NOPE Film Symbolism Analysis of the Occult: Hollywood Apocalypse, 2001, Scarlet Woman & Crowley! - IlluminatiWatcher (2022)

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On today’s episode of theConspiracy Theories and Unpopular Culturepodcast we break down the new Jordan Peele film NOPE! Join along as we go through this thing scene by scene and break down the hidden messages and symbols that Peele placed for us to decode. Symbolism we talk about today includes Biblical prophecy of the Apocalypse, the Four Horsemen, Aleister Crowley-anity, All Seeing Eye, UFOs, UAPs, Ancient Aliens, Jack Parsons, Scarlet Woman, Whore of Babylon, the first film ever, connections to Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, Book of Enoch, the Watchers, Nihilism, and OF COURSE how it fits into my theories laid out in my two alien books “Aliens, UFOs & the Occult: Use Your Illusion I & II”! We’ll also go into detail on the appearance of this UFO/UAP and what it’s based upon… Peep all the images discussed on the show at



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NOPE Film Symbolism Analysis of the Occult: Hollywood Apocalypse, 2001, Scarlet Woman & Crowley! - IlluminatiWatcher (2)

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NOPE Film Symbolism Analysis of the Occult: Hollywood Apocalypse, 2001, Scarlet Woman & Crowley! - IlluminatiWatcher (3)

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NOPE Film Symbolism Analysis of the Occult: Hollywood Apocalypse, 2001, Scarlet Woman & Crowley! - IlluminatiWatcher (4)

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NOPE Film Symbolism Analysis of the Occult: Hollywood Apocalypse, 2001, Scarlet Woman & Crowley! - IlluminatiWatcher (5)

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NOPE Film Symbolism Analysis of the Occult: Hollywood Apocalypse, 2001, Scarlet Woman & Crowley! - IlluminatiWatcher (6)

*Note that this is pretty accurate- not 100% though. It’s run through software that is generally very accurate and then I give it a quick once over but there are most likely some errors.

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Isaac Weishaupt 0:09
Welcome back to conspiracy theories on popular culture. I’m your host, Isaac Weishaupt. Today we’re going to talk about a film called Nope. By Jordan Peele, probably heard of it, maybe you’ve even seen it, or you haven’t heard or seen is the correct film analysis of what’s going on in this movie, I’m going to discuss all of the occult symbolism of the film. There’s so many connections here, this is gonna be a big show, it’s gonna be a massive show lots to unpack. We’re going to of course, go through the plot spoiling version, right? So if you haven’t seen the movie, you gotta go watch it and come back. There’s a lot of connections to the topics I presented in my alien books, aliens, UFOs, and the occult. Use Your Illusion one and to get it on Amazon. I narrated it on Audible, get a signed copy on Gumroad so many choices for you. Because all the topics from that book could be found. Well, not all the topics, but some of the topics in the book could be found on this movie. And of course, this is my subjective take on it, but I’m not wrong. So there’s that. So stick with me here. This is gonna be a long one. Without further ado, write the movie. Is it worth always like to do a little preamble before we get into the plot and the spoiling? Is this movie worth watching? Absolutely. One of my favorites. I believe my letterbox review was that it was top five alien movies of all time. I stand by that. And I would actually end look, I know in the past. Not too long ago, maybe a month ago. I said I was never go into a movie theater again. The survey came back in and that was a lie. I went back to the movies. I saw Top Gun too. And then I was like, Okay, here I am back in theater life again for me. And I’m actually glad I did it for this movie. Because it’s actually I would argue, better served on a large movie theater. Preferably, I would go in IMAX if I was if it was my first time watching. I would go see it in IMAX if you can handle the IMAX sort of thing. Who’s in it? Daniel Kaluga always mispronounce his name Kalia. Daniel Kaluga. He is playing a character a horse wrangler by the name of Otis Jr. AKA OJ. He is from Jordan peels. Previous movie Get Out, which I also covered on the show, I believe, several years ago. It’s also in Black Panther, which I also covered on the show. I believe. Back when Chadwick Boseman. Died. Keke Palmer, she plays OJ SR emerald Steven noon. He plays Joop or, you know short for Jupiter. He’s Glen from The Walking Dead. We got Michael Winnicott as the director named antlers. He’s like the bad guy and every movie you’ve ever seen. It’s got to you’ve got to grab a voice. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves The Crow and of course Keith David he plays Oh Jays Dad Oh to senior he’s from the legendary John Carpenter films. They live the thing he was in platoon Requiem for a Dream and other classic. I know it’s pretty but I didn’t take it off. And men at work. My favorite men at work great movie. One of the most slept on movies of all time. Now this film, to me it’s kind of a blend of it’s it’s clearly Jordan peels attempt at getting this Spielbergian blockbuster vibe going on very Jaws ask. Which I actually like Jordan pills movies, all of them so far. Didn’t like Jaws. I know sacrilegious. Especially for a big hard nerd such as myself. I thought Jaws was crap. I didn’t see it when it came out. To be fair. I saw it just recently a couple years ago. And I was like, Oh, that’s it. People were scared of this. But you know, I’ll give it its I’ll give it its proper respect. It probably was fantastic. Back in the day. It also has a blend of creepiness, like the Scarlett Johansson film under the skin,

and you’ll notice some of these some of these films were featured in my second alien book Use Your Illusion to and I’m showing three fingers saying To Use Your Illusion to I talked about under the skin and the thing I talked about the John Carpenter Apocalypse trilogy. And under the scene was apparently one of the Jordan Peele favorite films. Same for me. Same for me. Now another bonus if you go to watch this in the theater, which again, I will highly advise. You also get a great trailer of a Christopher Nolan film dropping in July 2023. About Oppenheimer Yes, a subject I plan on doing a show about the atomic bomb. Very important to the history of Illuminati symbolism and synchronicity and all that. When you get into some of the big names of the godfathers of conspiracy, they’ve talked about this incident for good reason. So we’ve got a lot to unpack about this movie. It’s gonna be a marathon. So strap in, subscribe to the podcast. You know, subscribe a case you gotta bail on because it’s gonna be long. I’m gonna blow your mind with his mega bagger, you got to hang in there until the end, of course, because I’m going to go through the whole film. Give you a little bit of information. And then the second half of the show is going to be the conclusion where I go through. We’re going deep. We’re gonna deep homeboy, we’re going through all the topics. And I’m gonna make more sense out of it. And by the way, quick plug quick announcement. This episode, according to my math, if I’m watching my statistics correctly, this is going to be the episode that gets us to clear 10 million downloads on this podcast. Oh, yeah. 10 million downloads. Thank you. That’s all thanks to you for listening, for dropping great reviews for sharing with friends for subscribing. And checking in every week to listen to my crazy theories. And this is such a big deal that my host Spreaker what they do is they’ve got when you when you when you put your podcast hosting through Spreaker they’ve got little digital trophies for all these little milestones. You know, you published 50 episodes. Here’s a here’s a trophy. Oh, 100 episodes. Here’s a trophy. Oh, you got 10,000 downloads, here’s a trophy 100,000 so on and so on. Will five millions the biggest trophy they got. We cleared that a while ago. So 10 million. I’m going to Claire. I’m going to ask them again. To make a trophy for me. For us. A conspiracy theories on Bible or culture trophy? They’re not going to do it already. No, they won’t. I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t if I was them. And I can’t be the first one to hit 10 million downloads. That can’t be right. But I think it’s on the end maybe I don’t know. I mean, I got into this in 2014. A long time. So anyhow. And truth be told, actually probably clear. 10 million a while ago, I switched over to Spreaker, about four or five years ago. So there’s a lot of statistics that aren’t included. So, but it doesn’t matter. We’re making a big deal out of this. Okay, just play along with me. All right. So yeah, big announcement, thank you big to do, I will be bragging and posting about this everywhere. Also, follow me on Instagram, because we’re gonna have some images. I know it’s in the theaters, right? Hard for me to get usually I put like film clips and I get nice polished images from the movie, I can screenshot but obviously I can’t do any of that here. So but I did get some images. So if you go to my Instagram backslash Isaac wise up, go there. Like, subscribe, follow and check out the posts for this movie. And you can you can click through the images as we were talking about them. Their their plots for the images too. So be warned of that. And without further ado, we’re gonna get into the film now. If you haven’t seen it. See you later, buddy. Go watch it and come back. If you have seen it, follow along my friends. Let’s get into here’s the movie after the trailers and so on the first thing right off the bat, first thing we see, we’re going deep into the realm of the esoteric. We see a Bible verse on the screen now whom three six, which I’m going to tell you the truth here folks. I had no idea there was a Bible verse. I didn’t know that was a book in the Bible has like what is this? I thought maybe was like some Gnostic Coptic scripture or something? I don’t know.

