Paisios' Prophecies: Russians will take Turkey. Chinese to cross the Euphrates (2022)

Here are a few of his predictions in brief:

  1. Soviet Russia will collapse 70 years after the Bolshevik revolution of 1917. The prediction was made in the late 70s – early 80s.
  2. He saw a vision of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974 2 weeks before it occurred.
  3. He foresaw the destruction of Turkey by Russia, after Turkey attacks Greece. NATO will oppose the Russians but its forces will be destroyed
  4. The nation of Israel will be destroyed 70 years after its conception. 2/3 of their People will become Christians. Is it a coincidence that the Elder died at age 70
  5. The beginning of Armageddon will be near after Turkey closes the Euphrates River dam.
  6. Turkey will be divided in pieces. One piece will go to Greece; one Piece will go to Armenia and one to Kurdistan.
  7. The Dome of the Rock will collapse from bellow. Armageddon will be close when Solomons temple is ready to be rebuilt.
  8. Israel will attack its close neighbors with nuclear weapons when they see their end is near.

Jesus says: “I have already told you, and through you I say so to many who are even less evangelized than you in my doctrine, that you must never judge. God alone is the judge.

When, from the height of my throne, I see upright spirits pursuing their longing and seeking God with every means at their disposal, seeking to serve and love this God with all their strength, I justify them and make them pure and pleasing in my sight as children of mine, and where men fall short, I make up for it by granting spiritual lights.

O lukewarm Catholic Christians, how often my Word shines and becomes light in the hearts of those who are not your brothers and sisters in Catholicism, but who surpass you in love for Christ and, even if they do not know Christ, in love for the true God, whom they feel —although He is unknown to them— to be living eternally in his Creation! In truth I tell you that the Spirit of God knows no limitation and becomes the Teacher of Truth for many whom you deem to be disliked by God.” (Learn more)

And here are a few more prophesies in a more analytical form.


– Today they’re trying to destroy faith, and for the edifice of faith to fall they quietly pull out one stone, then another. But we’re all responsible for the destruction; not just those who destroy but we who see how faith is being undermined and make no effort to strengthen it. As a result the seducers are emboldened to create even greater difficulties for us, and their rage against the Church and the monastic life increases. The spirit of Luke warmness reigns. There’s no manliness at all! We’ve been spoiled for good! How does God still tolerate us? Today’s generation is the generation of indifference. There are no warriors The majority are fit only for parades. Godlessness and blasphemy are allowed to appear on television. And the Church is silent and doesn’t excommunicate the blasphemers. And they need to be excommunicated. What are they waiting for? Let’s not wait for someone else to pull the snake out from its hole so that we can live in peace.


–They’re silent out of indifference. What’s bad is that even people who’ve got something inside have begun to grow cool, saying: “Can I really do anything to change the situation?” We have to witness our faith with boldness, because if we continue to be silent we’ll have to answer in the end. In these difficult days each must do what’s in their power. And leave what’s out of their power to the will of God. In this way our conscience will be clear.


– “If we don’t resist, then our ancestors will arise from their graves. They suffered so much for the Fatherland, and we? What are we doing for it? If Christians don’t begin to witness their faith, to resist evil, then the destroyers will become even more insolent. But today’s Christians are no warriors. If the Church keeps silent, to avoid conflict with the government, if the metropolitans are silent, if the monks hold their peace, then who will speak up? “

(Video) Paisios’ Prophecies Russians will take Turkey Chinese to cross the Euphrates


– “It’s possible that you’ll live through much which is described in the Book of Revelations. Much is coming to the surface, little by little. The situation is horrible. Madness has gone beyond all bounds. Apostasy is upon us, and now the only thing left is for the ‘son of perdition’ (2 Thess. 2:3) to come. The world has turned into a madhouse A great confusion will reign, in which each government will begin to do whatever comes into its head. We’ll see how the most unlikely, the most insane, events will happen. The only good thing is that these events will happen in very quick succession.


