Starkit's Prophecy but it actually makes sense (2023)

Starkit's Prophecy but it actually makes sense (1)

I'm pretty sure everyone has heard about Starkit's Prophecy, especially if you're on the fanfiction side of the Warriors fandom.

But if not, I'll gladly explain.

Starkit's Prophecy, originally called Starkits Prophcy by the author, xdarkrosesx on Fanfiction, is an absolute monstrosity of a fanfiction. The My Immortal of Warriors. On the list of the worst fanfictions I've ever read, but also on the so bad it's good/funny list. The plot focuses on Starkit, a Mary Sue and very obvious self-insert character who's the daughter of Jayfeather and the creator's OC Dawnsparkle. When StarClan delivers a prophecy saying that the stars will get rid of the evil tiger and holly, she jumps to action.

Aside from the extremely overcliched plot and Mary Sue characters, the fanfiction is primarily known for its awful grammar, with a majority of words being spelled incorrectly or homophones taking over (for example "butter mom..." instead of "but her mom..."). It's like if you wrote an entire story but you were too lazy to type so you used voice typing and it interprets your words wrong and you never bother to fix it.

The story also dives in to being extremely unrealistic, with Starkit ending up like a Christian crusader despite the cats believing in StarClan. I won't go completely in depth as I don't want to break wiki rules, but you get the point. It breaks canon laws occasionally and ends up being extremely unrealistic for the Warriors universe. It's unrealistic from the start, as Starkit has a star on her forehead and both in real life and the Warriors universe don't allow that naturally. (Okay, perhaps not exactly like they don't allow it, but like cats can't be the same shade of purple that Starkit is, so I'm kinda meaning it like that but for the "star".)

The original work has since been deleted off of the Fanfiction site, though there are numerous reuploads of the original story. Here is one on Wattpad.

The story makes no sense at all, but I'll go ahead and rewrite it. In the process this fixes the terrible grammar and removes everything that doesn't make sense so it... makes sense.

Starkit's Prophecy is also controversial because it contains p//ophilia, i//est, homophobia, etc. These will all be removed in the story, as well as the religious stuff.


  • 1 Alliances
    • 1.1 ThunderClan
    • 1.2 ShadowClan
    • 1.3 WindClan
    • 1.4 RiverClan
  • 2 Chapter One: Prologue
  • 3 Chapter Two: Rise of a Heroine
  • 4 Chapter Three: The Battle for the Clan
  • 5 Chapter Four: The Training Under the Star


Okay so like I said this is my first story, so be nice please. (fixed the FIRST SENTENCE that had BAD GRAMMAR! YAY!)

By the way, it's set after Sunset. (no pun intended)

(Video) Starkit's Prophecy MAP Complete

(I'm not going to bother typing out the description for every Clan cat I'm too lazy plus I don't even read those anyway and I doubt anyone does)


Leader: Firestar.

Deputy: Brambleclaw.

Medicine Cat: Jayfeather.

Warriors: Squirrelflight (apprentice: Foxpaw), Dustpelt, Sandstorm, Cloudtail (apprentice: Daisypaw), Brackenfur, Sorreltail, Thornclaw, Brightheart, Spiderleg, Whitewing (apprentice: Icepaw), Birchfall, Graystripe, Berrynose, Hazeltail, Mousewhisker, Cinderheart, Poppyfrost, Honeyfern, Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, Foxheart, Icefire, Toadribbit, Roseflame, Briarstorm, Bumbleflower, Blossomwind.

Apprentices: Daisypaw, Flamepaw, Lakepaw, Jazzpaw, and Starkit's two sisters (who are left unnamed in the allegiances).

Queens: Ferncloud, Dawnsparkle.

Kits: Starkit.

Elders: Longtail, Mousefur, Weaselpelt, Leafpool.


Leader: Blackstar.

Deputy: Russetfur.

Medicine Cat: Littlecloud (apprentice: Flamepaw).

Warriors: Oakfur (apprentice: Tigerpaw), Rowanclaw, Smokefoot (apprentice: Owlpaw), Ivytail (apprentice: Dawnpaw), Toadfoot, Crowfrost (apprentice: Olivepaw), Pinkfur (name changed instead of her original name; I don't know if it's a spelling error or not), Ratscar (apprentice: Shrewpaw), Snaketail (apprentice: Scorchpaw), Whitewater (apprentice: Redpaw), Tawnypelt, Flamewind, Tigerclaw, Dawnfeather. (Olivepaw was put here once again like a warrior, but I'm not sure why so I left it out.)

Queens: Snowbird.

(Video) Starkit's Prophecy Episode 1

Elders: Cedarheart, Tallpoppy.


Leader: Onestar.

Deputy: Ashfoot.

Medicine Cat: Barkface (apprentice: Kestrelpaw).

Warriors: Tornear, Crowfeather, Owlwhisker, Whitetail, Nightcloud, Gorsetail, Weaselfur, Harespring, Leaftail (apprentice: Thistlepaw), Dewspots (apprentice: Sedgepaw), Willowclaw (apprentice: Swallowpaw), Antpelt, Emberfoot (apprentice: Sunpaw), Heathertail, Breezepelt.

Elders: Morningflower, Webfoot.


