Spanish Baby Boy Names with Meaning (2022)

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Abejundio Abelardo Abelino Adalberto Adelio Afonso Agapito Agustin Alamar Albano Alberto Albinus Alessandro Alf Alfons Alfonsus Alfonzo Alford Aloise Alpine Alwar Amadeo Amadeu Amado Anastas Anastase Andras Andreo Andres Andris Angelino Anselm Anselmo Anthonie Anthonius Aquilino Arine Arins Aristides Arnel Arsenio Arsi Arturo Asdrubal Atilio Augusto Aureo Bajalat Barto Basa Bassa Benedicto Benicio Benito Bernardo Bienvenido Bolivar Bonito Braulio Buenaventura Caega Caege Calderon Canda Candelario Cariann Carlito Carlitos Carlos Casson Cayetano Celestino Cerda Ceron Chan Chanait Chanak Chano Chavez Chayo Che Chema Chencho Chico Chuy Cid Cidd Cinco Cipriano Cirini Cisco Cnut Colorado Cordaro Corder Cordero Cordovan Cortez Cory Cruz Cuco Cuitlahuac Cumma Damia Dario Daza Deago Delmar Demario Diego Dionicio Dionisio Domenico Domingo Donatello Eberardo Edmundo Edorta Edwardo Efi Efrain Elija Emigdio Enrico Enrique Enriquez Erasmo Eriko Ernesto Eron Esai Espiridion Estanislao Esteban Estefan Estember Estephen Estevan Estmar Eulalia Eulalio Eusebio Everardo Everd Fausto Felipe Felis Ferdinando Fermin Fernandez Fernando Ferrol Fidelio Fidelis Fides Fitzwilliam Fiyero Florencio Florentino Frisco Froylan Fulco Gabrio Galeno Galo Gaspar Gervasio Gervaso Giancarlos Glor Gonzalo Gredlan Gregorio Guillermo Guinan Haseca Haswar Hector Hernan Hernando Hidalgo Homobono Jabier Jacint Jacinto Jacobo Jacquez Jaden Jadyn Jago Jaidyn Jaime Jairo Jandro Jaquez Jaume Javi Javier Jencarlos Jeraldo Jereza Jeronimo Jerrold Joaquin Joram Jorge Jose Jose Luis Jovanny Jovano Jovany Jove Jovelin Jovin Jovis Juanito Julian Junipero Justino Keiman Lalo Laredo Laurencius Leandro Leocadio Leonides Lobo Lonni Lonnie Lonny Lony Lonyn Lonzo Lucero Luis Lukas Luz Macario Maceo Maicer Malaquias Manolito Manolo Manuelo Marcos Marianel Marisen Marquez Martez Martinez Martirio Matias Matthias Mer Merald Miguel Miguelangel Moises Monolos Monte Montego Montenegro Monterey Montesh Montrell Monty Nacho Nalda Naldo Nardo Natalino Natalio Navarro Nelio Nemesio Neron Nevada Nicabar Niguel Oalo Octaviano Oleos Orlondo Oro Osvaldo Oswaldo Pancho Pasqual Paulino Ponce Poncho Quique Quiqui Rafael Rafe Raymundo Reinaldos Reynaldo Reynaldos Rheal Ricardo Rico Rikárdó Rio Roce Roderigo Rodolfo Rodrigo Rodriguez Rogelio Rogerio Rolando Roldan Roman Rosalio Rosendo Rudolfo Salomon Salove Salvador Salvadore Salvator Salvatore Salvino Sanchez Sanita Santi Santo Saul Saulus Saviero Servando Silverio Silvestre Soto Tajo Tavares Tejano Teodoro Teofilo Teyo Thiago Tiago Tiburcio Tiburon Tiko Timo Timoteo Toli Tome Tonio Tono Toribio Torres Tota Tulio Turi Vito

Spanish baby Boy names, including some unique, traditional, and most popular names.