So they, they they put the verse on the screen. I agree. See, I can’t give you the exact verbatim or the version they used because again, this was me taking notes on my phone in the theater. I have no photos golf. But this is all off of memory which another caveat here another disclaimer, this is my memory of how this film went, I could be wrong in a couple of details. So don’t hold that against me. But the Greek I did write on my phone now whom three, six, all right, and if you look in the the Greek Orthodox Study Bible, to me, the definitive source for my religion of orthodoxy says I shall cast abominable filth upon you according to your unclean uncleanness. And I shall cause you to be a public example. Now, the Orthodox Study Bible app, if you hit the info thing, it’ll tell you the, you know, the study Bible tells you what it means. says this verse is about the final judgment against the great harlot, an image of all that is evil found in Revelation 17 through 18. So I said, Okay, let’s hear more about the great harlot of evil. So I got a revelation seven, Revelation 17 or 18. And it’s the the crazy verse about how there’s this Scarlet woman, the horror of Babylon, sitting on the Scarlet Beast, that seven heads and 10 horns. She was arrayed in purple and scarlet, adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her handy golden cup, full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication, fortification, and on her forehead and name was written, Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and of the abominations of the earth. Now, if you’ve been with me for a while, you already know where we’re going with this. All right, you know where we’re going. This is the scarlet woman, the horn of Babylon, infamously shown to us through Katy Perry in her Super Bowl performance years ago, who came out on top of the beast, just like the tarot card shows us. And in my first Alien book, aliens, you have chosen to call us illusion one. The one I went on, the great wrestler Chris Jericho is podcast to talk about. In that book, I talked about these occultist Jack Parsons, Aleister Crowley, and how Parsons and all Ron Hubbard were trying to evoke this same Scarlet woman, the horror of Babylon, because they specifically wanted to bring about the end of Christianity. usher in the new age, which was Crowley’s AON of Horus. And guess what the symbol for the New Age was going to be? The age of Christianity. The symbol is a UFO. You see how it all fits together? Well, we’re going to come back to this in the conclusion, because we got a lot of movie to get through here. All right. The purple that will matter to I’m telling you so much. So just to recap, recap, just to recap, one frame into this movie. We’re already seeing connections to the occultist, Aleister Crowley. Okay, so we get past the first frame Good night with the Bible verse. And we see a it’s nighttime, there’s a ranch around a house at the ranch. And above it, a perfect triangle of stars. Now we’re going to hit this again, in the conclusion we’re going to go into this, but it’s important because in my alien books, I’m talking about how film and mental focus will be used to manifest aliens. All right. And I’m in this analysis movie, I’m going to balance getting bogged down in the symbolism versus keeping this plot moving. All right. So again, you got to stick around for the illusion we’re gonna go real deep into this. Don’t get your panties in a bunch. If we don’t go too deep into some of these things that you’re going to hear about in the movie. It will you miss the whole thing. Yeah, we’ll wait till the conclusion. All right, we’re gonna we’re getting there. And the ranch but I found this interesting looking it up after the movie. It’s called aguadulce che which was in Tom Petty’s video for you got lucky, which holds a special place in my heart. It’s one of my first memories as a child. I was born in 79. And I was I was most you know, looking at the timeframe of the music videos three or four. Living in living here in Allentown, PA and the video

(Video) Don’t Look Up Film Symbolism: Nerds, Kabbalah, Occult Doctrine & Science Dogma! *Podcast*

is like this Mad Max dystopian desert sign it’s fiction and Tom Petty and the band, they find this tent, this dusty old tent, they go in there and there’s TVs on there. And I rewatched it just for because I was because I was researching this and I said, Oh, I’ll go Dolce was in that video I’ve been. It’s always in the back of my mind one of my first formative memories as being a human being. And I rewatched the video and when you know it, when Tom Petty and the band goes into this tent in the film, or in the music video, all the TV screens they’re playing alien movies. Yes, all of them. There was I looked it up it says it was a Galactica 1980 I don’t even know what that was some show, I guess. And then there was some other UFO clip. But I thought Why isn’t this bizarre? Now if you lump in all these ideas and theories about how the desert is the great teacher, when I talked about this in my book on Paula qualia is the alchemist. I did an analysis on that years ago. So I Charles Manson took his family out to the desert. The deserts the great teacher, and the desert is where a lot of this UFO activity can happen. Anyway, moving along with the introduces to the characters, we got OJ, right. That’s Daniel Kaluga. And his father Oh to senior played by Keith David. And they’re doing their ranch hand thing, right? They’re handling some horses, moving horses around. And then the storm sort of comes in and out is looking up at the sky. He’s like, Oh, what’s going on here? And at this point, I’m thinking, Okay, it’s like a hailstorm. And they a bunch of debris is hitting the ground. Everything you can hear it blink, blink blink, you know, and Oj oj the storm passes. And he looks back at his father Oh to senior seniors on top of this white horse. And he’s like, Hey, Pops, whatever. Pops is non responsive. And then he sums over and falls off the horse. Oh, snap. So he got blasted with some storm debris. Oh, Jay, OJ rushes into the hospital. He ain’t gonna make it. All right. We see him in the hospital. SR is DOA. Murda. And, you know, the sky did the murder right now. Now what’s curious from the symbolic occult conspiracy theorists perspective? Dad, oh to senior was writing the white horse. Okay, the White Horse of course, being the first horse in the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Yes. Again, hinted in the conclusion. And what’s curious is that they show him and his right, I believe it was his right I had this slice through it. Right? You’ve got the symbolism of the all seeing eye this is going to be one of many all seeing eye symbolisms in this movie. Is that a word? symbolisms. You know what I’m saying? Doesn’t matter. But OJ gets an x ray of his dad’s head. And sure enough, there was an object circular object right at the base of his head. It’s kind of hard to show you on the little video making but there’s a circular object we find out it’s a nickel. Alright. So nickel got lodged in his brain right in the center of it now. I’m not trying to be a conspiracy theorist, but the location of that nickel. It was in the pineal gland. That’s right. The all seeing eye Oh, my goodness, Jordan pills. He’s He’s woke he’s illuminate confirm he might be all these things. I’m gonna put the fault. That was one photo I was able to secure on my Instagram backslash Isaac Weishaupt link in the show notes as always. So the credits start. Finally, the credits start. And we see the we see this video. This you know, the old timey video of there’s a blackout a black horse. Like it was a few frames just repeated of them ride the horse. It’s called the horse in motion. Very famous clip. I took a class in college on the introduction to film and I thought we covered it. I don’t know if that’s true or not. No, your years go by and your memories get a little fuzzy, but I swear we covered it. And that’s very important in cinematic history is the first example of film way back in 1878. And they did it to analyze the slow motion gait of a horse. And right off the bat in my notes, I said oh shit, Jordan Peele is trying to say that films created aliens. The exact plot of my two books.

