it so shall themiracles come forth, saith the Lord.

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For the seeing shall cause a new faithto be brought forth, a greater measure of faith than that whichthou hast known... a greater measure than that which thou hastwalked in...a greater measue of faith thanthat which thou hastwitnessed...thou shalt see it in the heavenlies and thou shallspeak it forth and so shall it be.

For yea, a new anointing cometh uponthee even now...it goeth from the top of thy head even to thesole of thy feet...and in the going,yet there isa permeation ofthe anointing into the depth of thy being, bringing changes,bringing loosenings, yea bringing a freedom that thou shouldstnot fear man nor look upon his countenance, but rather that thoushould only look upon the countenance of the Lord and fear theLord.

And thou shalt have freedom to speakforth a liberty within, yea a liberty beyond any liberty thatthou hast known, that thou shalt be free, totally free in theSpirit...free to dance across platforms...free to dance acrossnations...free to dance before the

Lord thy God. THou shalt have thefredom and thou shalt cause the people to come into a freedom,that which they have longed for, it shall come forth. For in thefreedom thous shalt know, yea, the multiplication of ministryamong the people, for yea I shall raise up many sons underthee...lI shall raise up many daughters under thee... for thatwhich I desire to do throught theee cannot be done just by thee.

But I hasten my Word unto theperformance thereof...and there shall be a great hastening and agreat enlargement and a great multiplication...the fire shallfall upon the heads of many, yea upon countless numbers...yea thefire shall envelop this place, saith the Lord. It shall goaround, yea, even the outer perimeters of the building...thebuilding, yea shall have a wall of fire around about it and aglory even in the midst of it.. and it is the liberty my son, yetthat is the key...

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It is the liberty, therefore, yea relaxin thy God and yield they members more and more fully unto Him,for as thou shalt yeild and question not, yield and waver not,yeild, yet, more and more unto the Spirit, and yea mind ye notwhat thy peersand thine associates would think, but rather let mecarry thee on the river for thou shalt not only bear ther riverbut the river shall bear thee. Yea, thou shall not only carry theriver, but the river shall carry thee...

And yea thou shalt see that a greatcompany, a great multitude are likewise carried on the river,saith the Lord. For this is the day, thisis the day of the Lord,this is the day of the glory of the Lord revealed, thisis the dayof the power and the manifestation of the Lord... This is theday, the day of the Lord. This is the day, the day of the Lord.This is the hour, the hour of visitation. This is the time, thetime of manifestation ,,,the manifestation of My Spirit, themanifestation of My power, the manifestation of My glory...themanifestation, yea, of My mighty arm made bare with signs andwonders and miracles...signs and wonders...miracles...healingsyea, a healing stream that shall flow to the north, the south,the east and west, and shall encompass all nations, a mightyhealing stream, yea a mighty healing stream...

Thou shalt but at times lift thine armsand themiracles shall happen, not only in this land but I'mseeing you in Africa and other nations, standing with multitudes,yea but lifting thy hands and seeing the miracles take placeunder the mighty hand of God...therefore rejoice, rejoice...forthis is thy day...rejoice...rejoice...rejoice... or it is God'sway...yea, rejoice...rejoice...rejoice exceedingly...(END)

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