– “Ecumenism, common markets, and a one-world government, a single made-to-order religion: such is the plan of these devils. The Zionists are already preparing their messiah. For them the false-messiah will be king, will rule here, on earth. “


– “A great discord will arise. In this discord everyone will clamour for a king to save them. At that moment they’ll offer up their man, who’ll say: “I’m the Imam, I’m the fifth Buddha, and I’m the Christ whom Christians are awaiting. I’m the one whom the Jehovah’s Witnesses have been waiting for. I’m the Jewish messiah.”


– “Difficult times are ahead. Great trials await us. Christians will suffer great persecutions. Meanwhile, it’s obvious that people don’t understand that we’re on the verge of the end times, that the seal of the Antichrist is becoming a reality. As if nothing’s happening. That’s why Holy Scripture says that even the chosen will be deceived. “


– “The Zionists want to rule the earth. To achieve their ends they use black magic and Satanism. They regard Satan-worship as a means to gain the strength they need to carry out their plans. They want to rule the earth using satanic power. God is not something they take into account. One sign that the fulfilment of prophecy is near will be the destruction of the Mosque of Omar in Jerusalem. They’ll destroy it in order to restore the Temple of Solomon which used to be on the same place. In the end the Jews will pronounce the Antichrist messiah in this rebuilt temple. The rabbis know that the true Messiah has already come and that they crucified Him. They know this, and yet they are blinded by egoism and fanaticism. Two thousand years ago it was written in the Book of Revelations that people will be marked with the number ‘666’. As Holy Scripture says, the ancient Hebrews laid a tax on the peoples they conquered in various wars. The yearly tax was equal to 666 talents of gold. (3 Kings 10:14, 2 Chronicles 9:13.) Today, in order to subjugate the whole world they’ll once again introduce the old tax number linked to their glorious past. That is, ‘666’ is the number of mammon.


– Everything is going as planned. They put the number a long time ago on credit cards. As a result, he who is not marked with the number ‘666’ will be unable to buy, sell, get a loan, or find work. Providence tells me that the Antichrist wants to subjugate the world using this system. It will be foisted upon people with the help of the mechanisms which control the world economy, for only those who receive the mark, an image with the number ‘666’, will be able to take part in economic life. The mark will be an image which will first be placed on all products, and then people will be compelled to wear it on their hand or forehead. Little by little, after the introduction of ID cards with the three sixes, after the creation of a personal dossier, they’ll use cunning to introduce the mark.


–In Brussels a whole palace with three sixes has been built to house a central computer. This computer can keep track of billions of people. And we Orthodox are resisting this because we don’t want the Antichrist and we don’t want dictatorship either. “The most we can suffer is martyrdom.” There will be three and a half hard years. Those who don’t agree with the system will have a rough time. They’ll constantly be trying to imprison them, using any pretext they can find. They won’t torture anyone, but without the mark it will simply be impossible for a person to live. “You’re suffering without the mark”, they’ll say. “And if you had just accepted it you would have had no difficulties.” For this reason, by learning to life a simple, moderate life here and now you’ll be able to get through those years. By getting a little bit of land, raising a little wheat and some potatoes, planting some olive trees, and keeping animals of some sort, a goat or chickens, the Christian will be able to feed his family. Stockpiling is of little use: Food doesn’t keep for long before spoiling. But these oppressions will not last for long: three, three and a half years. For the sake of the chosen the days will be hastened. God won’t leave a person without help. Tomorrow thunder will strike, and the brief dictatorship of the Antichrist-Satan will come. Then Christ will intervene; will give the whole anti-Christian system a good shaking up. He’ll trample upon evil and turn everything to good use in the end.


–The Russians will take Turkey. The Chinese will cross the Euphrates. Providence tells me that many events will happen: The Russians will take Turkey and Turkey will disappear from the world map because a third of the Turks will become Christians, another third will die in the war and another third will leave for Mesopotamia.