Is it true? We’re going to revisit that and I’ll let you decide. Already got my already got my I chose my reality and you know where that is pumping up my big ego. So the plot unfolds. We found out OJ Otis senior his father, and OJ sister, emerald N. They’re all part of this family called the hay woods. And they have a business using horses in film called Haywards Hollywood horses, Triple H. Now we hear them talk about the horse in motion clip from 1878 and they show it to some audience because they’re doing a sales pitch for their business. And guess what they say? Guess what they say? They’re the guy. They’re like, hey, you know the guy riding that horse the first film clip ever the most important film ever? What’s the name of that guy riding the horse. They say it’s Aleister Heywood. Aleister What are the odds? What are the odds he would choose the name Aleister? I’m gonna tell you right now, Jordan, Peele knew. He knew. He knew what he was doing. Because of course, it’s Aleister Crowley. Now, was Aleister Crowley, a black guy riding a horse? No, I don’t think it was even alive back then. Doesn’t matter. It’s a it’s a, an Easter egg towards the occult. And if you go online, sort of to support my point, it it appears that the name Alistair hay was completely fabricated. He came up with this for the movie. They don’t actually seem to know the name of the rider of the horse, which is crazy. They actually know the horse’s name of Sally Gardner. They know more about the horse than the black man riding it. One website says they think it was this rider named DOM or G DOM. But the G was a printed letter on the film stock so it wasn’t accurate. Some say is Gilbert DOM some people say they have no idea. Regardless, Aleister Heywood was a fictional name that they created for this film. Why? Why Aleister? Because I think Jordan Peele is connecting in a very subtle way, Aleister Crowley to Jack Parsons to the Horde Babylon to the apocalypse, to the UFOs to the film’s manifesting the UFOs. It’s what I think. Next. Here’s another main scenery setting of the film, this western theme park called Jupiter’s claim. Now when I was watching the movie, I wrote down Jupiter’s clam. I thought I said clam, I was wrong. But emerald and OJ, they go to this office of the Jupiter clam. And right away, they opened the door to go inside the office. Where Glen works, right. That’s what the hell his name goes by the name Joop. The dude who plays Glenn on Walking Dead I Stephen noon. He’s the manager of the Jupiters clam. And in his office, oh J and emerald. They go in there to talk to him. And they close the door and guess what’s right there. A big old owl? Yes, the owl. symbolizing Athena, symbolizing wisdom, symbolizing supernatural intelligence and transformation. Bohemian Grove. They love the owl. You’ll see it all over their symbolism. Hell, they do a big mass sacrifice to a giant owl at Bohemian Grove, the cremation of care ceremony. Hmm. What could possibly happen in this movie? Oh, gee, I don’t know. Is that foreshadowing of what’s going to happen? The answer is yes. The connection here is that oh, J and M. They tried to keep their dad’s business with the horses afloat. But the problem is one of their horses got a little nutty. When someone put this giant reflective sphere in its face, and they lost that job and they started getting into financial trouble. So they started selling horses, to Joop down at Jupiter’s claim. So Oh, JNM they they’re going in there and they’re like, look, we want to find a way to start buying our horses back. Dude, he’s, he’s not weird about he’s like, sure, yeah, we’re gonna talk about me selling your horses back to you. Very weird. Foreshadowing. And then we get a flashback to dupes origin story as a child actor, which is pretty nuts.

As a child actor, he was in the sitcom called Gordy’s home. And it’s about a family who owns a chimp. kinda like alpha with a chimp. And we get a teaser. At this point the movie later they revisit, but we get a teaser of what happened on the set of this sitcom. And all we know is that Gordy the chimp went nuts. killed some actors. Joop made it out alive. That’s all we know. At this point, I’m like, okay, is this going to become an analogy of aliens using humans as slaves the way the humans use animals as slaves, you got the horse business, you know, using the using the horse as a business prop to make money using this chimp subduing it to make money for entertainment. Both of these things are for entertainment, by the way, the horses and the chimp. And then we went out Joop, who should be pretty traumatized by witnessing the murder of all his co workers by this chimp is oddly proud of the show. He’s got a full on museum hidden in his office that he shows the certain guests with for the right price, right, he rents it out, he rents it out to some person for $50,000 for one night, because he’s got all these props behind glass and posters from the movie. He seems very happy about the show. I mean, given that he’s all chimp massacre, his coworkers it’s kind of strange. But he shows OJ and me shows them a little museum and he’s you know, seems cool about everything. And that’s about it then back on the ranch. Oh J and M they see the back on the ranch and see the electricity flickering a little bit Ba ba ba bam. First UFO sighting bam. We got a teaser. Oh snap. It’s moving around above the ranch in those clouds. We find out that this UFO has been at the ranch. It’s been snatching up horses it’s been spitting out metal debris. Like I guess it couldn’t digest the metal right and it was spinning out that’s where the nickel came from. They got buried and dad’s head and you’ll and you’ll see one of the horses gets a big ol key stuck in this big old booty from the debris from this UFO. Awesome. Also when the UFO shows up, take a listen. Because you will hear this very odd and eerie sound very like a buzzing humming like Iran. I don’t know how to do it even terrifying sound. And it made me think of 2001 A Space Odyssey because you’ll recall when the monolith shows up we get a very similar terrifying buzzing, I think they call like bees. The bees sound. So there’s a parallel 2001 One of many in this movie. So now oh J nm they’re intrigued. So they decided to set up surveillance cameras on the ranch to cash in and document this thing. And I gotta give a shout out to my man Jimmy the jackhammer. He came with me to see this movie. I had a little too much coffee. I had to get up and take a leak. All right. And he filmed me on what happened. They went to this electronics store to buy their their video surveillance. And they say stuff about how all we’re going to get this thing on film. And we’re going to get rich and famous and be on Oprah and all this stuff. So clearly, they want to monetize on this. There’s apparently no discussion about how the endless and killed dad damn what ifs after us. Damn, it’s eaten the horses, none of that it’s Let’s film it and get paid. All right. Kind of sleazy. And the guy from the electronic store Angel, his name is Angel, he sets up the ranch with the surveillance cameras. And you hear a conversation between OJ and Angel. And Angel turns out to be a conspiracy theorist. Yes. He is a bit of the comedic relief in the show. And he talks about how he’s like yeah, they’re lying to us about these things. They changed the name to UAPs From UFOs to UAPs, which is one of the main I think was in the first chapter of my first Alien book. Why did they do that? They changed it from UFO UAP because it’s the first step and every piece of propaganda you change the word first

