Ripple (XRP) Price Prediction for 2022, 2025, 2030: Is It an Attractive Investment? | (2023)

In addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, Ripple (or XRP) is another cryptocurrency that deserves consideration for investment. In many minds, Ripple is a digital asset used by giant world banks and financial organisations.

But what about everyday traders? Can this cryptocurrency be used for trading? Can it be a worthy investment in the coming years? Let's explore that.

Ripple: Some of the Basics

It's worth starting with basic terms that will help you distinguish Ripple's products: XRP (Ripple), XRP Ledger and RippleNet.

  • XRP (Ripple) is a digital currency powered by RippleNet. It's used by financial institutions to conduct transactions with low fees and short waiting times.
  • RippleNet is a digital payment platform built on the XRP Ledger's distributed ledger database. RippleNet is privately held and operated by Ripple.
  • XRP Ledger is open-source and based on the previously mentioned distributed ledger database.

Put simply, Ripple is a specific payment protocol that can compete with Bitcoin. It works similarly to a payment system, money transfer network and currency exchange. Ripple interacts with cryptocurrencies, currencies and commodities. XRP is an internal coin of the Ripple protocol.

Ripple is a payment system, money transfer network and currency exchange that interacts with cryptocurrencies, currencies and commodities.

How It Started

In 2004, Ryan Fugger announced the idea of the Ripple payment platform for the first time. Still, Ripple's development began when Jed McCaleb and Chris Larson took over the project in 2012 (at that time, it was called OpenCoin).

Ripple was a startup based in San Francisco. It developed a blockchain-like payment system. The protocol became famous among well-known financial organisations as it allows fast mutual transfers anywhere in the world. Can you imagine sending money within several seconds? It's possible with Ripple.

Despite a common misconception, Ripple was created to provide an alternative transfer method for the banking system.

Ripple was created not to oppose the traditional banking system but to provide an alternative transfer method despite a common delusion.

The protocol is mostly used by banks applying the xCurrent software solution to provide cross-border payments with real-time transfers. However, traders can also trade Ripple on crypto exchanges or via brokers. To do that, you need to know how to predict the price direction.

What Affects Ripple's Price

The cryptocurrency market's best feature is that every digital asset is affected by almost the same factors. This makes traders' lives easier. All you have to do is remember the main concepts, and you won't have problems forecasting crypto prices in the future.

Every digital asset is affected by almost the same list of factors.

Development of the Technology

You can see that when the technology improves, it signals the coin has a future. That's why investors will put their money into the token.

According to CoinMarketCap data, the XRP/USD pair was at $0.23 on 1 November. However, it succeeded in reaching $0.76 by 24 November. This new record of unique addresses transacting in XRP was among the factors that supported the XRP price rise.

Ripple said it would dethrone SWIFT technology. If the protocol comes closer to its goal, it will signal an appreciation of XRP.

To be aware of such developments, you should either check Ripple's website or read the crypto news.


The Ripple company cooperates with large financial institutions, but there are regulatory issues that affect its value. For instance, on 22 December 2020, the SEC filed a case against Ripple for the illegal sale of XRP coins to attract additional funds and use them for operations without disclosing how it was doing so. Later, we'll talk more about this case. The only important thing, for now, is that the token crashed from $0.4457 (open) to $0.26 (close); the lowest price hit $0.2098 at Bitstamp.


Talking particularly about Ripple, you should pay attention to new agreements with leading banks and financial organisations. Ripple became famous as many banks accepted its technology despite a common sceptical attitude to the crypto world.

Ripple became popular as many banks accepted its technology despite a common sceptical attitude to the crypto industry.

For instance, in August 2020, HDFC Bank Limited, India's largest bank, joined RippleNet. In November 2020, the company started collaborating with Bank of America, the second-largest bank in the US.

As soon as a new giant financial organisation agrees with Ripple, it's a sign that XRP's rising. However, you should understand that such events have a short-term effect on the price and barely cause prolonged trends.