–The Mid-East will become a theatre of a war in which the Russians will take place. Much blood will be spilled. The Chinese, with an army of 200 million, will cross the Euphrates and go all the way to Jerusalem. The sign that this event is approaching will be the destruction of the Mosque of Omar, for its destruction will mark the beginning of work by the Jews to rebuild the Temple of Solomon, which was built on the same spot.

(Video) (Part 7) Elder Paisios of The Holy Mountain--Your Mind Machine is Broken


–There will be a great war between Russians and Europeans, and much blood will be spilled. Greece won’t play a leading role in that war, but they’ll give her Constantinople. Not because the Russians adore the Greeks, but because no better solution will be found. The city will be handed over to the Greek Army even before it has a chance to get there. The Jews, inasmuch as they’ll have great power and the help of the European leadership, will become proud and insolent beyond measure and conduct themselves shamelessly. They’ll try to rule Europe.

As books published after his repose indicate, Elder Paisios was a man of lofty spiritual life. He received many heavenly visitations from our Lord Jesus Christ, His Most Holy Mother, and the saints; he was granted the gifts of clairvoyance and of miracle-working; he beheld the Uncreated Light in divine vision; and he was filled with God’s Grace to such an extent that he attained to deification (theosis).

There is no doubt that Elder Paisios’ impressive spiritual gifts and attainments have contributed to the widespread veneration of his memory in contemporary Greece. However, these gifts are not the only — or even the primary — reason he has come to be so greatly loved. For the main explanation as to why he is so loved by the people, we must look at the love which he had for the people. That love, borne aloft by the Grace of Christ, was seemingly limitless.

Elder Paisios poured out his heart in love for his fellow man. As his spiritual children have written, “His sanctified soul overflowed with divine love, and his face radiated Divine Grace” (Elder Paisios of Mount Athos, Epistles, Souroti, Thessalonica, Greece: Holy Monastery of the Evangelist John the Theologian, 2002, p. 10). He suffered with people, listened to them, offered them hope, and prayed for them untiringly. He spent his nights in prayer and his entire days in relieving human pain and spreading divine consolation. He guided, consoled, healed, and gave rest to countless people who took shelter in him.

In his spiritual counsels, many of which have been recorded in writing, Elder Paisios tells us how we too can enter into the experience of such overflowing, Grace-filled love. The path he sets for us is indeed a hard and narrow one, for it is none other than the path that Christ has given us.


(Video) Turkey's President #Erdogan declared today his prophecy that the European Union will cease.

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“Heavenly Father, today, I surrender to You my heart. Help me to be Your instrument in the world. Cover me with the Precious Blood of Your Divine Son. Guard me against all evil. Protect me from any evil plan Satan may have for me today. Clothe me in Your Divine Will. Amen.”

“This prayer is peace-giving if you mean what you say in your heart.”

Paisios' Prophecies: Russians will take Turkey. Chinese to cross the Euphrates (3)
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Providence tells me that many events will happen: The Russians will take Turkey and Turkey will disappear from the world map because a third of the Turks will become Christians, another third will die in the war and another third will leave for Mesopotamia.. • In 1966 he founded the Monastery of St John the Theologian in Sourote, Thessalonki, Greece which he also guided spiritually for 28 years, from 1967-1994 – which also contains the miraculous relics of St Arsenios of Cappadocia.. Elder Paisios’s Gifts. The gifts God adorned him with were many:-. (e) Gift of discretion of spirits – he knew with exactitude if a spiritual event was from God or from the devil who was trying to deceive and lead astray.. (f) Gift of discretion of God’s will – he knew in each case what God’s will was and if he ought to reveal it or not.. The Elder was a gift of God to people.. Instead of God’s grace, human logic rules his life and his mind is in “confusion”.”. The moment we hate the passion and direct our love towards to God, we immediately become free.”. “”Philotimo” is the reverent distillation of goodness, the radiant love of the humble man bereft of himself, but a heart full of gratitude to God and his fellow man, and because of spiritual sensitivity he tries to repay even the slightest good which others do to him.”. But he does not do so because he does not want to exercise force on man’s free will; man will then end up believing in God, not out of gratefulness or due to God’s excessive kindness, but due to his “supernatural power”.”. “Divine Providence is the care that comes from God.. When we neglect our prayer, that is our communication with God, then the devil finds the chance to confuse us with negative thoughts.”