UFOs turn that term has too much baggage behind it. They got to change it. Because they’re they’re, they’re grooming the public for the reality of these things. And the reality of these things is very weird. It’s a phenomenon. It’s not extraterrestrial aliens. I don’t think it’s interdimensional aliens. And it takes it’s very quantum level talk. It takes a conscious link taking Mental manifestation and focus to bring these things into our existence. Some would say occult rituals, magic rituals, kind of grant sort of the telephony and Ordo Templi Orientis, a magical order devoted to doing magic rituals to make contact with entities from another dimension. So Aleister Crowley was doing in the Hama lantra workings. So Jack Parson was doing in the Babylon workings, calling upon the horror of Babylon, the scarlet woman to bring about the end of the age, the apocalypse, the revelation. So much, so much. So, yes, Angel, he’s the conspiracy guy. He even talks about the Navy clip, which is on the covers of my user illusion, one and two books. He says, Yeah, why they changed up the tender because no one cares if you call it a UFO people care if you call UAP. Nobody cares. He says, and I quote, Ancient Aliens history channel, watch that shit. And this, and this leads into a bigger question that I don’t have the answers for. Is internet aliens grooming us to believe in UFOs? Because there’s some truth to it, or is it a deception? All right. We can unpack that name later, on a different show. But that’s a name, we can unpack that topic on a different show. But interesting choice of this character’s name of Angel. It’s also foreshadowing a bit again, in the conclusion. So we see Oh, Jay, he’s got that reflective ball thing that made the horse go nuts earlier. Must be some kind of video shooting equipment. He seems to be trying to teach the horse to be comfortable with the equipment. So he doesn’t go nuts again. He gets some visitors. He thinks they’re aliens. And I’m watching the movie. I’m like, Whoa, these are aliens for real. But it turns out to be trickery. Very M Night show Lamma Lamma ding dong ish. Just some pranksters and you’re left wondering like, Where the hell did this come from? Why are their kids pranking them? Why are they wearing alien things? Why are they messing with the rants? Like none of it makes any sense. So M she calls a Hollywood director that’s antlers. Weird name right? She calls antlers to see if she can get him to come document this thing again, presumably for money. And it’s interesting because he’s watching. Oh, you know what? I missed the part. Hang on, hang on. Hang on. Back up. I got my notes out of order here. So Angel sets up the camcorders, the surveillance camcorders, and he’s watching it remotely even though he’s not supposed to. Any caught naughty naughty he calls emerald one night because there’s a big praying mantis covering one of the cameras, because he purposefully had two cameras set up to focus on the night sky in one area, meaning they thought, what if the UFO knocks down one of the cameras? Well, you need the backup to film it also because they know that it does this sort of thing. Because the phenomenon kind of like you see on the Skinwalker Ranch. It’s the trickster. It’s the Green Man. It knows how to shut down the cameras when you’re trying to focus in on it. So angel who’s a conspiracy theories knows this and he sets up two cameras. Well, the cameras get tripped one night in angels watching remotely even though he’s not supposed to. Naughty naughty, he calls emerald says hey, your cameras are going off and she’s like, Yeah, I know. Why are you watching even he’s like, don’t worry about that right now. He’s like, there’s a praying mantis on the one you gotta knock it down. And they can’t make it happen. They see the UFO again, very disturbing. So at this point, everyone’s like, I gotta get a hold of the director. She calls handlers, the Hollywood director, to see if she can get him to come document this thing. Well, what’s the handlers doing when she calls him? He’s watching compilations of all seeing eye photos on a loop. Yes, of animal eyes, just one frame after another. I wish I could have that video clip for you. But I can’t I couldn’t find it anywhere. And he’s kind of disinterested.

So finally we go back to this Gordy’s home sitcom with the champ and we got to see the full incident. It’s very terrifying. Probably not gonna get I’m not gonna do it justice. But it’s a very terrifying clip. And you see what happened was on the set of the sitcom, there were some balloons for Gordy’s birthday. And they started popping pop. And Gordy freaks out unpredictably freaks out and he starts killing everybody. Jus As a boy, he’s under the table. He’s watching all of it. And he’s taking it all in and he’s crying by now, what’s interesting is that and what’s interesting, there’s some 2001 Space Odyssey parallels here. Because the the chimps killing everybody, and then at the end, it’s like covered in blood. And dupes watching all this. And he sees the shoe levitating on its end sort of balancing on its toes. They don’t explain what that is. It’s weird as hell. But he sees it and then he sees the chimp and the chimp sees him. So Gordie comes over and rock all Damn, he’s about to get it. But Gordy. The chimp reaches out and fist bump, Joop. And the way Jordan Peele framed it was exactly like Michelangelo’s creation of Adam with the fingertips touching, right? What does this mean? It means evolution. This the same idea presented in 2001 A Space Odyssey that’s what that movie is all about. And what’s curious about the shoe, if you earlier when Joop at Jupiter’s clam shows his little museum, the shoe is in the glass levitating on on its toe, just like he saw it. Shall Jimmy the jackhammer? I didn’t catch that he we talked about the movie afterwards. And he said, Yeah, it was in the glass standing on its end. So damn, really. So what what does the shoe mean? I have a guess. I think it’s just indicative of supernatural elements. A supernatural force making contact with man to set about the evolution. Just like 2001 Space Odyssey the Monolith is a supernatural intelligence, making contact with the chimp making contact with man, turning man into the star child. There’s a lot to unpack with 2001 Space Odyssey. I wrote a whole book about it called Kubrick’s code. You can get it on Amazon audible, or you get it free. If you join my patreon or my VIP section link in the show notes backslash Illuminati watcher, or go to Illuminati watchdog comm and sign up for the VIP section. You’ll get a copy of that book either way for five bucks. Wow. What a great guy. Now, if you read up on this, the script called for this to be something an incident that motivated Joop because he actually thinks he witnessed something special and probably because of the shoe. They call it a bad miracle. So OJ says in the film, it’s a bad miracle. And Joop is, you know in some ways, we don’t know if he’s worshipping animals, because he’s, we find out he’s sacrificing horses to the UFO. But either way, he’s monetizing the spectacle of the shoe that was part of this tragedy, but he seems to be cool with it because he’s like, look, I’m getting paid whatever. And he also seems to think at the same time he was in contact with God, that’s the supernatural forces. So he’s not fully traumatized over the experience. He’s he’s like, man, there’s something special about me. The chimp killed everybody. Except for me, fizz boned me. I suspect that also, the guy who paid $50,000 to spend the night in museum believed he was in touch with something supernatural to that’s why he spent so much money. Was he doing some kind of sex magic ritual in the room? We don’t know. I suspect highly likely. Now, from this scene, we go back to Jupiter’s claim a juxtaposition based on what we know about the bad miracle. All right, that bad miracle will parallel and Joop he’s putting on his theme show. You got some people in the crowd. It’s just like it looks like a rodeo some kind some kind of Western experience rodeo. He goes with the star lasso experience. And I’m watching I’m thinking okay, it’s like a Western Horse Show. As a horse in a bait pen. Which I found weird. This is just like Skinwalker Ranch Skinwalker Ranch had cows and bait pens, allegedly for the UFOs to come and have a munch them up or whatever they’re going to do.

Probably mutilation right to do the cattle mutilation thing. And Julie’s talking. And we hear him setting it up for this show for the crowd. And he starts talking about UFOs coming to the ranch. And if you’ll notice his costume, he’s got a phone, not a photo. He’s got an embroidered UFO on the back of his coat, his show coat. I’ll put that image on the Instagram too. You can see what I’m talking about. And he’s talking about these things he calls The viewers, the watchers, right? That’s a that’s a analogous to the watchers from the Bible from the Book of Enoch, the fallen angels. And it’s ritualized this. Our last two experiences the ritual. He says, Look, this shows up every night at 6:13pm. Well, this time, he’s like, Okay, everybody get ready for the UFO show, but we got a little bit of time left. So we’re gonna do a little pregame but then something odd happens and dupes. Like, Oh, it’s coming early. It’s an hour early. Okay, well, everybody get ready. You’re coming to the Oval. It shows up. Bad news, bad miracle. It’s hungry. It’s hungry in it sucks everybody up, and we witness what I proposed to be the most terrifying depiction of UFOs ever put on film my no bold statement. But I can tell you when I watched it, I cringed. I looked over at Jimmy the jackhammer, I said, What the hell? The only line more disturbing Alien movie I’ve seen was fire in the sky. About Travis Waltons abduction, ZZ either tied with it or better than all right. I know I’m overselling it right now. But that’s what I felt. You joopa told them before it came, you said this thing is going to change your life. And Boyle boy did it. Then we’re getting blood sacrifice to the UFO. Ain’t that a bitch? thought they were going there just to have a good time. Now, it’s curious. I don’t know if I got an image of this are not. In the front row of the audience. There’s a guy and he’s got a shirt with the Universal Monsters like Frankenstein, and Dracula and Creature from the Black Lagoon. Now, I argue that this was planted there as well. We, because I think the theme here is that you’ve got images on film. And people watch these films, and they focus and manifest. They focus their ideas and fantasies on these films and that tries to manifest now, under that logic, you’d say, well, Isaac, I don’t see Frankenstein walking around and we’ll see Dracula walking around. What the hell are you talking about? And I get that, I get that. I’m not saying I know for a fact. Just saying it’s a theory and floating. We watch these monsters, on film and in entertainment. And in some ways they become reality. Now there you could argue there’s vampires in real life. If you listen to some of my shows, like I had a whole thing about sex magic. vampirism is actually a real thing. But anyway, oh JNM nm they find out about how these people just they you know, the news is on and they’re like, all these people disappeared. The news is talking about the ranch how these people disappeared. And we started to hear some ideas about how when you’re dealing with these aliens, you can’t tame them. You have to enter into agreements with them a pact if you will, a Faustian pact, the blood sacrifice to Satan. And this plays into what that director the director antlers was watching on TV because he was watching all these all seeing eyes. But he was also watching lots of predator and prey relationship clips of animals eating other animals and stuff like that. So the director, after hearing about the disappearance of the ranch, he’s like, Okay, I’m gonna go film me some aliens. So he gets to the ranch. And they draft up this plan to draw the UFO out and film it, but they’re not going to use electronic camcorders because the UFO the phenomenon can shut those down. Instead, they’re gonna use this mechanical camcorder that has like a wind crank thing. Oh, Jay also reveals that he’s figured it out. He’s like, look, we’re gonna be fine. Just don’t look at the UFO. Don’t look at it in its eye. It’s like an animal. Don’t look in his eye.