Leader: Leopardstar.

Deputy: Mistyfoot.

Medicine Cat: Mothwing (apprentice: Willowshine).

Warriors: Blackclaw, Voletooth (apprentice: Minnowpaw), Reedwhisker, Mosspelt (apprentice: Pebblepaw), Beechfur, Rippletail (apprentice: Mallowpaw), Graymist, Dawnflower, Dapplenose, Pouncetail, Mintfur (apprentice: Nettlepaw), Otterheart (apprentice: Sneezepaw (I am not kidding with this name)), Pinefur (apprentice: Robinpaw), Rainstorm, Duskfur (apprentice: Copperpaw).

Queens: Icewing.

Elders: Heavystep, Swallowtail, Sunstream.

Chapter One: Prologue

(I am not kidding the prologue is chapter one and it's called.. prologue. Or to quote it from the original story itself, "Chpater oen prouloge".)

The cats gathered around a pool and they all looked in to it eagerly as a dark shape appeared on the surface.

(Video) The cats are just People

A blue she-cat with bright eyes looked up. "There is a prophecy!" she said. "Out of the darkness the stars will come and get rid of the evil tiger and holly."

"It's about Starkit!" a white tom said. "She's going to save the forest." He looked at a gold tom by Bluestar.

"She has powers that nobody ever dreamed of," said the gold tom. "Should we tell Jayfeather?"

"Yes," said Bluestar. "He needs to know." She walked away from the pool to tell Jayfeather about the prophecy.

(Didn't Bluestar die before Jayfeather was a character? I forgot because I haven't read Warriors canon in a long time. I'm just confused in general because I can't tell if Bluestar is sending the prophecy from StarClan or if she's alive because she walks away to tell Jayfeather??? But she's dead??? It's the prologue and I already have no idea what I'm doing)

Chapter Two: Rise of a Heroine

(I found it incredibly funny when reading the fanfic for the first time because they used the wrong spelling of heroine for the title. Ah yes, homophones.)

Starkit woke up and sunlight was in the branches. She closed her eyes again, still tired. But her mom wouldn't let her sleep today.

"Sweetie, it's time to get up," said Dawnsparkle, her eyes shining. "It's an important day today."

"What is it, Mom?" Starkit asked, awake right away. Then the she-cat remembered what day it was. "Oh my gosh! It's my ceremony today!" she squealed excitedly. Today was the day she was going to become an apprentice! She flicked (not sure if this is a spelling error or something else) outside, not even waiting for her mom. But her mom caught up to her quick.

"Sweetie, you know the Clans don't like cats like us sometimes," she said.

Starkit glared. She didn't like being told that. Just because her mom used to be a ShadowClan cat and her dad was Jayfeather the medicine cat didn't mean she was different.

"Starkit, come here," Firestar said from the leg (what). He jumped down. "Starkit, it's time for you to become an apprentice. You're a strong and brave cat, and I wish I could mentor you, but I'm so busy being leader that I simply can't do that. So I will let Blossomwind apprentice you in place of me." (wait so Blossomwind is on the allegiances but the character who appears is Blossomfall?? I don't know if they're the same character or not?? Idk we'll treat them as separate characters from now on, but Blossomfall doesn't appear in the original allegiances for some reason so to make it live up to the original, I won't put Blossomfall in there.)

Everybody gasped and so did Starkit. She even heard her mother say "wow!".

Firestar licked her shoulder. "You'll be the best there ever was, Starpaw," he said, "I know it."

(Video) 5 Worst Warrior Cat Misconceptions

Surprised, she walked away when they were done howling for her. Then she went over to Jayfeather and Dawnsparkle, who were very proud.

"Daughter, we're very happy, but we have to say something," said Jayfeather. His chest puffed out. "You see, there's this prophecy StarClan gave me. It said that out of the darkness, stars will come and get rid of the evil tiger and holly.

Starpaw gasped. What does it mean?


Chapter Three: The Battle for the Clan

Starpaw walked over to the apprentices' den. Inside she saw her sisters, Flamepaw and Lakepaw. Her friend Jazzpaw was sleeping on the moss.

"Jazzpaw, get up," she cried. Jazzpaw opened her brilliant blue eyes and looked at her. "Do you want to go on patrol with me?"

"Sure!" said Jazzpaw, getting up from the moss. They left and went to the entrance to camp.

But then a cat came in through the entrance. It was Blackstar.

"ShadowClan is attacking!" she [I'm assuming Starpaw] yelled. All the cats came out from their dens. She jumped on a cat and clawed him before he ran off.

"Good job, Starpaw!" Firestar called. "The last cat I knew that could fight like that was Sandstorm. You're a good fighter!"

Starpaw was happy. She was a good fighter! Maybe this was what the prophecy meant.

Chapter Four: The Training Under the Star

(why are there two chapter threes in the original SP?)

OH MY GOSH GUYS I'm so sorry but SOMEONE glares at rainy days FLAMED ME AND I GOT REALLY HURT. OKAY if you don't like the story you don't have to read it, you know.

(I know the original author is saying "please stop hating on my story" in the end but in the first sentence I genuinely have no idea what she's talking about with the "someone who glares at rainy days")

(Video) Starkit's Prophecy Episode 9


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