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The MOD to have two WhatsApp accounts on your phone

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October 28, 2022

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GBWhatsApp is one of the best MODs for WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is one of the best WhatsApp MODs on the market, a modded version of the world's most popular instant messaging app. The main objective of this MOD is to improve the features and functions of the original app, especially in terms of interface customization and user privacy.

What is GBWhatsApp and what is it for?

WhatsApp GB is a MOD developed by a third party and based on the original WhatsApp source code. It is a totally free service that brings together the best of the official application and other additional features and functionalities not yet available in WhatsApp.

With GB WhatsApp, you will enjoy many customization options, enhanced privacy features to prevent anyone from controlling your use of the application, and the ability to remove many of the current limitations of WhatsApp. Everything without giving up the latest features of your favorite messaging app.

GBWhatsApp functions and features

GBWhatsApp's main goal is to add new features to WhatsApp and improve existing ones. By downloading its APK, we will find the following features:

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General features

  • Chat bubbles similar to Facebook Messenger to be able to answer messages without leaving the application in use.
  • Automatic translation of any WhatsApp message.
  • Real-time location finding function to find the location of any contact.
  • Do Not Disturb mode so you can study or work without being distracted by messages.
  • Possibility to send photos of the highest quality.
  • Built-in Status Widget so you can share your status directly on a contact's home screen.

Customization features

  • It includes a store with lots of free themes to customize the interface with different colors, fonts, and backgrounds, as well as an editor to create your own themes called DIY Theme.
  • It offers full control over every aspect of the interface separately. The user can change the fonts, tabs, or background of each conversation individually.
  • Color Phone function includes over twenty different screens for calls and video calls made through the app.

Security and privacy features

  • Lets you block incoming calls from specific users you do not want to talk to.
  • Double blue check is only displayed once the user has replied to the message.
  • Lets you read all messages and statuses, including those that have been deleted and those configured for one-time viewing.
  • Lets you remain completely invisible, hiding the status and freezing the last connection time.
  • The user can choose whether to hide the blue checks, the second blue check, the blue micro, the 'writing...' or the 'recording audio...' to contacts in general, to groups, or to broadcast lists.
  • Messaging can be blocked by fingerprint, pin code, or pattern, and a security question can be added.
  • Lets you deactivate the Forwarded message in messages forwarded from other chats.
  • Possibility to hide any chat, removing it from the conversation list.

Differences between GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus, which is better?

GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus are two very similar applications, with almost no differences between them. This is because they are developed and maintained by the same group of people, HeyMods.

If we make a comparison between GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus comparing one by one the menus available in each of the apps, they are virtually the same. And both applications weigh the same MBs, are updated at the same time, and have the same version number. At first glance, the only differences in functionality are limited to the details that the developer wants to emphasize individually in an attempt to create a unique identity for each MOD.

Now, the big difference between them is that WhatsApp Plus shares the same package name as WhatsApp (therefore they cannot coexist on the same phone), while GB WhatsApp has been named com.gbwhatsapp, so it can be installed and work simultaneously with WhatsApp, letting us use two accounts at the same time in the same device.

So, if we have to choose, we will say that GBWhatsApp is better than WhatsApp Plus.

Comparison of GBWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp Pro, and GBWhatsApp Plus: differences and similarities

Let's compare and talk about three different applications, or supposed applications, to understand how they differ and how they are similar.

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Which is the official GBWhatsApp?

First of all, there is no official GBWhatsApp. The only official app is the WhatsApp Messenger developed by Meta that you can download from the Play Store, from Malavida, or even from its official website. WhatsApp GB is a MOD and therefore not official.

It is difficult to agree on who is the original author of this modified app. Throughout history, the most successful instances have been developed by Rafalense and Alexmods but as of today, the version maintained by HeyMods is the best, and therefore, the unofficially official one.

What is GBWhatsApp Pro and how to download it?

GBWhatsApp Pro is another WhatsApp MOD different from the classic GBWhatsApp, although developed by the same creators. It has the same package name as GBWhatsApp, and therefore, cannot coexist with it on the same mobile device.

GB WhatsApp Pro is a much more recent development than GBWhatsApp, something easily noticeable in the app's version number. These two MODs are very different from each other since the Pro version incorporates a unique caller ID feature that lets users name any incoming call. Otherwise, the functions are very similar if not identical, and the Pro label only serves to add value to the name of the app but not to its features.

This MOD can be downloaded directly from the developer's website or through the dedicated GBWhatsApp Pro page on Malavida. Note that to install it, you will first have to uninstall GBWhatsApp as they cannot coexist on the same phone.