Don’t look into the all seeing eye which by the way is a big old I don’t know like a mouth a mouth hole. The director he starts singing, one eyed one horned flying purple people eater out of place completely. And what’s interesting here is that he’s talking about the UFO because the UFO it’s got one big old eye and it’s eating people. And Rick Hall from the beginning of the movie with the Bible verse relating to the Apocalypse and the revelation. And it said the scarlet woman was arrayed in purple. The Flying purple people eater. The UFO was the scarlet woman in some ways. And now the songs Wikipedia is actually interesting. In the song find one. What’s it called Flying purple people eater. It’s about a creature descending to Earth to be in a rock band. Now myself, I’m a big fan of David Bowie. And if you didn’t know he has this alter ego called Ziggy Stardust. It’s supposed to be about a fallen angel, an alien who turns into a rock star. So, antlers the director, oh, J and M, they’re an angel. They’re senators elaborate plan to capture the footage of the UFO. And they’re going to use a sort of runway of wacky inflatable arm and run off car batteries so that when the UFO shows up, the wacky the wacky inflatable arm men will drop down and they’ll be like, Okay, here it comes. Alright, got that visual? Oh, it is like, look, I’m gonna get on the horse. I’m gonna bait the UFO. I’m not gonna look in its eyes. So I’ll be fine. Very confident. I like his confidence. Now, what’s interesting is that the camera provides this high level bird’s eye view of the ranch as he’s doing this as he’s baiting the horse down this sort of runway. And I don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist. But you can clearly see there’s a cross shaped pathway on this ranch, I actually do have the image of that I was able to find that on YouTube. So go to my Instagram backslash Isaac Weishaupt link in the show notes. You can see what I’m talking about. It’s pretty clear. We it’s not a 10 out of 10. But it’s solid eight out of 10. That’s a cross that they put on purpose. Because again, I think this is a spiritual battle between the good and evil. Well, here comes a UFO. And a lot of the lot of the movie here is devoted to them trying to capture this thing on film and a little cat and mouse and Boo Boo boop. And they seem to have caught it on film, right. Oh, sorry. Before that happens again. Some of these movies coming to me that I didn’t write down. Before they start this process of Ghana motorcycle shows up from TMZ. And he’s got a a chrome helmet on with one single eye. Again, look at the Instagram you don’t believe me? I’ve never seen a helmet like that. But they found one for the movie. And it’s TMZ and he’s like, I’m gonna catch these aliens too. But that’s a problem. The UFO shows up, ends up eating Mr. TMZ. Everyone’s kind of fine with it. More or less. They get it on film. But the director he’s not quite happy yet. Because he says that he’s looking at the sunset. He’s like the light. It’s going to be the magic hour soon. And the man and I didn’t know what that meant. I wrote it down. I was like, Whoa, he’s talking about magic, you know, very sensitive to that. But I looked it up. The Magic Hour refers in film to rent there’s an hour around sunrise and sunset that in film production that the sun’s light is diffused perfectly and I guess it makes for a great shot. And he was like, I gotta get the perfect shot. So he takes his little mechanical camera goes up on the hill to try to get a nice shot of the UFO from underneath. And remember, this guy was really into that predator prey relationship the all seeing eye and all that. Well, he gets his eye opened up alright. The UFO sucks his dumb ass up. And clearly he’s filming the whole experience as it’s pulling them up. All right, and he goes into the mouth hole. And I’m like, all this is going to be great. We’re going to see the inside of this thing from the camera.

But then it spits out the footage, the camcorder with the real footage. And I thought okay, well maybe it’s going to be like in the credits or at the end of the credits they’re going to show it and not to spoil anything but they never do real missed opportunity there I think so the chaos all over the place this UFO. It’s still like sort of chasing after OJ and emerald starts shape shifting into this massive, somehow beautiful ribbon shaped thing. With this hypnotic square mouth, the hole turns into a big square mouth. An emerald she baits this thing all the way over to Jupiter’s clam. And she unhooks, this massive helium blow cowboy that has a one eye shut, of course all seeing eye again. And the cowboy floats up on that image on the Instagram too. I know you you’ve skepticism here in philosophy to the sky, the big beautiful UFO, it eats it. And the helium makes it explode, makes it explode. And on top of that, she manages to capture the the butterfly shapeshifted form of this thing on a camera in the in the Jupiter’s claim western theme park because there’s this well that people could take, they could wind up and take a photo from the well and shoot straight up and you can look into the well, right? Well, she captures it. And she’s very happy and very, she’s very pleased with herself. And that’s how the film ends. They caught it on film. Congratulations. Now. Now let’s get into the good stuff. I know. I know you’re ready now. The conclusion will be weren’t about Hollywood. We’re not about nihilism, we’re gonna talk about the phenomenon manifesting it as per my books. And that alien, we’re gonna talk about what it means what it looks like, what it is, was based off of the angels. Yes. So this movie, again, one of my favorite movies. I’m gonna watch it a second time in the theaters. To see how great it was. This is what they call elevated horror. This is highbrow horror movies. And right off the bat. The movie was released July 22 2022. All right, so 722 2222 is one of those master numbers like 11 or 33. It’s very important to the people that get into astrology and numerology and all that stuff. Like JFK was assassinated on 1122, the killing of the King ritual. And the number 22 is important to Kabbalah. This occult religion of sorts, a philosophy. There’s 22 pathways through the cabbalistic tree of life. And in tarot, there are 22, Major Arcana. The major arcana those are the archetypes like the fool, the magician, the High Priestess, etc. 22 of them. And I thought, well, maybe there’s 22 Major Arcana in the film 22 archetypes? Of course not. There’s not 22 main characters. Angel, the conspiracy camera guy. He’s kind of like the fool. He’s the jester or the madman. Of course, he’s the madman. You know, He’s the funny conspiracy guy. So he’s very clearly the fool. Emerald would be like the High Priestess. She’s the feminine divine. You know, she’s the savior of the movie. She saves the day. And OJ he’s the magician. The magician has the power to unify the physical and spiritual worlds. When it brings this spiritual angelic alien into the world as bait, he’s the magician brings it in manifest the alien. So I thought that was interesting. And here’s another interesting idea to float. The Jupiter’s claim audience that gets disappeared, eaten up. There was 40 people. That’s what they say in the movie. 40 people are missing 40 People got sacrificed to the UFO. But if you included the people in the final scene, the director, that’s 41 and if the UFO would have had its way emerald would have been 42 OJ would have been 43. An angel would have been 4444 being the another one of these numbers, another one of these Angel numbers. Angel would have been the 44th. Okay, kind of a stretch. I’ll give you that.