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  • Abejundio

    Means relating to bee or abaje

  • Abelardo

    Basically it means generous, kind ans solid personlaity

  • Abelino

    Means unsure pet form of Avila

  • Adalberto

    The bright noble or the shining noble

  • Adelio

    An honourable and kind person

  • Afonso

    The ready and noble person

  • Agapito

    One who is dearly loved, precious, adored, cared for, treasured, cherished and one's favourite.

  • Agustin

    Latin - August, dignified, holy; A variant of name Augustine

  • Alamar

    Arabic - Coated in Gold

  • Albano

    Latin - Man from Alba ; A variant of name Alban

  • Alberto

    Noble, bright and famous individual

  • Spanish Baby Boy Names with Meaning (1)
  • Albinus

    Latin - White; Blond; Fair One; A variant of name Albus

  • Alessandro

    Old Greek - Defender of Men; A variant of name Alexander

  • Alf

    Gothic - Noble and Ready; English - Inspired Advice; Old Peace Derived from the element Alfr which means Elf; A variant of name Alfonso and Alfie

  • Alfons

    Gothic - Noble and Ready; A variant form of the name Alfonso

  • Alfonsus

    Gothic - Noble and Ready; A variant form of the name Alfonso

  • Alfonzo

    Gothic - Noble and Ready; A variant form of the name Alfonso

  • Alford

    English - old river crossing orford; Old English - inspired advice, Old Peace; A variant of name Alfred

  • Aloise

    Famous in battle. Feminine of Aloysius

  • Alpine

    Latin - White; Blond; Fair One; A derivative of name Alpin

  • Alwar

    Gothic: Guard for all; A derivative of name Alvaro

  • Amadeo

    Love of God; A variant of name Amadeu which is derived from Latin Amare 'to love' and Deus 'God'.

  • Amadeu

    Love of God; derived from Latin Amare 'to love' and Deus 'God'.

  • Amado

    Latin - Lover, Love of God ; A derivative of the Spanish name Amadeus and Amador

  • Anastas

    Old Greek - Resurrection; A variant form of the name Anastasius

  • Anastase

    Old Greek - Resurrection; A variant form of the name Anastasius

  • Andras

    Old Greek - Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant of name Andrea

  • Andreo

    Old Greek - Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant of name Andreas

  • Andres

    A born warrior who is manly and brave

  • Andris

    Old Greek - Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant of name Andrew

  • Angelino

    Old Greek - Messenger of God; Angel, A variant of name is Angel

  • Anselm

    German - Protected by God; A derivative from Anshelm

  • Anselmo

    German - Protected by God; A variant of name Ansel

  • Anthonie

    Latin - Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

  • Anthonius

    Latin - Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

  • Aquilino

    Latin - Eagle; A variant of name Aquila

  • Arine

    Light; Radiance; Sun Ray

  • Arins

    Hebrew - Enlighted; mountain of strength; Exalted; A variant of name Aaron

  • Aristides

    Greek - The best Kind;

  • Arnel

    Germanic - Eagle Ruler; A variant of name Arnold

  • Arsenio

    Greek - Virile; It is derived from the element 'Arsenios'

