Even WITHIN the church, well-known prophets like Perry Stone, Kenneth Copeland, Cindy Jacobs, and others in Evangelical and Charismatic churches have come under fire for missing an event as large as the ongoing coronavirus outbreak in their prophecies for the year 2020. If they were true prophets, their critics argue, why would God not have told them about a crisis as disruptive as the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, there are at least a few prophecies that I’m aware of that touched on the coronavirus long before the outbreak in early 2020. (And there probably are other prophecies that I am not aware of, or that were not posted on social media. It would NOT be accurate to say that God did NOT tell anyone about COVID-19 ahead of time…)

The earliest of these comes from non-other than the legendary John Paul Jackson. It’s just too bad that he is late (died in 2015); I wonder the kind of things he would have been prophesying since that time, about the rise of Trump to the White House, for instance, and especially concerning the COVID-19 pandemic and societal shutdowns across the globe.

Here is a video I put together regarding that John Paul Jackson prophecy from January 2012:

“The Lord told me that there will be a pandemic that came. But the first one would prove to be little but FEAR, but the second one would be SERIOUS. So there’s a pandemic that is going to be coming.”

(Video) The rise of self-proclaimed Christian prophets

~ John Paul Jackson, ministering in New York in January 2012, on the subject of The Coming Perfect Storm

MAY 2020 UPDATE: The #ApNowMedia YouTube Channel got suspended, so the above video is temporarily available. I have put up an updated version of the “Two Pandemics Are Coming” video on Facebook and Bitchute. It has a different ending than the first one, showing how CNN, their peer networks, and their “experts” exaggerated COVID-19 numbers to promote fear and sell their audience on lockdown.

FOR THOSE ASKING WHICH ONE IS THE FIRST PANDEMIC OR THE SECOND ONE, or those guessing that COVID-19 is the first one or the second pandemic, please carefully note the following:

– John Paul Jackson’s “two pandemics” prophecy from January 2012 was referring to FUTURE EVENTS, not to past events. So that definitely rules out the SARS 2002-2004 epidemic (from ten years earlier) that claimed 774 lives in 29 countries. And that automatically rules out the 2009-2010 H1N1 “swine flu” global pandemic that saw between 700 million to 1.4 billion persons (about 11 to 21 percent of the global population at the time) contract the illness and killed about 284,000 people (according to Wikipedia).

– Since January 2012, the most serious EPIDEMIC we have seen was the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) of 2013-2016 that affected 3 countries in West Africa. That EVD epidemic caused 11,000+ deaths overall across 10 countries – only one of which was in the U.S.

– Since January 2012, the most serious global PANDEMIC we have seen is the ongoing Tuberculosis (TB) pandemic that infects about 10 million persons per year and kills 1.5 million people annually. Those stats make TB the undisputed, reigning king of the infectious agents – higher even than HIV, which has claimed about 1 million lives per year on average.

I BELIEVE COVID-19 IS THE FIRST PANDEMIC to which John Paul Jackson referred, as it is arguably powered mainly by fear-mongering by the pro-“New World Order” (N.W.O) media and political establishment. But when you consider the (arguably exaggerated, ALLEGED) coronavirus death numbers closely in the CONTEXT of other seasonal outbreaks, and epidemics and pandemics, you see that COVID-19 is no more a danger to society or the globe than the annual seasonal flu that the WHO estimates kills 250,000 to 500,000 persons annually.

(Video) Woman Who Predicted Coronavirus Gives Predictions about a COVID Christmas | This Morning


Whether it was a natural outbreak or an act of bioterrorism, the coronavirus seems to present only a mild threat to most healthy people. It’s certainly not the Spanish Flu 2.0 as some would want the general public to believe.

First of all, when this outbreak started to dominate the mainstream news cycle in January and February, President Trump called the pandemic scares a hoax (even as he took the precautionary measure of banning flights from China). Fox and his supporters likewise tended to see fears of the pandemic as overblown. And many medical experts and frontline workers from around the world have since decried and complained about the media over-hype of the dangers of COVID-19.

In a post on March 11, 2020, The Washington Times noted that:

Concerns about the coronavirus pandemic are both warranted and understandable, but the media is increasingly coming under fire for stoking a panic mentality that experts decry as both counter-productive and unsupported by the facts.

The article quotes as an example, Dr. Robert Quigley, the regional medical director of International SOS, as saying the following:

There’s been a mad rush to go out and purchase all these items in anticipation of the next apocalypse. That’s not what we’re dealing with. We’re dealing clearly with a pandemic for all intents and purposes, but the vast majority of us who are going to contract the disease are not going to be significantly impacted.

(Video) Why People Believe Covid-19 Conspiracies

In America, perceptions of the threat of the virus seemed to be shaped by political affiliation and news media platform preference, with Democrats largely believing the threat to be real but Republicans seeing the concerns as over-hyped. Indeed, the coronavirus outbreak is just the latest issue that has driven the left and right poles apart. And some go as far as to say the pandemic and economic lockdown is an attack on Trump’s bid for reelection in November 2020. Trump, however, seems to be handling the crisis well, according to recent polls.

Meanwhile, anti-NWO establishment voices – both progressives on the left and libertarian-leaning voices on the right – tend to see the pandemic fears as being exaggerated for political reasons. Former U.S. Congressman and three-time U.S. presidential candidate, Ron Paul, has been saying the fears are overblown – highlighting how the usual suspects have been leveraging the pandemic to achieve their long-standing totalitarian political aims.

That is a perspective that has NOT changed even as the reported cases and deaths have risen. Ron Paul continues to try to draw attention to issues that are being ignored while this pandemic is being overblown in the mainstream press. That includes the U.S. governments’ persistent imperialistic policies and moves against the likes of Iraq, Iran, and Venezuela.


Bill Gates is a darling of the mainstream press (especially given his level of philanthropy over the decades), but has been vilified by some segments of the anti-NWO (alternative) media as being part of a globalist depopulation agenda aimed at killing off up to ninety percent of the human population.

Nevertheless, the outbreak of COVID-19, and the ensuing pandemic panic and societal lock-down across the planet, has shown that Bill Gates was correct when he said back in 2015 that we (humanity) were NOT ready for the next outbreak. This was at a TED Talk that was published on YouTube in April 2015.

(Video) Sex-for-rent offered by landlords - BBC News

In Bill Gates’ estimation, a serious outbreak as deadly as the Spanish Flu of 1918 could kill as many as 30 million persons around the globe within a year. Now THAT is what a more “serious” pandemic would look like. Compared to that sort of projection, COVID-19 is a relative “nothing burger” from what we’ve seen so far. Some experts are even questioning whether it is as deadly as the normal annual flu cycle – talk less of the tuberculosis pandemic that reportedly (silently) kills 1.5 million persons per year or the Spanish Flu.


COVID-19 is the first pandemic to which John Paul Jackson referred, as it is arguably powered mainly by fear-mongering by the Deep State/NWO (New World Order) media and political establishment. The pandemic has been used by the NWO powers that be as an alibi to secure the fiscal stimulus they need to keep their seriously bankrupt financial system going. The question is: How much longer can they sustain these financial bubbles and keep up this Ponzi scheme ruse?

May Heaven protect and deliver us from COVID-19, the ensuing manufactured economic meltdown, and whatever else (the second pandemic, etc) the enemy has planned for (against) humanity. But even as we watch and pray, let us do what we can to prepare spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially for whatever else the powers that be might throw at us.

Let’s keep watching and praying, and getting set for recovery!


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