Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain FAQ/Walkthrough (2022)

Warning: The following contains a detailed walkthrough of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. Please, DO NOT READ FROM START TO FINISH. If you do, you'll be damned to eternal suffering. We swear.


By Mr.Slam
General Tips

1. When you enter a new town search every house. There you
can find nifty items.
2. When you get the option to fly to the next dungeon, walk
instead. There could be important items or spells on the
way to the dungeon.
3. If you're almost dead, use a heart of darkness while you're
alive instead of when you're dead. That way you'll getmore

Sanctuary: This spell returns Kain to his crypt. Use this
spell when you're low on HP.

Light : Illuminates the whole areafor a short period of

Energy Bolt : Fires an energy bolt, which is very useful. It
isn't very strong, though.

Repel : I think this is the bestspell in the game. It
protects Kain with an energy shield, making him
invulnerable for a short period of time.

Inspire Hate: Causes enemies to attack themselves instead of

Stun : Stuns enemies withone blow, making it very easy
for Kain to feed on them.

Incapacitate: Stops an enemy in his tracks for a short period
of time.

Control Mind: With this spell Kain can take over any HUMAN
mind until the body dies.

Blood Gout : With this spell Kain can drain blood from his
enemy, without even hitting them. Be careful
though, you musn't use this spell on enemies
who's blood is green. Always check the blood
before using this spell.

Blood Shower: Same as Blood Gout, but drains blood over a
larger area striking all the creatures in that

Spirit Death: A projectile, which seperates the soul from the
body leaving your enemies dead.

Lightning : Summons lightning to hit enemies. This spell
must be used outdoors.

Spirit Wrack: Same as Control Mind, but this spell allows Kain
to control a creature's Spirit.

Spell Place
Santuary *Kain's Mausoleum
Light *Shrine of Light
Energy Bolt *Energy Shrine
Repel *Coorhagen
Inspire Hate *Tunnels of Coorhagen
Stun *Bandit Cave
Incapacitate *Caves to Oracle
Control Mind *Mind Dungeon
Blood Gout *Blood Dungeon
Blood Shower *Vorador's Mansion
Spirit Death *Dark Eden
Lightning *(haven't found it yet)
Spirit Wrack *Spirit Wrack

Heart of Darkness : When Kain has died, this item brings him
back to life, with a small amount of
blood. When Kain is alive, it gives him a
larger amount of blood.

Flay : Blades, which track their enemies down
and strip the skin off their bodies

Implode : Causes an enemy to shrink, crushing every
bone in their body.

Slow Time : Causesenemies to move more slowly.

Font of Putrescense: Dissolves enemies into a poisonous pool.

Energy Bank : This item letsKain use unlimited amount
of Magic for a short period of time.
After that period, Kain's magic bar will be
completely empty.

Pentalich of Tarot : A random mixture of 5 interesting deaths.

Anti-Toxin : Cures Kainof green blood, which is
Iron Armor : This is the armor you begin with. It has no
special powers, but offers the most protection
against damage.

Bone Armor : This armor isn't very strong, but because you
look like a skeleton, lower undead lifeforms
won't attack you that fast.

Chaos Armor : This armor also isn't strong, but causes some
enemies to receive the blows as well.

Flesh Armor : This armor is the weakest. It automatically
drains the blood of slain enemies. Watch out for
green coloured blood!

Wraith Armor: At night, this is the strongest armor. In day
light, it's useless.

Armor Place
Iron Armor *Start
Bone Armor *Tunnels of Coorhagen
Chaos Armor *Vorador's Mansion
Flesh Armor *Dark Eden
Wraith Armor *Abernus' Cathedral

Iron Sword : This is strong weapon. It is also quick, but it
is not the strongest weapon.

Spiked Mace : With this weapon Kain can strike two blows in a
row. The second one stuns an enemy, so Kain can

Axes : These are very strong.Push the button once and
Kain will stike one time. Hit the button twice
and Kain will strike two times. Hit it several
times and he will strike several times. And if
you go beserk on the button, Kain will go beserk
to. You can't use a spell or items while using
the axes.

Flame Sword: Use this blade to burn your foes. It's stronger
than the iron sword, but when you've burned your
enemies you can't feed on their blood.

Soul Reaver: This is the strongest weapon, although not the
best. This blade tears the soul of an enemy
apart. The two bad things of this weapon are,
that it's two-handed and it uses magic points.
The stronger the foe, the more magic points it

My favorite weapon is definitely the flame sword. I know you
can't drain blood, but if you play well, you won't need to.