This movie, it could be a commentary on Hollywood. It’s possible. Jordan Peele is showing us God’s judgment on the wickedness of Hollywood and the wickedness of people in general. That opening Bible verse, Now whom three six is about God’s wrath on the city of Nineveh for being naughty. And the whole film is loaded down with examples of how gross everybody is trying to make a profit on everything, even these bad miracles. Jupiter’s turning profit on the Gordie chimp incident. Even Oh JNM that the supposed heroes of the movie, they’re trying to turn this into profit. They don’t care that dad got killed or they care trying to get paid. The only one intrigued by what was going on who was just in it because they’re interested was angel, the conspiracy theorist The only good guy in the whole movie. The real hero. Everyone else in the movie more or less deserved to get eaten. In my opinion, even the even the 40 people in the Jupiters Claymont audience because, look, they were down to watch that horse get tortured in the bait pen. They were cool with that they were cool with watching these animals get used and abused for their entertainment. So they kind of deserve it. Bye. But yeah, so there’s this commentary about our society, in Hollywood and entertainment, and the people consuming the entertainment. There’s also a nihilism element to this. If you’ve read my books like the dark path, you’ll know that nihilism is the path that the Illuminati would take us down to worship aliens. Because officially, Jordan Peele himself, said this film was inspired by the bleakness of 2020, which is nihilism to me. When I read you from the GQ article, the interview, I read several interviews, watched several YouTube videos, listen to several podcasts on this note movie. They were all shit. All of them, every one of them. None of them were good. None of them talked about any of the symbolism. So I’m not even going to recommend any of them because they were all terrible. Pelle the one there was this video on YouTube by Screen Rant it was like, Oh, 2020 things you missed? Well, I was like, Okay, let’s see it and none of it was good. And the guy didn’t even pronounce Jukes name, right. I was like, Bro, did you even watch the movie? He calls him jupeb. A. You’re just reading a script. Amateur hour, you know. I want to read to you from GQ. Very upset. GQ. Okay, the bleakness of 2020 inspired people to write Nope. During that traumatic forgotten haze of lockdown and mist ate an endless cycle of grim, inescapable tragedy. We were going through so much he tells me so much of what this world was experiencing was this overload of spectacle and kind of a low point of our addiction to spectacle. And the article goes on talking about how it’s the first film to place black people at the center of the UFO story, which I found curious because the Betty and Barney Hill incident, you remember they were abducted back in 19. I don’t know your was in the 60s. It was a black man Barney Hill, who was married to a white woman, Betty Hill in New Hampshire. Which is interesting, right? This is back in the 60s. Now more importantly, in my book, the dark path, I broke all this down with the entertainment relationship to the occult goals, because in my argument, nihilism leads to atheism. But man being the spiritual creature that is, will fill that void with science, their pre positioning science as the new religion, the theocracy? And who’s the gods of the accuracy, the pagan pantheon of alien gods? And the argument? You know, they’re going to present Oh, you know, you can’t prove Christ is God. How can you know that? Which I agree, like, I don’t know. How could you know that? But taking a lot of people’s words for truth from 2000 years ago, I get it. Oh, so you Oh, so you, you know Christ is God. But you can’t prove that? Well, here’s the thing, they’re not going to be able to prove the aliens or Gods either. They won’t even be able to prove they exist. They’re just going to keep showing these vague signs of alien life and all look at the universe is so big. Of course, there’s aliens. That’s what everyone says. Everyone’s repeating the phrase, and I get it. I’m just saying they’re gonna use that. Let me read to you from the dark path.

(Video) Episode 47: Religion & The Occult With Isaac Weishaupt | Bledsoe Said So

The philosopher Frederick Nietzsche created the nihilist philosophy that seems to dominate the postmodern artwork in entertainment. But he also had great insight into the reason and method these artists are able to make contact with entities. William Irwin’s book called Black Sabbath and philosophy touched on an important concept, the process of Apollonian and Dionysian practices used to make contact with otherworldly forces in Mystic left hand path techniques. In a quote, I’m gonna read you from that book. Nietzsche argued that a synthesis of the good Group drinking, stinging of Dionysus and terrifying images of Apollo made the ancient Athenian tragedies possible. I think we can also find the gods in Black Sabbath and the origin of heavy metal. Black Sabbath was a group of men drinking and smoking and snorting and playing loud music together with frightening lyrics, visions and nightmares and madness. Enough said. So, it seems that there is a much darker force that the entertainment industry seeks to make contact with. In terms of nihilism, it’s of no surprise to see the desire of exploring these dark arts since there is no consequence or afterlife to be concerned about. Light curlies practices, all methods of magic or esoteric techniques of the ancients and mystics should be utilized to their full extent practical most specifically for contacting Extra Terrestrial spirits. Catch that? Light Crowley’s practices all methods of magic or esoteric techniques of the ancients and mystic should be utilized to their full extent practical, specifically for contacting Extra Terrestrial spirits. So was Jordan Peele in contact with dark nihilistic energy that inspired this film seems like it whether he knew it or not, it’s what he said the bleakness of 2020. A lot of times they say the arts created the best artist created through trauma. Because you’re in contact with some dark stuff. And of course, that’s what the movie showing us the traumatized. Joop with the bad miracle of the shoe, Gordy killing everybody. The traumatized OJ his dad got killed in front of him by the UFO. That’s what they’re doing. Contacting the spirits through the darkness. Also the all seeing eye, you know, the all seeing eye we’ve talked about this many times. The symbol of the symbolism of the eye represents the awakened enlightened ones, the evolution of man, enlightened through the new we’ll call religion they understand why all this is happening. So they show it to us. In fact, there’s another symbol that’s very similar to the evolution of man and that is the spiral. And when you go to my, backslash, Isaac Weishaupt, you’re gonna see that emerald is in fact wearing a coat during the movie with a big old spiral on it. Several spirals I should add, this is a topic I’ve discussed with the spirals. You’ve seen it in Westworld. I did a video for that podcast for it, I think years ago, season one, The Revenant with the great Leo DiCaprio and Dark City, which is specifically about aliens and Okay. And then there’s all these other examples of the all seeing eye in the movie, we’ve got the TMZ guy, motorcycle guy helmet had one eye, the director was reviewing the slides with the one eye these images of the animals you know, Odie dad got a nickel buried in his dumb pineal gland. And the whole plot of the UFO was you can’t look it in the eye. Which was we’re gonna learn more about her let’s dig into this her manifestation. Using your illusion. That’s what this movie is about. Because Officially, the villain in the movie is man’s relationship to the spectacle. That’s what Jordan Peele said. All right. It’s about the grossness of everybody trying to capitalize on this UFO. And in the movie, there’s a scene at the at a diner, where it’s very strange. If you’ve ever seen that. There’s like a thought exercise where you’ll see the you’re supposed to follow a basketball and like different people are dribbling this basketball and passing it off and you’re focused on it. But in the background, there’s like this guy dressed up in an ape costume and you don’t even see him because you’re so hyper focused, kind of like that. They’re at this diner talking about the UFO and how they’re going to capture it.