"To those who DO NOT receive in their HAND My Own Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, I promise to fill them with My Blessings in their hands, heart, soul and in all their being.. Some souls of Purgatory tell Maria Simma (seer of the souls) that the sin for which they have to suffer the most is because they have received Communion in their hand.. Many are for, due to lack of obedience to the Holy Father, lack of love for the Holy Mass, lack of love for prayer and fasting, not having read the breviary, and I repeat, for the Communion in the hand... "The souls of Purgatory have told me that no Pope to this day has supported the Communion in the hand, a rite that was promoted by a group of cardinals and bishops.. The Immaculate Heart of My daughter Mary and the Sacred Heart of my Beloved Son Jesus, with the Chaste and Pure Heart of Saint Joseph, will be the shield of your home, your family, and your Refuge during the events to come.". I deliver and consecrate to thee, and to thy Immaculate Heart, as thy child and slave of love, my body and soul, my goods, both interior and exterior, and even the value of all my good actions, past, present and future; leaving to thee the entire and full right of disposing of me, and all that belongs to me, without exception, according to thy good pleasure, for the greater glory of God, in time and in eternity.

A blog featuring the history and teachings of the Russian Orthodox Catacomb Church.

"The end will come through China.. "God will remove all leaders, so that Russian people should look only at Him.. Everyone will reject Russia, other states will renounce her, delivering her to herself.“ This is so that Russian people should hope on the help of the Lord.. You will hear of war, and there will be wars.. "The deliverance of Russia from the Red yoke Father [now Saint - editor] John prophesied as being from the East.". or the Beast in plain sight?. [This last set of prophecies should be considered within the larger scope of the related Greek prophecies.. We must also remember the prophecies concerning the final Tsar of Russia who will appear and cleanse the Church of Russia.

Prophecy 1: One doctor said Elder, what we expect in the future? — The future, my child, only God knows. — Gerontius, whether big war? — Why do you ask, my child? And do not imagine that would be!…

Dimitri: If God bless, Gerontius, take it.. Elder: Yes, this is from God!. Elder: Maybe it can be!. Dimitri: This, Gerontius, signs of the times?. Elder: Signs, signs of the times can not see … You have to be sorry, sheep, not to understand what is going on … Many of the Fathers prayed, that live in our time, because it is — the time of the Confessors.

The saint was not only an outstanding Orthodox enlightener; he is truly considered a great prophet of latter times. St. Cosmas of Aitolia left a great number of stunningly exact prophecies about the future of mankind (about scientific inventions, wars, and ecological catastrophes). Many of his predictions have already come to pass, while others are still awaiting their fulfillment.

St. Cosmas of Aitolia preaching to the people.. The saint’s prophecies were so essential to life, so popular, and important to the people that some did not want to part with his words even during the period of cruel persecutions, and they “hid” the prophecies of the great Orthodox saint in the sacred books of Islam.. They were all soon liberated from the Turks.. Just a few months later, the regions to whose inhabitants the saint had addressed his prophetic words were liberated from Turkish rule (this is how Elder Paisios interpreted St. Cosmas’s prophecy).. Prophecies about Constantinople. “The armies will not even get halfway to the City when they will hear news that “the desired” has come.”. It will not know Greek, but it will believe in Christ.