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What is GBWhatsApp Plus and how to download it

GBWhatsApp Plus does not exist as such. Users often confuse the concepts of GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus, creating a kind of Frankenstein called GBWhatsApp Plus. Such confusion has continued to be fed by dozens of pages eager for visitors who do not hesitate to offer the download of GBWhatsApp Plus when in fact what they provide is either WhatsApp Plus or GBWhatsApp. In short, do not try to download GBWhatsApp Plus because you cannot.

Is it safe to use GBWhatsApp? Can I get banned?

The GBWhatsApp APK we offer at Malavida is virus and malware-free as all files hosted on our servers are automatically scanned by a web service that works with over 50 different antiviruses. Even if it does not have malware, we cannot categorically state that GBWhatsApp is 100% secure. As this is an app created by a third party, the following two reasons make it impossible for us to state this with complete certainty:

  1. It is known that conversations held through the MOD are stored on WhatsApp Messenger's official servers, but it is impossible to verify that they are not also hosted on other intermediate servers outside Meta, so the privacy of messages could be compromised. This is in addition to the loss of end-to-end encryption.
  2. By using GBWhatsApp Plus, you are violating the terms of use and conditions of the company so there is always the possibility of being banned from the service for a while or forced to return to the official app. Bans are a common problem in WhatsApp MODs, and although one of the latest news of GBWhatsApp is a supposed anti-ban feature, we cannot be sure that it works 100%. In fact, we know of cases of users who have been temporarily banned from the service for using this app.

How to download and install GBWhatsApp APK step by step

To download and install the GBWhatsApp APK, follow the steps below. If you still have any doubts, please check our more exhaustive and complete installation guide.

  1. If you have never downloaded and installed an APK, enable the "Unknown sources" option in the Settings>Applications menu of your phone.
  2. Download the APK from the green Download button at the top of this page.
  3. Open the downloaded file from the Android notification and press the 'Install' button at the bottom right. If you have inadvertently closed the notification, you can find the APK in your downloads folder.
  4. Once the installation is complete, select Open.
  5. GBWhatsApp will ask you for permission to access the phone and your contacts, accept to continue. Later, you will have to grant more permissions if you want to enjoy all its possibilities.
  6. Enter your phone number and confirm it with the code you will receive by SMS.
  7. Finally, choose a profile picture and a username to start using the app.

If you already have WhatsApp GB installed and just want to update to the latest version, you can delete the current app and repeat all the steps above, or do it the way by following these steps from the MOD:

  1. Open the version of GB WhatsApp you already have installed.
  2. Tap on the three dots icon in the upper-right corner of the interface.
  3. Choose the GB Setting option, marked in red in some of the most recent versions.
  4. Go to the Upgrade GB option. The app will automatically check if a new version is available and will download it.
  5. From here, you will have to repeat steps 4 to 7 described above.

Pros and cons of GB WhatsApp

Using GBWhatsApp has its positive side but also its negative aspects, which must be considered to see if it is worth using this MOD to the detriment of the official WhatsApp.

Advantages of using GBWhatsApp

  1. Greater customization: the main advantage of GBWhatsApp is its almost infinite customization options with endless possibilities to adapt the app to the user's preferences in terms of aesthetics and usability.
  2. More privacy: the features of this MOD make it much more private than the official app, enabling the user to stay virtually invisible, hiding their connection time, blue checks, status, etc., as well as being able to protect their chats or even hide them completely.
  3. Two accounts on the same phone: unlike other MODs, such as WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp does allow the use of two accounts on the same device thanks to its package name being different from WhatsApp.

Disadvantages of using GBWhatsApp

  1. Doubts about its security: as it is an unofficial modification, the end-to-end encryption that WhatsApp boasts of is disabled, and therefore, the integrity of the messages sent cannot be guaranteed. It is also impossible to ensure that conversations, photos, files, and personal data are not hosted on intermediate servers other than the Meta servers.
  2. Possible bans: although GBWhatsApp claims that its latest versions incorporate an anti-ban feature, there is always the possibility that WhatsApp may ban users of this MOD from the service, forcing them to switch to the official app, and sometimes, even expelling them for a short period. There is always the feeling that WhatsApp can shut down MODs any time they want.
  3. One step behind the official app: updates always arrive a little later to MODs than to the official app. For minor updates, it is not a big problem, but in the case of a critical vulnerability or serious bug, that small delay can leave us vulnerable for longer than we would like.
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What's new in the latest version of WhatsApp GB 2022

GBWhatsApp is continuously being updated, not only to keep pace with the official app but also to introduce different improvements. These are the latest innovations introduced in this MOD:

  • New anti-ban feature: a feature is introduced to prevent bans by WhatsApp. Still, HeyMods recommends not to overuse the MOD's extra features too much just in case.
  • New stickers and themes: the latest GBWhatsApp update brings new stickers and over 100 new themes in the app's in-app store.
  • New LivePic Widget tool: a feature to share unlimited photos with our closest friends.
  • Caller ID implementation: it is still an exclusive feature of GBWhatsApp Pro, but its developer is gradually introducing it in this version of the MOD as well. Currently only available in Brazil, India, and Indonesia.
  • Improvements in the backup of chats: one of the main drawbacks of MODs has always been the issue of backing up conversations. GBWhatsApp has introduced improvements regarding the synchronization of conversations, both to import WhatsApp chats to GBWhatsApp and to save a copy of the existing ones in GBWhatsApp.
  • Bug fixes: as usual, the new version of the MOD tries to fix all the bugs and glitches found in previous versions.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.3.
  • This program is a modified version of the original application, developed by a third party that has nothing to do with the owner or with Malavida, who have not verified, validates or approved the latter. Downloading, installing and using this program is under the user’s exclusive responsibility, without Malavida being liable for the effects or results that may take place on your device. Neither Malavida, nor the original developer of the modified app, nor any of their trademarks have any sort of relationship with this version.
  • The installation of the app by means of the APK file requires the activation of the "Unknown sources" option within Settings>Applications.


How can I download WhatsApp GB for Android? ›

Part 2: Download and Install GB WhatsApp for Android
  1. Step 1: Visit your web browser and download the file of GBWhatsapp latest version for Android.
  2. Step 2: Once the download process is finalized, open the file and click Install.
  3. Step 3: The Installation process will take a few minutes.

Which is the best site to download GB WhatsApp? ›

Desktop HDD
  • The site claims that it not only can give you Android GB WhatsApp latest versions but also iOS GB WhatsApp version. ...
  • Latestmodapk is the home of both latest versions of GB WhatsApp and GB Instagram, another modded app. ...
20 Jun 2019

What is GBWhatsApp APK? ›

GBWhatsApp is a popular modified variant of WhatsApp with several extra features which can do better than the basic version of the WhatsApp application. This application has more advanced features like privacy options, improved messaging ability, Anti-Ban, DND mode, etc.

Can I install GB WhatsApp? ›

Installing GBWhatsApp

First, open the settings option on your device and go to security settings. Their check for the unknown sources option and click on the OK button. It allows you the installation of apps from sources other than the Google Play Store. Then downloads the GBWhatsApp from the link given on the web.

Which GBWhatsApp is best for Android? ›

GBWhatsApp can be used across Android & IOS Devices. GBWhatsApp is very popular among users because of its unique features. There are many mods available of WhatsApp on the internet, but the best one is GBWhatsApp.

Why GB WhatsApp is not installing in my Android? ›

There is no official website or Play Store to download GB WhatsApp, so you have to download the APK file on other websites. So you may not install the app from APK right. The first method for GB WhatsApp not installing is to allow install from unknown sources while downloading and installing GB WhatsApp.

Which is the safest GB WhatsApp? ›

What is the safest way to use GB WhatsApp? The answer to this question is clear: there isn't one. There is no guarantee of privacy or security when you use this unofficial app. Learn about Zenvia Conversion's WhatsApp buttons, the widget that will bring you closer to your clients than ever before!

Is GB WhatsApp available in Play Store? ›

How to download GB WhatsApp. As an unofficial app, GB WhatsApp is not available for download on Google Playstore or any approved Android app stores. Users download this app from unsolicited platforms and APK download websites which may not be safe.

How do I download and install GBWhatsApp pro latest version? ›

Downloading And Installing GBWhatsApp Pro On Android
  1. First, navigate to your Android device settings. ...
  2. In the security options, there should be a selection for Unknown Sources. ...
  3. Now that you have enabled the installation of GBWhatsApp Pro in your settings, we can proceed with the download.
29 Jul 2022

What is the original GBWhatsApp? ›

GBWhatsApp and FM WhatsApp are enhanced and customized mod of original WhatsApp and are most suitable for those who want to use two Whatsapp accounts on a single device. Both are based on WhatsApp Plus mod which was discontinued by the WhatsApp creators when they streamlined WhatsApp.

Is GB app safe? ›

Is it safe to use GBWhatsApp APK? The GBWhatsApp APK is popular among those who want more features than WhatsApp offers. However, WhatsApp always recommends not to use a third-party app like GBWhatsApp. It further says using a third party may invite WhatsApp account banned permanently.

What is GBWhatsApp pro? ›

The GBWhatsApp mod allows users of the basic WhatsApp app enjoy so much more flexibility, authority and control over their accounts. This is a problem that they might have been facing with their traditional model of the app, but this mod comes to make all that better.

