The Great Prophecy ((Percy Jackson RP))Started/Accepting (2022)

Yet another Percy Jackson RP? Yes . . . but I am determined to make it work!!!!

[spoiler=Plot((Everything is nested in spoilers]

It has been many years since Percy Jackson saved the world from the evil titan, Kronos. The gods have kept their promises to Percy and now every god has a cabin and almost every one of them has campers in it but when Percy Jackson was still a camper, Rachel Elizabeth Dare announced a prophecy,

Seven half-bloods shall answer the call.

To storm or fire, the world must fall.

An oath to keep with a final breath,

And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death.

The time has come for the next ‘Great Prophecy’ to become realized. Seven half-bloods must overcome the odds and save the world from evil. Now are you a part of those seven, the ones working to stop them, or somewhere in the middle? The fate if the world is in your hands. Save it or crush it?


You MUST post ATLEAST four lines in EVERY post!!!Only because we have to.

No godmodding.

All YCM rules apply . . .

Romances are allowed.

Keep all violence and romance to a PG-16 level

You must commit to the RP. That means if you start you better continue. No, one post then stop.

There is a limit to 2 characters per user.



(Video) COMING BACK TO LIFE! - Origins of Olympus - #40 (Minecraft Percy Jackson Roleplay)



Godly Parent: ((I don’t care what Percy Jackson says you may pick any god, ((No titans, or OPed parents))

Appearance: ((Picture is accepted. If you don’t have a picture be descriptive, not, “Tall. Black hair. Green eyes.” We want to visualize your character.

Side: Camp Half-Blood or against it??


Magical Items:

[spoiler=Accepted Characters]

[spoiler=ArtemisFowl |Jecht Kyne]

Name: Jecht Kyne

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Godly Parent: Poseidon

[spoiler=Appearence:]The Great Prophecy ((Percy Jackson RP))Started/Accepting (1)

Side: Camp Half-Blood

Bio: Jecht as a child never even knew his mother had been with someone else. He akways had a loving stepfather. Jecht one time when he was 4 years old, fell off a dock at the beach. The water was atleast 100 ft. deep but the water brought him back to shore completely unharmed. Then again his stepfather took him on a camping trip to the lake when he was thirteen, he was attacked by a huge hellhound. He accidentally drowned the hellhound by using the water from the lake. That was when both he and his stepfather were informed about his real father. That was when he raced to Camp Half-Blood. He has now been there three years and counting.

Magical Items: A canteen that is filled with pure water, and will never run out.

[spoiler=strategist14 | Nikki Heartstrung]

Name: Nikki Heartstrung

(Video) THE PEACE TREATY || Origins of Olympus S3 Ep 11 || Minecraft Percy Jackson Roleplay

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Godly Parent: Apate

Appearance: Nikki, a stunningly attractive asian girl, has long, dark hair that goes down to about her waist, tied back with a purple, velvet ribbon. She wears her orange Camp Half-Blood shirt, which is several sizes too big, and a pair of loose-fitting jeans. She uses a black leather belt fitted to hold her three daggers, as tight as it can go, to hold up her loose jeans. When entering battle, Nikki rarely wears any armor, relying instead on her ability to avoid most strikes.

Side: Camp Half-Blood

Bio: Nobody's really completely sure about Nikki's past. As a daughter of the Goddess of Deception, she generates more Mist than average demigods, meaning that the finer details were never able to be clarified. Except by her. But the daughter of deception would never reveal her own secrets. Nobody but Nikki will ever know about the time a dracenae attacked her when she was eight, prompting her learning about her heritage, or that at one point she had almost killed herself with a greek firebomb. Who else but Nikki could know about her ability to understand a person's actions so well that it had occasionally been referred to as mind reading? Or that she had set traps throughout the forest, so that during games of Capture the Flag, campers could be caught up in a tree for hours after the game had ended? Nikki found it to her advantage that nobody even knew who her parent was, and that she was a perfect lier, able to fool any lie detector.

Magical Items: Ring of invisibility, which has a weak magnetic field that attracts metal objects, including her three acid-tipped daggers.

[spoiler=Merciful Idiot | Nexus]

Name: Nexus

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Godly Parent: Athena


The Great Prophecy ((Percy Jackson RP))Started/Accepting (2)

Side: Against Camp Half-Blood.

Bio: For a long time, Nexus had protected himself from monsters using a sword made of a mix of celestial bronze and titanium, thanks to his father. He joined camp Half-Blood for two months while he was 16, before something happened which caused him to leave. Since then, he had been searching for a way to permanently slay monsters, and possibly, titans and gods, for giving him this fate, using the knowledge he has as a son of Athena to his full advantage.

Magical Items: Thanatos Fonias (Death Killer)

[spoiler=ProtoMachineKing | Ream Silverstone]

Name: Ream Silverstone

(Video) HOO - The Son of Neptune: Chapter 52 (Percy)

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Godly Parent: Morpheus

Appearance: Sula is a rather weak looking boy, with white hair with a silver tinge to in and pale skin its easy to see how many people view this person as weak. He usually dons a plain long sleeved white shirt with a bright purple "eye" in the center with gray trousers with the same symbol on each knee. On his right hip he holds a silver razor-sharp knife with a ivory hilt and the same mark on his clothes present on its handle. He tends to not wear much armor, being too heavy for him.