  • Arsi

    Greek - Virile; A variation of Arsenius

  • Arturo

    Strong as bear; one who has a powerful personality

  • Asdrubal

    Spanish form of Hasdrubal

  • Atilio

    Little father

  • Augusto

    Latin - August; Dignifies; Holy; A vairant of name Augustine

  • Aureo

    A respectable being; they are golden haired

  • Bajalat

    One who is at lower position

  • Barto

    Hill, Furrow

  • Basa

    A forest or wood, surname

  • Bassa

    A pond or a lake

  • Benedicto

    Blessed,those who live with God in heaven

  • Benicio

    Benevolent One

  • Benito

    Latin - Blessed; Variant of name Benedict

  • Bernardo

    Bernardo is Bold As A Bear

  • Bienvenido

    One who is welcome

  • Bolivar

    One who lives at the mill on the riverside

  • Bonito

    A good little one

  • Braulio

    A meadow situated on a hillside

  • Buenaventura

    A good fortune in spanish

  • Caega

    A Sanish male name

  • Caege

    A male name of Spanish origin

  • Calderon

    An occupational name, meaning tinker

  • Canda

    He glows brightly

  • Candelario

    Name derived from festival of Candlemas

  • Cariann

    A man who is a darling

  • Carlito

    A little dear Boy

  • Carlitos

    He is an endearing little Boy

  • Carlos

    A mainly man

  • Casson

    A man from the manor house

  • Cayetano

    He who is from Caitea

  • Celestino

    A heavenly person

  • Cerda

    Awesome hair

  • Ceron

    A beekeeper

  • Chan

    The gracious God

  • Chanait

    A graceful person

  • Chanak

    Graceful young man

  • Chano

    The strong one

  • Chavez

    Dream maker; keys

  • Chayo

    A family name

  • Che

    God will multiply

  • Chema

    God stays with us

  • Chencho

    A crowned Prince

  • Chico

    A yong lad

  • Chuy

    Another name for Jesus

  • Cid

    God; the almighty; one who presides over mankind

  • Cidd

    God; the absolute being

  • Cinco

    The number five; one who is fifth born

  • Cipriano

    One who hails from Cyprus, a place located at the left of Syria

  • Cirini

    Another word for Cyrus, the means God, the Almighty

  • Cisco

    One who speaks French; a Frenchman

  • Cnut

    Knot; the tightening of a thread or loop

  • Colorado

    Derived from the state of Colorado, or the red river in Colorado

  • Cordaro

    A lamb; a baby sheep

  • Corder

    A baby sheep; a lamb

  • Cordero

    A lamb; a little sheep

  • Cordovan

    A wool used to make carpets, from Argentina

  • Cortez

    Courteous, polite in manners, well behaved and respectful

  • Cory

    A pool that is foaming, fizzy or seething

  • Cruz

    Another name of cross

  • Cuco

    A cute person

  • Cuitlahuac

    A born ruler

  • Cumma

    A mature and adorable person

  • Damia

    One who subdues

  • Dario

    Rich and healthy person

  • Daza

    A topographic name; diplomatic

  • Deago

    The one who has replaced someone

  • Delmar

    One who came from Sea

  • Demario

    A gentle and caring being

  • Diego

    Mexian version of name James;passionate

  • Dionicio

    They are God of wine and revelry

  • Dionisio

    They have the power of all the Gods

  • Domenico

    It means the Almighty Lord

  • Domingo

    They are born on Sunday

  • Donatello

    It's a Gift of God ,To Give

  • Eberardo

    It means Brave in Spanish.

  • Edmundo

    A loving and passionate man

  • Edorta

    Wealthy and kind person

  • Edwardo

    One who is born to serve like a prosperous guardian

  • Efi

    A fruitful and lovely human being

  • Efrain

    A very much fertile land

  • Elija

    For whom God is everywhere

  • Emigdio

    this is the Spanish form of the Saint Emigdius who was a saviour against earthquakes.

  • Enrico

    one who rules the home.

  • Enrique

    ruler of an estate.

  • Enriquez

    a person who owns large estates and rules them.

  • Erasmo

    beloved or someone who is loved by all.

  • Eriko

    a Spanish word meaning ruler of the people.

  • Ernesto

    a Spanish masculinated word meaning determined and serious.

  • Eron

    enlightened or mountain of strength or high mountain.

  • Esai

    a Spanish word meaning god is my salvation.

  • Espiridion

    little spirit.

  • Estanislao

    strength or firmness or glory or fame.

  • Esteban

    crowned in victory.

  • Estefan

    a Spanish word which means someone who is crowned in victory.

  • Estember

    a Spanish word relating to stars.

  • Estephen

    victorious or corwned or someone crowned victoriously.

  • Estevan

    this is a Spanish word which means crown.

  • Estmar

    a Spanish word meaning esteem.

  • Eulalia

    a saint who got martyred.

  • Eulalio

    a Greek word meaning sweetly spoken or soft spoken.