And there’s fistfights going on between these two groups of people wearing white and black jerseys, but everybody’s ignoring it like it’s not even happening. I think it’s a microcosm for the film. If you don’t look at it, it won’t hurt you. Like the UFO don’t look at it, it won’t hurt you. You ignore it, you bury your head in the sand. And there’s this element of saying that films are manifesting this exact outcome. It’s part of the whole plot. They show they make painstaking reference to this first film ever with the guy on the horse all the way to the end the final point of the thing was the capture this geophone film that’s all she that’s all embroiled cared about. told anyone cared about captured on film. It’s like the beginning demand of mankind on this film, the beginning was the horse with the guy riding it. And the end was the UFO captured from the well. And notice how these UFO sightings happen, but they’re not considered real until they get caught on camera. That’s why people always say like, if you didn’t catch it on camera, it didn’t happen. Reality only happens on film. So in a way, our reality is shaped by film. Like Gordy slaughter, and everybody on the camera on the set, made it real. The interesting one of the interviews I read there was the sound editor for the film was actually the same one from under the skin, the Scarlett Johansson movie that I rant rave about all the time and featured in my second alien book, Johnny burn. He was on the toolkit podcast. And he said, talking about the aesthetics for this UFO, he says, If you believe that it happened, then it actually did happen. Which is one of the underlying themes of my books is, you know, choose your own reality. Kind of quantum thinking kind of law of attraction. It’s kind of how that is. But yeah, the under the skin was in the second alien book that I wrote. And it actually featured that black abyss that you see in Stranger Things season four, which I also plan on doing an episode about here soon. But the beginning of the film, nope. We see the first film ever a reference to it, the black man on the black horse. The end of the film shows OJ, a black man on a black horse. And, by the way, getting filmed on a manual old timey camera. So it’s kind of a book ended thing. This topic, this idea. And remember the very beginning to show us the ranch. And I told you it’s clearly under a triangular form. formation of stars. Well, in magic, that triangle is the triangle of manifestation. The end when a magician is making magic time happen. The magician stands in a circle and it manifest and entity in the triangle. Alright, so Crowley was doing. And if you use your illusion, one my first Alien book we talk about Peter event and Tom DeLonge. And the books they’re writing about the phenomenon, because they float the idea and the first was it called Secret machines of war, I think. They floated the idea that a lot of UFO crashes are described as triangular. And they say what is that has to do with the manifestation into new worlds. Isn’t that interesting? So the triangle shaped craft is another reference to ritual magic. And the manifestation, which is we talked about Jay Z and Beyonce. This shows the triangle of manifestation as well. The final part of the film, emerald is trying to take down the UFO she’s running for her life. But she still insist on getting a photo and she does this at that well at the theme park. The will is symbolic of the feminine divine the feminine nature, and the subconscious in terms of symbolism. So it makes sense to have the female heroine of the film, defeating the bad guy and getting what she wants through the well. The subconscious manifestation. And the well by the way, also appears as an all seeing eye from above. And again, I’ll put that photo on the Instagram. And that inflatable cowboy that takes down the UFO as an all seeing eye emphasis with the one eye closed.

So to sum that up to Jordan Peele read my books, I doubt it. I really do. But you never know. The whole point of the books was to cover an angle of spiritual angels or demons being the UFO phenomenon, and the manifestation of them through occult practices, magic and even film, which is basically the plot of this movie. Making the UFO real by getting it on camera on footage. And in fact memory called the first film star ever. Aleister Haywood, a fictional name he came up with, indicating he’s clearly familiar with these occult ideas. You know anybody name Allister? I don’t besides Aleister Crowley. Let’s talk about this alien. Now. Let’s talk about the UFO. Very fascinating. We don’t know if this thing is Lovecraftian. We don’t know if it’s primordial. We don’t know if it’s futuristic. All we know is it’s a big bad son of a gun. One thing that it is it’s a shapeshifter. It’s like Stephen King’s It. It’s like the archons of David Ickes theory. It’s like John Carpenter’s The Thing. In fact, at the end of the movie The camera does this interesting trick where it shows OJ in this final showdown with his UFO and he’s traversing that cross right remember that? Well, that reminded me of it. Stephen King’s It. If you remember in the TV series, they have their showdown with penny wise I believe it’s at our it’s been a long time. I just watched the making of it. And that’s where I saw it there was the scene in the in the underneath in the Saba where they fight Pennywise the clown the they meet them at a crossroad that across underneath the ground. Now you could argue that x is a the Antichrist mark of the the mark of the beast. If you look into Kenneth grands writings. It’s usually a circle with the x inside of it. But yeah, I mean, similar right, the shapeshifting evil entities. And the mouth that this alien use this UFO uses to suck up people turns into a square because it’s just shapeshifting. But I think was considered the eye. And this ties us into 2001 A Space Odyssey referenced multiple times in the film. Like I said, the UFO shows up and you’ll hear the buzz. The chimp uses violence. Just like at the beginning of 2001 when the monolith visits the chimps, it teaches one of the chimps how to beat the crap out of another chimp with a bone, a femur bone. And that’s how it learns dominance and violence to defend its waterhole. Kind of like this supernatural shoe in the Gordy’s home with the chimp using violence. And then, of course, we’ve got the fist bump. That’s the creation of Adam the evolution of man and then of course, the square mouth of the UFO is like the monolith. Now what’s interesting is that the monolith the so if you look at some of the conspiracies about 2001, they say the monolith which is like a rectangular shape is the same dimensions as a movie screen. Now, I don’t know if the UFO square mouth shows us that exactly. Kind of a stretch, maybe just something to consider parallels to the film screen, which is the idea 2001 A Space Odyssey is that Kubrick was doing the evolution of man through film, very similar to Jordan Peele movie. And Joop calls the UFO the viewers right it’s what he calls this phenomenon, which is an interesting parallel to the idea of the square mouth or square eye to the camera that has the square aperture, whatever you call it lens trying to capture the UFO is existence to prove it’s real. And then you see this in the film arrival. Which again, when they get sucked up into the UFO, they communicate to the alien squid things through a big rectangular screen. Now, down here, specifically what this UFO was supposed to look like. I’m gonna read you from Wikipedia. On July 25 2022 backslash film confirmed via Jordan peels production notes for Nope that the design of jean jacket that’s the UFO they named jean jacket because they named the horses and they named the UFO like it’s a horse. Don’t ask,

says the design of jean jacket and the principal premise of the film was specifically inspired by and based on the throne angels from the Haida yaki no guy next mecha anime series, Neon Genesis Evangelion I don’t know why they don’t just say based on Neon Genesis Evangelion and the resulting front must be nerds anime nerds that wrote this up. Like just call it Neon Genesis. I know what that is. I don’t know what this other crap is. And the resulting franchise in particular they’re hyper minimalism and biomechanical design flair. And sahak wheel the 10th Angel so what are they talking about? I don’t know because I’ve never seen Neon Genesis. But throne angels from Neon Genesis Evangelion specifically sahak who yell the 10th Angel let’s look into that. Says Neon Genesis had extraterrestrials they called Angels, which is just like what the Ancient Aliens show tells us which is what Angel the conspiracy guy says the watch. See how there’s parallels between ancient aliens, Angel Angels Demons When you look up, Sahar queal, you’ll see it’s very similar to the butterfly form of the UFO. And guess what’s in its center? The mouth hole. Another all seeing eye. Yes. Again backslash Isaac wise up, take a look. When you dig through this, you’ll find out that Neon Genesis and Nope, we’re both based on the book of Enoch. Let me tell you why. I’m gonna give you a quick recap on what the Book of Enoch is. These are some ancient texts. There’s three books, three chapters kind of, of Enoch, there’s the second and third book were written after Christ in the Middle Ages. And the third book of Enoch is a Gnostic text. But between the Old Testament and New Testament, there were some texts written by the Jews. And this is where the first Enoch chapter was written. All right. Now Enoch, one through 36 is the book of the watchers, and it tells the story of the 200 watchers who fell from heaven, led by Samael and Aza Zell to Mount Hermon. They made it with women, they created cannibalistic giants, which led to the flood. It revealed the occult secrets to mankind, the implements of war, occult magic and cutting of roots, because you can’t cut roots. I don’t know don’t ask. And Enoch gives judgment to the watchers because God told him to do it. And then Enoch 37 through 71 is the book of parables that recounts inox cosmic journey through the heavens, and the vision of God’s throne and even the Messiah. Alright, those are my notes because I actually was going to work up a show in the Book of Enoch. So someday I’ll finish it. But it’s interesting because they’re talking about the watchers, the fallen angels, and you heard Juppe say that he calls them the viewers, which is very similar to the watchers. Now the Wikipedia for angels on a Neon Genesis Evangelion says that’s a hawk wheel was inspired by the angel of the same name mentioned in the Book of Enoch third book as the angel of the heavens. However, if you read the Book of Enoch, chapter 69, it talks about the angels and I didn’t find one reference to sahak wheel. So I don’t know where that came from. It was Wikipedia. I don’t know. But in that reference in chapter 69, it says, And after this judgment, they will terrify and anger them because they have showed this to those who dwell on the earth. All right. And you’ll notice that there’s a parallel between that Jordan Peele Nahoon Bible verse about judging with this. And behold, the names of the angels and these are their names. The first of them is blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Well, the 10th Angel is not sahak Well, it is Aza Zell. Wait. Yeah. Azaz L, which is a fallen angel. And here’s where it gets weird. The early Jews would sacrifice animals to this fallen angel. WA. If you read my first Alien book, Use Your Illusion. One, you will read how there’s a chance that maybe just maybe they want to sacrifice humans and babies to the aliens, like the pagan gods of the Old Testament, like Moloch, like the owl God in bohemian grove of Minerva, which you see in dupes office. Remember the owl. They also compare azo Zell to Prometheus. With the exchanging of knowledge of weaponry, some man could learn to kill others. Again, see the 2001 link.