Investors' Mood

Investors' sentiment can be seen by monitoring the price direction and checking the action of key coin holders. When the holder of a large part of the coins sells them, the price goes down. For instance, in April 2020, Jed McCaleb, Ripple co-founder, sold 54 million Ripples, leading to its drop.

Market Sentiment

It doesn't matter how impressive the technology is or how many investors believe in the coin's success. If the primary market trend is bearish, the cryptocurrency will drop.

Crypto assets have existed for many years, but not all countries have accepted this means of payment. The tightening of regulations leads to the crypto market's depreciation. Don't expect your crypto to rise when other coins fall.

XRP: Past Price Performance

The analysis of Ripple's historical price is a vital part of successful investing. Past trends make it possible to understand what factors affected the coin's direction and to what degree. A trader gets a full picture of the market volatility that affects position size and trading strategies.

XRP is ranked fourth by CoinMarketCap with a market capitalisation of $13,674,263,496. The cryptocurrency lost third place due to the SEC filing, the market cap plunged from $20,986,383,356. All things considered, XRP's price is really low compared to Bitcoin's.

Look at the chart below. Ripple appeared on a cryptocurrency exchange on 4 August 2013. At that time, it traded at $0.01. The highest price was recorded on 4 January 2018 ($3.84).

Ripple (XRP) Price Prediction for 2022, 2025, 2030: Is It an Attractive Investment? | (1)

The main advantage of the Ripple is its low volatility. Its biggest fluctuations happened in 2017 and 2018, but sideways movement has prevailed for years.

If you still think that Ripple's price is too low compared to Bitcoin, it doesn't mean this asset isn't worth investing in. The price doesn't matter if you consider the average growth. If you buy the coin at $0.30 and its value surges to $3, it means the price will rise by 1,000%.

Ripple in 2021: Up and Down

Historically, the XRP/USD and BTC/USD pairs' movements were similar, and Ripple's price direction depended on the primary cryptocurrency's trend. However, the correlation is no longer that close. So, remember that you can't make an accurate projection for Ripple based on Bitcoin's performance.

Ripple (XRP) Price Prediction for 2022, 2025, 2030: Is It an Attractive Investment? | (2)

In the first half of the year, the price of the XRP/USD pair was quite stable. Look at the chart below. The pair mainly had been moving sideways up until March. The first significant surge occurred in March 2021 and continued until April, when it reached $1.83. But the uptick in price was followed by a drop to $1.03 within the same month.

Ripple (XRP) Price Prediction for 2022, 2025, 2030: Is It an Attractive Investment? | (3)

There was a series of upswings and consolidations in the second half of the year. Ripple started at a low point of $0.48 on 20 July and made it to $1.29 on 15 August, $1.43 on 6 September and $1.30 on 8 November. The price has slightly dropped from these spikes by the end of the year.

The start of 2022 pulled Ripple out of a correction and launched an uptrend that has lasted for over two months. In the last several weeks, Ripple gained over 140%, and in late April 2022, it traded at $0.618.

Ripple in 2022: Any Chances for a Rise?

Currently, all Ripple price predictions are questionable due to the hard times the company is going through. However, if Ripple recovers from the SEC claim against them, the current forecasts will make sense.

According to research conducted by Moody's, standards of blockchain will increase by 2022. That's not a problem for Ripple; the company is likely to increase the number of agreements with leading financial institutions.

Moody's research claimed standards of blockchain would increase by 2022.

No one knows the future. That's why we gathered Ripple price predictions from different analysts so that you can choose the most relevant.

  • Previsioni Bitcoin expects XRP to finish 2022 at $1.17. This would be a noticeable increase, considering current prices. Even if there isn't such a big rise, the primary trend is still bullish.
  • Wallet Investor believes Ripple will continue its growth in the coming years. In 2022, the price of XRP/USD may come very close to $1.50 by the end of the year. To be more precise, the average closing price in December might be $1.33.
  • Below you can see the Ripple price prediction for 2022 from This website expects stability in the upcoming year. The detailed forecast will provide you with a clearer view of the possible price direction.