  • Eusebio

    one who worships well.

  • Everardo

    brave or hardy.

  • Everd

    brave boar or strong boar.

  • Fausto

    A man of luck

  • Felipe

    A horse lover

  • Felis

    He who is fortunate in life

  • Ferdinando

    He is a brave traveler

  • Fermin

    One with strenght

  • Fernandez

    The son of an adventurous traveler

  • Fernando

    A bold voyager

  • Ferrol

    A Spanish place name

  • Fidelio

    He who is truthful and faithful

  • Fidelis

    To be honest and faithfu;

  • Fides

    Truthfulnes and faithfulness

  • Fitzwilliam

    It means 'the male offspring of William'

  • Fiyero

    A fiery man or a proud person

  • Florencio

    A form of 'Florence' which means to prosper and blossom

  • Florentino

    A form of 'Florentinus' which means 'to blossom or prosper'

  • Frisco

    Refers to bare land or empty location.

  • Froylan

    A home loving and friendly individual

  • Fulco

    A community of people smaller than a town.

  • Gabrio

    God is my strength and shield.

  • Galeno

    The brightened child.

  • Galo

    Adult male chicken.

  • Gaspar

    Spanish and Portuguese accent of Jasper (Rich man)

  • Gervasio

    Person who is hunting with the spear.

  • Gervaso

    The one who is fighting for his people or nation.

  • Giancarlos

    Spanish name meaning God's gift to men

  • Glor

    The name Glor means Glory, Victory.

  • Gonzalo

    Gon are passive, friendly and easy going. They have imaginations and ideas to lead life.

  • Gredlan

    They are very challenging and mentaly very strong.they have new ideas all the time.

  • Gregorio

    They have ability to lead,organize and manage.They love music,art and drama.

  • Guillermo

    They value truth,justice and discipline.They are quick in decision making.

  • Guinan

    They are vesatile,responsible but lazy.They are active and fulfill all their promises.

  • Haseca

    It is a spanish word that meant about

  • Haswar

    It is an Spanish meaning Hardware, Loin

  • Hector


  • Hernan

    Spiritual Pilgrim

  • Hernando


  • Hidalgo

    Noble One

  • Homobono

    Good Man

  • Jabier

    A bright man

  • Jacint

    A Boy who like s the hyacinth flower

  • Jacinto

    A Boy who grows hycintho flowers

  • Jacobo

    A person who believes in God's portection and guidence

  • Jacquez

    A substitude

  • Jaden

    Hebrew - Thankful; Spanish - Jade is Green Gemstone; A variant of Jade

  • Jadyn

    Hebrew - Thankful; Spanish - Jade is Green Gemstone; A variant of Jade

  • Jago

    Hebrew - Yahweh may protect; Holder of Heel; Supplanter; A variant of name Jacob

  • Jaidyn

    Spanish - Jade; A variant of Jaden

  • Jaime

    He is a supplanter,

  • Jairo

    He who is enlighted by Jehovah

  • Jandro

    Spanish name meaning to defend

  • Jaquez

    Variation of French Jaques, means to replace

  • Jaume

    Spanish variation of James meaning God's gracious

  • Javi

    A bright one

  • Javier

    One who is bright

  • Jencarlos

    Refers to a person who is kind, charming and good looking.

  • Jeraldo

    Germanic - Spear ruler; Rules by the Spear; Variant of Gerald

  • Jereza

    A habitational name in Spanish, a place in Spain

  • Jeronimo

    One who is saved from harm

  • Jerrold


  • Joaquin

    Joaquin is a Spanish male name and means Lifted by Yahweh. It is of Hebrew origin and represented in Christian religion.

  • Joram

    it is spanish word which means God is gracious or Gift from God. They have passion for their life and impressive nature. They are organized.

  • Jorge

    A derivative of Greek word Georgos meaning Farmer; A Tiller of the Soil; Earth Worker

  • Jose

    Hebrew - Yahweh will add; God Will Multiply; God will rise; A variant of Joseph

  • Jose Luis

    God will increase; Illustrious in fight; Saint Like

  • Jovanny

    They inspire others, control and relief the matters of others. They want to make a different and unique world to attract others.