Side: Camp Half Blood

Bio: Ream was born of Morpheus, the god of Dreams and Sleep. He was born to Jane Silverstone, who after her last son's suicide had given up all hope until her dream of having another child came true. Ream was protected from most of the pain in the world, kept from the outside world and became a child prodigy in intellect. However, he was soon attacked by a monster, who killed Jane and Ream was sent to Camp Half Blood by his father.

Magical Items: His dagger is able to allow him to manipulate dreams to some extent, allowing him to view the dreams and shape it to his own will, the knife also has a powder in its hilt, making people who consume it fall asleep after a short period of time.

[spoiler=DarkMark | Orran Kilon]

Name: Orran Kilon

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Godly Parent: Apollo


Side: Neutral at the moment.

Bio: Orran was raised in an orphanage for the first half of his life. Then, when he was nine years old, a satyr, not that he knew it at the time, came and brought him to the camp. When he got there he learned that he had a knack for the bow. He stayed there for about seven years, which during his sixth year there he was claimed by Apollo. When he was claimed, he started to wonder why it had taken so long, at least, why it had taken so long to him. The year after this, Orran started to think about trying to survive outside the camp, where he could really learn how skilled he truly was. So he did the logical thing, he jumped out into the world. He made sure that he left no trail, and left in the middle of the night, almost exactly seven years after he had gotten there.

Magical Items: A Bow that imbues the arrow with Fire. If he concentrates long enough, about two minutes, the arrow becomes fire.

(Video) NEW CAMPUS ARRIVES || Origins of Olympus S3 Ep 5 || Minecraft Percy Jackson Roleplay

[spoiler=Aqua Girl | Ina]

Name: Ina


Gender: F

Godly Parent: Hades

Appearance: [spoiler= Ina]The Great Prophecy ((Percy Jackson RP))Started/Accepting (4)

[spoiler= Hotaru987 | Samantha "Sam" Wise ]

Name: Samantha "Sam" Wise

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Godly Parent: Hades

[spoiler=Appearance:] The Great Prophecy ((Percy Jackson RP))Started/Accepting (5)' alt='25jk09v.jpg'>

Side: Camp Half-Blood

[spoiler=Bio:] Samantha and her mother don't get along that great. Why, you may ask. It's because Samantha is a straight Tom Boy. She never turns down a fight as she is too proud. She hates dresses, skirts, and anything else that she deams too girly. She even dislikes her name, and will only answer to Sam unless it's her mother, who refuses to call her by a boys name. Anyone else who calls her Samantha, she's just about ready to kick a-Anyway, Sam never knew she was a demi-god until she was 12 when all of a sudden these weird looking things started chansing her. All of a sudden she was being thrusted into a camp. Of course her mother was against it because she knew about the camp, and what they taught there, and didn't want Sam learning how to fight even better.

Of course her Godly parent being Hades, she has either a bad relationship or a neutral relationship with the other campers. Not that she care(Actually she does alot), but it would be nice not to be glared at every morning.

Sam had decided to stay at the camp for the summer, and go back home for the school year. With the camp as an outlet she didn't get into fights....That much anyway. And that time away from home gave both her mother and Sam some time away from each other so by the time Sam came back home they had a good time together. Although, by the end of the year Sam was ready to get away from her mother.

Magical Items: A magic Heart shaped Locket. With it she can pass through any solid object, even people. She has another necklace that has a key on it. The key can unlock almost any lock, ans she has yet to find a lock she could open.


***This RP is being co-hosted by my friend, Strategist14***

(Video) Origins of Olympus Season 3 #4 - "THE TOUR OF CAMP OASIS!" (Percy Jackson Minecraft Roleplay) S3 E4


What was the great prophecy in Percy Jackson? ›

Percy Jackson (film series)

The Great Prophecy is told to Percy by the Oracle. She tells him that when a child of the eldest gods reaches 20 against all odds, the prophecy will come true. Throughout the movie, it is implied that the cursed blade is Riptide.

What is the prophecy of 7 in Percy Jackson? ›

The Prophecy

Seven half-bloods shall answer the call, To storm or fire, the world must fall. An oath to keep with the final breath, And foes bear arms to the Doors of death.

Who are the 7 demigods in the great prophecy? ›

The seven demigods of the Prophecy of Seven—Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Jason Grace, Leo Valdez, Piper McLean, Hazel Levesque, and Frank Zhang—go on their final adventure to defeat Gaea/Terra while Nico di Angelo, Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano, and Coach Gleeson Hedge attempt to bring the Athena Parthenos to Camp ...

Who betrays Percy? ›

Upon returning to Camp Half Blood, Percy is betrayed by his friend Luke, son of Hermes, who turns out to be the human hero whom Kronos used for the theft. Luke poisons Percy, and tells him before leaving that Kronos will rise and destroy the age of the gods. Western Civilization is unraveling.

Who are the 7 half bloods? ›

The seven half-bloods are, Jason Grace, Leo Valdez, Piper McLean, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Hazel Levesque, and Frank Zhang. The second line refers to either Leo for fire or Jason and Percy for storm as the one who was destined to defeat Gaea.


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