Cervantes: Angel Gabriel: St. Joseph to withdraw on Dec. 8, Antichrist to rise (2022)

A GROWING number of discerning Christians now share the view that the biblical apocalypse is now occurring. The signs are there, no less manifest than in the explicit messages being given to humanity via mystics of good, nay, holy reputations.

The prophecies we are picking up from the mystics are at times quite precise in their unfolding in our times, such as the attack on the Twin Towers in New York on September 11, 2001, which was foretold by Maria Esperanza de Bianchini and other Catholic mystics just a few days in advance.

The same is the case with the Covid-19 pandemic, which was foretold by mystics a few months before it hit headlines. Many more prophesied events in the sphere of tribulations have yet to happen (although we are told most of them could be assuaged, if not obliterated by conversions, fasting, prayers, etc.) and there is no gainsaying that many of them are likely to happen within our lifetime as some of the mystics themselves tell us.

Amid the dire near-future ahead, the messages from Heaven are not short of exhortations on what to do.

Thus, on September 13, 2021, Our Blessed Mother told mystic Eduardo Ferreira:

"Dear children, peace. Do not let your hearts be troubled by catastrophic news. Pray and do penance. Be meek and humble of heart. I ask you to be more faithful to my call. Do not seek consolation in the things of this world. Everything here is transient. Pray for priests and religious. I am Mary, Rosa Mystica, Queen of Peace. Seek peace with sincere love. I lovingly bless you."

Also to Eduardo on September 12, 2021, St. Joseph said:

"Beloveds, I Joseph, wish to speak today about the Church. Beloveds, the enemy will continue to try to destroy the Church of Jesus. Knowing that he has no power over her, he will destroy many priests, bishops and religious. He has already managed to remove the cassocks of many priests and also nuns’ habits. Everything is unfolding slowly and with it, the Church of Jesus is slowly falling. The enemy has a bold plan for the Church. You need to listen to what the Most Holy [Virgin] Mary has been saying here in her apparitions. Pray that nuns consecrated to God would not leave their cloisters. The Enemy wants to corrupt everything. Do not let yourselves be deceived."

By the way, it has also been revealed that Pope Francis' declaration of 2021 as the Year of St. Joseph was Heaven-ordained. So said the "last message" of the angel St. Gabriel to mystic Fr. Michel Rodrigue last March. The Year of St. Joseph ends this December 8, Feast of the Immaculate Concepcion.

Fr. Michel shared the message of St. Gabriel to scientist-theologian Michael O'Connor as follows (with a portion cut for brevity- Ding):

"The present times require the lifting of the veil of God’s discretion for Saint Joseph in his role for the Church of Christ. Now is the time to reveal the words of the second letter to the Thessalonians hidden from the beginning of the Church. Indeed the mysterious figure, which holds back or prevents the manifestation of the antichrist and his present domination, must now be unveiled to enable all the righteous to understand the events which are taking place. You must stand ready and keep your lamps on for the manifestation of the Son of Man...

"Indeed, 'the mystery of iniquity' is already at work; it suffices that the one who retains it now be discarded. Today, I say it to you: The one who holds it back is Saint Joseph! Through his prayer and his intercession, Saint Joseph assists believers in a spiritual struggle for the defense of the faith of the militant Church. With the prayers of the saints and souls in purgatory, that is to say the Triumphant Church and the Suffering Church, the assistance of Saint Joseph and the Virgin Mary constituting a shield of faith which holds back the antichrist until now.

"Hear my words well. The cup of iniquity is overflowing, and soon a time will come for the Church when the persecution of the righteous will take place. It is by the Will of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit that this year 2021 has been proclaimed by Pope Francis the year of Saint Joseph. A great blessing of protection has been offered to you. During this year you will be forced to make a choice. What presents itself as a vaccine savior is just an illusion. Soon the mark of the Beast will be imposed on you to buy, to eat or to travel. The year 2021 is a year of discernment for those who want to be faithful to Christ. To all those who wish to follow Christ, Saint Joseph will assist you. But He must withdraw discreetly on December 8.

"By that time, and it has already started, all those who reject Christ find themselves entering into a force of delusion that makes them believe a lie. A social and planetary lie organized and prepared by the acolytes of the antichrist. They form a false Church which is indeed the social body of the antichrist. They are the ones who rule by fear, domination, by communist and socialist ideologies. They are manipulating for a false universal brotherhood. They have infiltrated the Church of Christ with a view to disfiguring it and desecrating its sacraments. Everything falls into place. Until December 8, these evil acolytes organize themselves through the media and create a climate of suspicion, fear and denunciation.

"They must prepare for the coming of the Unholy by organizing a world order where division and confusion will reign to the detriment of the Truth of the teaching of the Church. Scandals and accusations will hit the Church everywhere. Movements that deny men and women will become the new judges of this social lie. Conflicts will arise in families arguing the need for vaccines and the Mark of the Beast. Conflicts between nations will come to such a point that everything will seem hopeless. Hearts will cool, consciences will be bound and darkened by the sin that has pervaded everywhere.

"Even though the antichrist’s tares seem to suffocate the righteous and the saints, giving the impression of the death of God and the end of the Catholic Church, all of this is only an appearance. When Saint Joseph retires, the Immaculate Heart of Mary will begin the beginnings of the triumph of her Immaculate Heart for her children and for the Church. The Church will go through the pains of a purification where the Virgin Mary will accompany her as Mother of sorrows. Some of her children will be martyrs, they will wear the palm of the Victory of Christ on the day of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. At the time when the antichrist will appear, the time of the refuges prepared by the Holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary and the very pure heart of Saint Joseph will sound. The refuges are the work of the three and a half years announced in the Book of Revelation. They are the work of God.

"Small herd, do not be afraid. Look with the eyes of faith, hope and love. The shelters are under the special protection of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. This is how her Immaculate Heart wanted it. Can you not now see the work of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph? Everything you need to know has been said. Live in confidence to accomplish his Divine Will and repeat this prayer often: Jesus, I trust in you!"

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