  • Jovano

    They want to get freedom and want to enjoy the life by availing all the available opportunities.

  • Jovany

    They love to take the responsibilty and duty of their family. They are comforting and easily approachable.

  • Jove

    They are wise, resever, intelligent and always looking for the opportunities to show thei abilities.

  • Jovelin

    They love to take the responsibilty and duty of their family. They are comforting and easily approachable.

  • Jovin

    They love to take the responsibilty and duty of their family. They are comforting and easily approachable.

  • Jovis

    They love to take the responsibilty and duty of their family. They are comforting and easily approachable.

  • Juanito

    it is spanish word which means God is gracious or Gift from God. They have passion for their life and impressive nature. They are organized.

  • Julian

    Latin - Jupiter's Child; Downy; Julian is Youthful

  • Junipero

    A variation of latin name Juniper; A derivative of the English name Juniperus

  • Justino

    The name Justino means Upright

  • Keiman

    Keiman means Strong

  • Lalo

    A weathy and Rich guardian

  • Laredo

    Ocupational name for the one who works in the granary

  • Laurencius

    He who wears a crown of laurels

  • Leandro

    Lion. Latin name describing Lionlike preson

  • Leocadio

    Bright light, clear light

  • Leonides

    Who is like a lion

  • Lobo

    A person who is like a Wolf

  • Lonni

    A warrior who is noble and always battle-ready

  • Lonnie

    Noble person who is alwats ready for a battle

  • Lonny

    A noble and ready person

  • Lony

    A man of noble and accessible character

  • Lonyn

    Battle-ready, skillful and noble person

  • Lonzo

    Short of Alonzo, A noble and ready person

  • Lucero

    One whose light illuminates people. Also means Horse Blaze

  • Luis

    A fame searching warrior

  • Lukas

    He who illuminates

  • Luz

    He is the Lord of the light

  • Macario

    Spanish name meaning happy

  • Maceo

    Spanish name, Gift of God

  • Maicer

    A male name of spanish origin

  • Malaquias

    He who is my messanger

  • Manolito

    God is among us

  • Manolo

    God is with us

  • Manuelo

    God is with us

  • Marcos

    The Roman fertility god Mars for whom March was named.

  • Marianel

    A star of rebelliousness

  • Marisen

    An aggressive young man

  • Marquez

    A title name that is below duke and above earl

  • Martez

    Mostly used as a surname, means 'From the God Mars'

  • Martinez

    A person who is Combative

  • Martirio

    One who is a martyr

  • Matias

    A gift of God

  • Matthias

    One who is a gift from the Lord

  • Mer

    A large body of water constituting a principal part of the hydrosphere

  • Merald

    Derived from Emerald, a precious green colored gemstone

  • Miguel

    who is like unto Yaweh.

  • Miguelangel

    A God-like angel, or a angel of God

  • Moises

    A kind woman, compassionate female.

  • Monolos

    God is always with us

  • Monte

    A steep mountain

  • Montego

    The huge as mountain or full or mountains

  • Montenegro

    A mountain of black color

  • Monterey

    The mountain belongs to the King

  • Montesh

    someone who resembles the mountain

  • Montrell

    A region full of mountains

  • Monty

    A mountain owned by the ruler

  • Nacho

    The person who is ignorance, specially of orthodox beliefs

  • Nalda

    Capable of producing great physical force

  • Naldo

    A mighty person, a strong person

  • Nardo

    Disposed to bestow favors.

  • Natalino

    Refers to the birthday of Jesus.

  • Natalio

    Came to this earth on Christmas day.

  • Navarro

    Someone belongs to the land of plains

  • Nelio

    The creation of a tough job.

  • Nemesio

    Righteousness, impartiality, honesty, uprightness

  • Neron

    The one who steady and firm.

  • Nevada

    White crystals of frozen water.

  • Nicabar

    Giveaway, bargain, take, steal, good deal.