Why my GB WhatsApp is not working? ›

This is because GBWhatsapp isn't supported on the Play store app. Search the APK file of GBWhatsapp online and download it to your device. After a successful download of the APK file, install the GBWhatsapp and launch it.

Is GB WhatsApp closed? ›

GBWhatsApp Has Officially Shuts Down Its Services.

Which app is similar to GBWhatsApp? ›


The app shares lots of similarities with GBWhatsApp. Just like GBWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp also lets you change the theme, alter privacy options, lock messages, etc. However, the app has no ban protection. So, the use of this app might lead to an account ban.

Which is better GBWhatsApp or GBWhatsApp? ›

Which one should I choose? We prefer GBWhatsApp for the fact that it can coexist with WhatsApp Messenger and thus gives the user an extra option, but the differences between one and the other as you've seen are minimal or none at all.

How can I restore GBWhatsApp? ›

Open the GBWhatsApp application and verify your number. After the verification is done, you will be asked to restore messages, so click the "Restore" option to get it. Within a few minutes, you will see the number of messages recovered on the new device. Click the "Next" option, and you are good to go.

Who is the owner of GB WhatsApp? ›

Jan Koum
Ян Кум
Koum in April 2013
BornYan Borysovych Kum February 24, 1976 Kyiv, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union
OccupationBusinessman, computer engineer
1 more row

What is the biggest GB in Play Store? ›

The largest game in size is Grand theft auto San Andreas of about 2.4GB currently on play store.

How can I update my WhatsApp GB 2022? ›

How to Update GbWhatsApp to Latest Version 2021
  1. Open the GBWhatsApp application on your android or iOS phone.
  2. Go to the More option (three vertical dots) placed on the top-right and select GBSettings, scroll down and click Upgrade GB.
  3. If there is a new update available you can go ahead with the update process.
22 Jun 2021

How can I activate GBWhatsApp? ›

How to use GB WhatsApp.
  1. Open Android phone and navigate to GB WhatsApp.
  2. Open GB WhatsApp by tapping icon.
  3. GB WhatsApp apk will open just like normal WhatsApp . You can initiate chats , open Status and do a lot of other things just like you do in normal WhatsApp .
1 Mar 2022

Is YoWhatsApp safe? ›

Fake WhatsApp called YoWhatsApp stealing users' data; stay safe this way. Security firm researchers have warned phone users of fake WhatsApp app called YoWhatsApp.

Is FMWhatsApp safe or not? ›

WhatsApp ban: This FMWhatsApp mod can get your WhatsApp account banned. It can also steal your money, data and bombard you with ads. Here's what you need to do if you have this FMWhatsApp app installed.

Is Gbwhatsapp legal? ›

You should not be in any doubt is that GB Whatsapp isn't legal. Just like any other cloned version of the original app, using GB Whatsapp on your smartphone is illegal.

Does WhatsApp ban GB WhatsApp users? ›

What Can Get Users Banned from WhatsApp? Violating the following terms and conditions can get users banned from the platform: Downloading mod apps like GB WhatsApp for iOS and Android. Sending unwanted messages to contacts, who have requested to stop messaging them.

Why can't I install WhatsApp GB on my phone? ›

If you're still unable to install WhatsApp, try the following: Delete data and apps you no longer use. Move data and apps to your external SD card. Clear cached data by opening your phone's Settings > Apps & Notifications > WhatsApp > Storage & cache > Clear cache > Clear storage.

Is GB WhatsApp found in Play Store? ›

How can you download GB WhatsApp? The application is not available on the Play Store, so you will have to enable the source unknown function on your phone.

Which phones do not support GB WhatsApp? ›

GBWhatsApp is developed for Android and iOS devices by Syrian developer – Omar. This app is often compatible with an iOS device running on iOS 9.0 or higher but isn't official. Officially, you can not use GBWhatsApp on iPhones due to the security concerns but there are so many ways one can have the app on their iPhone.

Is WhatsApp GB blocked? ›

Using third party WhatsApp apps like WhatsApp Delta, GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, etc may lead to your account being banned forever as WhatsApp doesn't permit users to communicate over such apps due to privacy concerns.

How do I restore to GBWhatsApp? ›

Open the GBWhatsApp application and verify your number. After the verification is done, you will be asked to restore messages, so click the "Restore" option to get it. Within a few minutes, you will see the number of messages recovered on the new device. Click the "Next" option, and you are good to go.

Is WhatsApp GB legal? ›

Just like any other cloned version of the original app, using GB Whatsapp on your smartphone is illegal. For your information, these cloned versions are developed by third-party developers by using the original source code and making small modifications without the permission of its owner.


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