The War in Eastern Europe and Asia Minor(Anatolia) July 27, 2022 5:34 PM McKana July 27, 2022 Isaiah 55:11(KJV) So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I […]

“There is going to be a big war.. Lately, six days before the invasion of Ukraine, I was given a vision of explosions in Ukraine and in countries North and East of Ukraine.. Now, with the message given to me about the big war in Asia-minor and Ukraine, added to the message give to Pollox, I found it time to release the prophetic word of the elder.. -He foresaw the destruction of Turkey by Russia, after Turkey attacks Greece.. Is it a coincidence that the Elder died at age 70 (70 years is 5/13/2018, 68th celebrated 05/13/2016) (Note by McKana!-no offence, it is a prophetic word). The “Big’ will look after Greeks to watch after Constantinople and God will give it to us.. There will be war between Russia and Turks.. Greek will suffer from hunger and because the storm will last some time, only few months, we shall call the bread buns(Greeks phrase for an embargo situations) and he said, try to have a piece of land cultivated, and that will help those which doesn’t have any.. Not long after the Turks attack to our country, the Russians will strike the Turks and tear them down as a piece of paper is hit with a force and tears into pieces, so the Turks will be destroyed.. 1/3 will be destroyed, second 1/3 will be Christianized the last 1/3 will go to Kukkni milia (a place deep inside Turkey)

La única manera de realmente saber cómo es Dios y conocer sus atributos es a través de la revelación de sí mismo en la Biblia, la Palabra de Dios al hombre. Sin la autoridad de la Biblia, cualquier intento de explicar los atributos de Dios nos expondría a opiniones, conjeturas, y suposiciones, que s...

La única manera de realmente saber cómo es Dios y conocer sus atributos es a través de la revelación de sí mismo en la Biblia, la Palabra de Dios al hombre.. Sin la autoridad de la Biblia, cualquier intento de explicar los atributos de Dios nos expondría a opiniones, conjeturas, y suposiciones, que son muchas veces incorrectas, particularmente cuando se trata de entender a Dios.. Los atributos de Dios, según son revelados en la Biblia, son cruciales para entender la verdad acerca de Dios, quién es, qué hace, y cómo es Él.. ¿Recuerda lo que Dios dijo a la gente cuando le dio los diez Mandamientos en (Éxodo 20:2-3)" Yo soy Jehová tu Dios, que te saqué de la tierra de Egipto, de casa de servidumbre.. (Apocalipsis 21:23)"La ciudad no tiene necesidad de sol ni de luna que la iluminen, porque la gloria de Dios la ilumina, y el Cordero es su lumbrera.". Él es la gran revelación de Dios de sí mismoHubo momentos en que la gloria de Dios se temía, como en el Monte Sinaí (Deuteronomio 5:4-5).. (Video) Los atributos naturales de Dios - la naturaleza de Dios y sus atributos 1parte (la doctrina de Dios). Por lo cual Dios también Lo exaltó hasta lo sumo, y Le confirió el nombre que es sobre todo nombre, para que al nombre de Jesús se doble toda rodilla de los que están en el cielo, y en la tierra, y debajo de la tierra, y toda lengua confiese que Jesucristo es Señor, para gloria de Dios Padre.". (Romanos 16:25-27)"Y Aquél que es poderoso para afirmarlos conforme a mi evangelio, y a la predicación de Jesucristo, según la revelación del misterio que ha sido mantenido en secreto durante siglos sin fin, pero que ahora ha sido manifestado, y por las Escrituras de los profetas, conforme al mandamiento del Dios eterno, se ha dado a conocer a todas las naciones para guiarlas a la obediencia de la fe al único y sabio Dios, por medio de Jesucristo, sea la gloria para siempre.. Pero el pueblo de Dios adorarán a Dios para siempre, como el Creador y Señor que es digno de recibir la gloria y la honra y el poder.. Como creyentes debemos saber que Dios en su majestuosa divinidad posee atributos, que estructuradamente se encuentran en la biblia a fin de dar a los oyentes una esperanza, de que los atributos de Dios son reales, y que conforme a ellos, nosotros como seres creados a su imagen y semejanza tenemos el deber de aplicar los atributos de Dios en cada andar de nuestra vida.. Si usted ama ser un siervo de Dios, ama su palabra y escudriña de ella, le aseguro que sera fácil aplicar los atributos de Dios a su vida solo tiene que dejarse guiar por el Espíritu santo de Dios, para conformar su vida y que usted pueda ser realmente un verdadero cristiano, con una conversión genuinamente dirigida por la voluntad del Señor.


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