  • Niguel

    Overcomer, victor, great warrior, hero.

  • Oalo


  • Octaviano

    One who is born eighth to a family

  • Oleos

    The holy oil used in the church.

  • Orlondo

    Rainy season, showers from the heaven.

  • Oro

    Gold which is high expensive and precious.

  • Osvaldo

    One who is a persevrving and god willed individual

  • Oswaldo

    One who is born with divine power

  • Pancho

    Tuft, Plume; Nickname for Francisco and Frank.

  • Pasqual

    Catalan form of Spanish name Pascual; A Venetian variant of Italian name Pasquale; A name relating to Easter; Born on Passover day

  • Paulino

    A small and humble human being

  • Ponce

    Spanish - Fifth; A variant spelling of Ponce is Ponse

  • Poncho

    Spanish diminutive of Francisco; Alfonso; Another variant is Pancho

  • Quique

    Spanish nickname for Enrique, means ruler of the home

  • Quiqui

    Ruler of the house

  • Rafael

    God has healed

  • Rafe

    Short from Rafael, means God has healed

  • Raymundo

    A smart protector of people

  • Reinaldos

    A king's wise advisot

  • Reynaldo

    He who counsels and rules others

  • Reynaldos

    A man who gives advice about ruling

  • Rheal

    A royal, kingly one

  • Ricardo

    A King known for his might and strenght

  • Rico

    A ruler known to be strong and firm

  • Rikárdó

    One who's power is his bravery

  • Rio

    One who is like the river

  • Roce

    He who is as hard as a rock

  • Roderigo

    A notable, famous leader

  • Rodolfo

    A notable and legendary wolf

  • Rodrigo

    One who is acclaimed for his rule

  • Rodriguez

    A son of an acclaimed ruler

  • Rogelio

    A legendary and famous soldier

  • Rogerio

    A person who is a legendary fighter

  • Rolando

    He who is the most famous and legendary of all men

  • Roldan

    He is a notable one

  • Roman

    A man whose home is in Rome

  • Rosalio

    A man of roses

  • Rosendo

    He who is on a path of fame

  • Rudolfo

    A wolf who is a legend

  • Salomon

    Spanish name meaning safety and peace

  • Salove

    He who is a saviour

  • Salvador

    The savior of men

  • Salvadore

    The who brings salvation

  • Salvator

    One who is a defender or a savior

  • Salvatore

    He is salvation. A man who is a hero, a liberator

  • Salvino

    He who saves the men, a defender and redeemer

  • Sanchez

    Dedicated to a religious purpose

  • Sanita

    Little girl in good health

  • Santi

    One who is holy

  • Santo

    A holy one

  • Saul

    A desired one

  • Saulus

    One who is prayed for

  • Saviero

    One who has a new home

  • Servando

    One who is in service of others

  • Silverio

    One who loves trees and forest

  • Silvestre

    He is a man of the forest

  • Soto

    He who is a forest grove

  • Tajo

    A name of the river in Spain, means Day

  • Tavares

    Son of a hermit

  • Tejano

    A resident of Texas

  • Teodoro

    Gift from God

  • Teofilo

    One who is loved by God

  • Teyo

    Spanish name meaning God

  • Thiago

    A supplanter

  • Tiago

    Saint james

  • Tiburcio

    One who is from Tibur or Tivoli

  • Tiburon

    A shark fish, one who is form of shark

  • Tiko

    Little brother or elder brother

  • Timo

    One who respect or honour God

  • Timoteo

    The person who respects God

  • Toli

    One who ploughs the field

  • Tome

    A twin baby Boy born

  • Tonio

    A priceless person

  • Tono

    One who is praised and priceless

  • Toribio

    Bestowed in honour of Saints

  • Torres

    A habitational name of a person belongs from the city of towers

  • Tota

    A free man, manly or male

  • Tulio

    Animated or energetic.

  • Turi

    One of the wild animals, bear.

  • Vito

    Croatian form of Vitus, meaning life.

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