And we talked about Aza Zell in my doctor sleep analysis back in 2019. And then in July 2020, we talked about I’ll Zell in my galane Maxwell, part two about Crowley’s New Hampshire Toad ritual. I know sounds if you’re new to all this, you’re like, what kind of crazy talk are you talking about? We talked about Leo’s origamis. Crucified frog and alien apocalypse, no big deal. Check it out. I’ll try to remember to put a link in the show notes if you’re new to this, or just scroll back to July 2020. And look at gaylene Maxwell, part two. Now, peel cited the Bible, the very beginning of the film, right. And the verse is about judgment from God against us for being unclean, with the ultimate evil and uncleanliness being the scarlet woman from the book of Revelation, a spirit that Jack Parsons, who called himself the Antichrist, tried to channel the earth to bring about the new age and end Christianity. And what did they say represents the New Age UFOs cool These AON of Horace Parson said the UFOs symbolizes the age of Christianity and his religion the Lima which is the age of self the focus on self not on any external priests or Gods that’s what he says it’s all about yourself and his now what all these characters are doing in the movie, they’re focused on their money and trying to get paid, they’re worried about themselves. And the UFOs sucking people up is like the rapture. If you look at an older like they call the technological frame of reference back in the day, they wouldn’t know what that meant. The UFO they just see people getting sucked up and you know, maybe they thought that was what was happening. Oh, they’re getting taken up with God. No, they’re getting eaten bro. Again in the character angel, the conspiracy guy played by Brandon Perea we find out his original character’s name was rd. So it begs the question of why they would change the name because he his character Angel was like the literary angel of Arthur Kessler. Art there’s another link rd Arthur Kessler. He’s the literary Angel His name is Angel guiding the protagonist in the movie, helping them set up cameras and pursue this alien contact Yeah, we already talked about the camera the director trying to get the shot willing to die for his craft. No pun intended. Then I watched till after the credits to see if they’ve ever played the that footage of him getting sucked up into the Alien and they don’t that they show and an ad for Universal Studios. I guess they’ve got Jupiter’s clams set up there. Go check it out. See what you think. We also see, this isn’t my last point here. Last point here. The connections to the horses of the apocalypse. Remember Oh to senior Keith David. He died while being on top of the white horse he ushers in. He’s the messenger of the n times. So that’s why we see the white horse we know it’s on and poppin Here we go. Now in the four horsemen, the second horses read, the third one is black. And the fourth one is the final horses, the pale horse. And of course you don’t get the red or the pale horse in this movie. But you do have the black horse that’s Oh Jays horse. And the point being is that the book of Revelation is about the end times and God’s return and all the signs of the end times. And if you read I’m gonna read you from the Orthodox Study Bible. It’s a passage in Revelation six about these horses, says the seals are consequences of man’s condition, an overview of conditions manifests since the birth of the church which will continue until Christ’s second coming. The Four Horsemen personify the scorches, which through the prophets, God has threatened as judgment on the faithless war, famine, plague and natural disasters. So as Jordan Peele pointed to a much larger question about humanity, and its inevitable destruction, like there’s no way to get off this path. Is this how it’s gonna look, in the end, nobody’s concerned about death and destruction as much as they are about getting the content. Because that’s kind of what they’re showing us in the film in the film. The revelation, or the apocalypse is meant to unveil that God is the source of all revelation. It could be speaking of getting the content, check out those images on my Instagram.

Be sure to like and subscribe backslash Isaac Weishaupt was where you can get it. I got those images. I do that for any film that I cover, but put the images on their blog. If you’ve made it this far. It means you’ve appreciated this analysis on some level. And like I said, I listened to many podcasts on this subject. Watch several YouTube videos of people trying to explain the symbolism of the film. And they’re absolutely atrocious. I’m not saying that to brag. I don’t think I’m the expert of all experts. But I do put in that extra work and those extra hours to find these things and explain them to you. Try to make sense of them. And I know what kind of product I offer. I know what kind of product YouTube offers. And you and I both know YouTube is a propaganda machine. And they serve you out with nothing that is going to enlighten you or make you think about anything. It’s absolute garbage. 99.9% Of all the people out there talking about this film, aren’t really talking about the real symbolism. They’re not talking About the messaging, they’re getting it completely wrong. And I think it’s by design. The fact like I said, we’re clearing 10 million downloads with this exact episode a huge honor. Thanks for listening. Even though if you go to my website, Illuminati, watchdog calm, there’s a Start Here tab and you can read my whole story. Going back to 2011, when I started this, how everyone banned me, Google banned me from the front page, YouTube kicked me off, Vimeo kicked me off. And all the stuff we’ve had to deal with over the years. And I think and if you’ve listened to this whole show, you know, I’m trying to be pretty rational about things giving you sources giving you information, not telling you it’s true, but saying this is something to think about, what do you think. And I think we’re waking people up to this hidden symbolism, and it’s a good thing. Don’t start using my research to support political nonsense. And storming capitals and crap like that, because I don’t condone that I politics is just a big distraction. Alright. So if you liked this show, I’ve got hundreds of these types of shows going all the way back to 2014. So subscribe to this podcast. Because I’m going to keep doing this. I’ve been doing it for years, keep doing this, if this is your first time hits, grab on this show, all right, and start working your way back through them. And if you want to save yourself some time, you can sign up for the ad free you want to support the show support the research, get ad free version of the show, support support your boy, you can go to backslash Illuminati watcher, or you can go to Illuminati, hit the VIP tab. Both of those will unlock over 100 Bonus episodes that I provide only for those. The VIP goes all the way back to 2014. The Patreon goes back to about 2017 I think. And both of those, you will get a free ebook copy of Kubrick’s code where I talk about 2001 A Space Odyssey, Clockwork Orange, the shining and Eyes Wide Shut the movie that got Kubrick killed supposedly, and you’ll also get the dark path. I mentioned both of those books multiple times during the show. So the you need to go east are figuring this out. So sign up for one of those systems. Link will always be in the show notes. Thank you for listening. Thank you for helping me clear 10 million downloads. I don’t even know how to say thank you for something that huge. I mean, that’s such a big deal. Honestly, yeah, subscribe to the show. Stay Woke

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NOPE Film Symbolism Analysis of the Occult: Hollywood Apocalypse, 2001, Scarlet Woman & Crowley! - IlluminatiWatcher (7)

NOPE Film Symbolism Analysis of the Occult: Hollywood Apocalypse, 2001, Scarlet Woman & Crowley! - IlluminatiWatcher (8)

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