Minimum Price ($)

Average Price ($)

Maximum Price ($)


May 2022





June 2022





July 2022





August 2022





September 2022





October 2022





November 2022





December 2022





We've also seen a similarly positive outlook by PricePrediction.Net. By the end of 2022, Ripple is expected to make it to $1.07.


Minimum Price ($)

Average Price ($)

Maximum Price ($)

May 2022




June 2022




July 2022




August 2022




September 2022




October 2022




November 2022




December 2022




Long-Term Forecasts: Ripple Price in 2023-2025

Although it's unlikely a trader will hold a position for three or five years, an investor may.

Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, claimed the company would become the Amazon of the cryptocurrency industry by 2025.

  • Wallet Investor sees an increase in the average price of XRP in 2023 from $1.03 to $1.41. In January 2024, the maximum possible price of XRP is expected to be over $1.76. At the end of the year, the crypto asset may climb to an average of $1.80. As for the Ripple price prediction for 2025, the token has a chance to appreciate at the beginning of January 2025, reaching a high of $2.27. At the end of 2025, Ripple may stay at $2.20 and go over $2.86 at peak times.
  • PricePrediction.Net also believes in the strength of the Ripple system, which you can see from the following chart:


Minimum Price ($)

Average Price ($)

Maximum Price ($)

January 2023




February 2023




March 2023




April 2023




May 2023




June 2023




July 2023




August 2023




September 2023




October 2023




November 2023




December 2023




The same source also shared the possibilities for Ripple in 2025.As you'll soon see, the uptrend that started years before might bring XRP over $2.28 at the start of the year and over $3.16 by the end of it.


Minimum Price ($)

Average Price ($)

Maximum Price ($)

January 2025




February 2025




March 2025




April 2025




May 2025




June 2025




July 2025




August 2025




September 2025




October 2025




November 2025




December 2025




Ripple Price Projection for 2030

You will have a hard time finding Ripple (XRP) price predictions for 2030 because it's so far off in the future. Not many analysts can make such forecasts, especially reliable ones, because the price depends on daily factors.

CoinSwitch believes the crypto asset will surge to $17.05 by 2030 due to the wide adoption of the asset. The source says XRP may become one of the most favourite cryptocurrencies.

Other sources are not as hopeful. For example, Coin Price Forecast puts Ripple at $1.40 by the end of 2030.

Ripple Long-Term Price Prediction by Experts

The future of Ripple is under threat. Yet, there's an opinion that the company will overcome the SEC claim thanks to its strong cooperation with banks.

For example, Andrey Podolyan, CEO of, said that Ripple is one of the main leading coins with huge trading volumes and a large community. Investment bankers have large capital invested in the coin. If sanctions are imposed, bankers will successfully settle them. They have a lot of money; if necessary, they'll pay fines.

And it might be true. One of the examples of famous names that invested in the coin is Will Meade, a billionaire hedge fund manager who worked for Goldman Sachs. Despite knowing little about the crypto industry, he believes both BTC and XRP will rise. Before the SEC sued Ripple, he predicted the coin would soon reach $3.

Brad Garlinghouse said the SEC action is an attack on the entire crypto world. The company is considering moving to another country if US regulations become too stringent.

Moreover, some big names have already supported Ripple. Michael Arrington, the founder of TechCrunch, said, "This is an attack on all of crypto. While other countries are embracing the future, the SEC continues to lash out in fear."

Last year, Arrington said: "Ripple — or, in this case, XRP is the actual currency — is a really, really good way to move money. So, we denominate our fund in XRP because it's a fantastic way to move money across borders very quickly at almost zero cost."

XRP Price: Technical Analysis

Although you can find Ripple's technical analysis on different platforms, it's always better to make your own Ripple XRP price predictions to be sure the forecast will work or at least to make your own mistakes.

Crypto technical analysis doesn't differ from the analysis of currencies or oil and gold CFDs. All you need to do is define support and resistance levels and apply your favourite indicators.

Ripple (XRP) Price Prediction for 2022, 2025, 2030: Is It an Attractive Investment? | (4)


  • Relative Strength Index (14) - 50.22711 - Neutral
  • Stochastic %K (14, 3, 3) - 50.11416 - Neutral
  • Commodity Channel Index (20) - 27.24270 - Neutral
  • Average Directional Index (14) - 28.65224 - Neutral
  • Awesome Oscillator - (−0.00014) - Neutral
  • Momentum (10) - (−0.00009) - Sell
  • MACD Level (12, 26) - (−0.00061) - Buy

Moving Averages :

  • Exponential Moving Average (10) - 0.61673 - Buy
  • Simple Moving Average (10) - 0.61651 - Buy
  • Exponential Moving Average (20) - 0.61699 - Buy
  • Simple Moving Average (20) - 0.61685 - Buy
  • Exponential Moving Average (30) - 0.61765 - Sell
  • Simple Moving Average (30) - 0.61691 - Buy
  • Exponential Moving Average (50) - 0.61946 - Sell
  • Simple Moving Average (50) - 0.61909 - Sell
  • Exponential Moving Average (100) - 0.62363 - Sell
  • Simple Moving Average (100) - 0.62492 - Sell

MACD, stochastic oscillator and RSI are among the best instruments that will help you define market trends, entry and exit points.

If you've never traded, we recommend opening a demo account and applying some strategies without the risk of loss. Cryptocurrencies are among the riskiest assets, so be sure you know how to analyse the market.

Ripple (XPR): Trade or Invest?

It's always a dilemma as to whether you should trade or invest. No matter what asset you're considering, it's still your choice on how to deal with your funds.

The main difference lies in the speed of potential profit. If you invest in Ripple, buying it on a cryptocurrency exchange, you should understand that you'll need to keep the coins for a long period of time. Otherwise, investing doesn't matter.

By buying coins, you expect the crypto asset to appreciate in the future. Investing allows you to avoid daily operations such as technical analysis, news and market monitoring. At the same time, you should understand that a long-term investment includes risks. The market can go against you, as no one can make an accurate Ripple price prediction for 2022 or beyond.

Another way is to trade XRP pairs. Although trading includes risks, it also allows you to limit them by opening multiple trades and buying and selling the asset. At the same time, you can open short-term trades with the potential to get profit faster. Another advantage is the limited funds required to open positions. If the broker provides a multiplicator, it's easy to open trades having only $10.

Trading cryptocurrencies can be done with a broker via CFDs.

Trading cryptocurrencies can be done with a broker via CFDs. Before you decide which way suits you best, you can open a Libertex demo account with various assets, including cryptocurrency CFDs. You can implement different strategies and check how the indicators work regarding XRP price movements using a demo account.


The SEC lawsuit has affected Ripple significantly. XRP, which doesn't usually suffer high volatility, experienced a plunge that will impact its future price. Many companies have already suspended cooperation with Ripple.

The future of XRP will depend on the outcome of the lawsuit. If the company can recover, it'll make agreements with new financial giants. As a result, Ripple's value will increase. However, if some analysts' worst Ripple (XRP) price predictions occur, Ripple will be at risk of disappearing.

Currently, traders can follow market news and wait until the company resolves the issue. Remember that a positive outcome will allow you to be sure of the Ripple coin's strength. Additionally, you'll be able to buy the token at lows.


Let's summarise what we've just learned about the future of Ripple.

What Will Ripple Be Worth in 2022?

Projections for Ripple's price are different, but most predictions call for a gradual increase towards the end of 2022. According to some forecasts, prices vary between $0.60 and $1.20.

Does Ripple Have a Future?

Today, any price prediction for Ripple may be uncertain. If the SEC lawsuit ends well for the company, XRP will recover and move up. However, a negative outcome may lead to hard times for the asset.

How Much Will Ripple Be Worth in 5 Years?

Some speculate that the price can surge to $4 and higher. Other Ripple (XRP) price predictions are less rosy, claiming the coin is likely to stay below $1.

What Will Ripple Be Worth in 2030?

This is the hardest question to answer because it's almost impossible to predict the price direction for a period so far in the future. Still, we have some forecasts for you. CoinSwitch believes the crypto asset will surge to around $17, but Coin Price Forecast doesn't see it going over $1.40.

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