Weapon Place
Iron Sword *Start
Spiked Mace *Nupraptor's Retreat
The Axes *Malek's Bastion
Flame Sword *Flame Dungeon
Soul Reaver *Abernus' Cathedral


Bat : This form allows Kain to travel to specificplaces of
Nosgoth, wherehe has been already. This could be a
dungeon, townor landmark. Kain can't use bat form
in a dungeon.

Wolf : With this form Kain moves a lot faster andcan jump
over obstacles.When fighting however, he is very slow.

Disguise: At first Kain has the disguise as a peasant. With
this disguisehe can talk to normal people. The form
can be upgradedto "Beguile", giving him a look of

Mist : This form allows Kain to move over water, through
some doors andcracks in walls. This form needs the
most amountof magic points to contain.

Form Place
Bat *Road to Nupraptor's Retreat
Wolf *Wolf Cave
Disguise *Gypsy Camp
Mist *House of Mist

Special places of Nosgoth
Mooncaves : These caves only open when the moon is
full. As soon as dawn breaks they
close. When you're walk in a
mooncave and the sun is coming up, it
closes when you leave the cave.

Caves of Spirit forges: In these caves you can get artifacts
if you sacrifice a bit of your own
blood. These caves can often be found
in a mooncave.

Note: This walkthrough doesn't have all 100 secrets. I have
not been able to find all of them. Mostof the secrets I
have found were in a dungeon, withoutnoticing it. I
have come to a total of 43 secrets.So if anyone has
more and they aren't listed here, pleasee-mail me at

- You start the game in the tavern of Ziegstuhl. Go outside
the tavern, where you are murdered by peasants.

- A scene will follow, where the necromancer Mortanius offers
you a chance offers to get revenge on your murderers.Of
course you accept it and return as a vampire to get revenge.

- You'll restart the game, but now as a vampire (cool).


Spells: Sanctuary
Items : 1x Heart of Darkness
1x AncientVile
1x Symbolof Power

- When you exit the Mausoleum, walk down the road and enter
the shrine it leads to.


Spells: None
Items : 1x Ancient Vile,
2x Flay,
2x Heartof Darkness
1x Symbolof Power

Note: Halfway through, you'll see three buttons. Push the
first two to get through.

- After exiting the small shrine find the peasants who
murdered you and sent them to hell.

- When you killed every last one of them, Mortanius tells
you that they weren't the cause of your death. Now youhave
to find your answers at the 9 pillars.
On your way to the 9 pillars, you'll come across the townof

- At you arrival at the 9 pillars, a scene follows where you
are told to find and KILL Nupraptor in order to forfill
your quest. So now up to Nupraptor.

- On your way to Nupraptor's retreat you'll find the batform
and two dungeons (don't forget to activate the landmark
where you get the batform).


Spells: Light
Items : 1x Ancient Vile
3x Flay
1x Symbolof Power
1x Heartof Darkness


Spells: Lupine (form)
Items : None

- Use the lupine form to climb your way up the hills. The
road will split eventually. Go left first. You'll come
across a cave of spirit forges, where you can get a relic
after sacrificing blood. It's not very important, butcheck
it out, because it's a secret. Walk on and enable the

- Now go back and go right. Walk on and you'll pass a big


Spells: Energy Bolt
Items : 1x Symbol of Power
1x AncientVile

- After getting the Energy Bolt spell move on to the town of
Nachtholm. You can't enter the town, because three small
boulders block your way. No problem, just change into
lupine and walk a bit back, jump on the hill, enter the
cave and drink from the Blood of Aegis. These fountainsare
located throughout Nosgoth giving you a special power
(strenght, rain resistance etc.). Now you can push the
boulders away and enter Nachtholm.

- Explore the village and walk north. There you'll find a
cave with another bloodfountain, which makes you immuneto

- Again the road will split. Left leads to the town of
Steinchencr`e. Right leads to a cave (come back later),and
a passage, which you cannot enter yet and a passage tothe
left leads to a landmark (both roads come together).

- First go to Steinchencr`e. Talk to the lunetick in the
upperright area of the town. He will tell you you need
a disguise in order to talk to ordinairy people.

- Now take the roed to the right and activate the landmark
(2nd passage to the right). Go back and head north.

- Left you will see a secret area which you cannot enter
yet, so go right to the gypsy camp. Enter the orange tent
and obtain the disguise form.

- Now head north to Vasserbhnde. From this city, you can fly
to Nupraptor's retreat. Go southwest instead and exitleft.
Enter the house and open the doors by turning the switch.
Go outside and head north trough the now-opend door.
Fight your way to the two caves and enter the second cave.
You will get to a 'slow time' item. Now go to the other
cave leading to Nupraptor.


Spells: None
Items : 3x Flay


Spells: None
Items : Nupraptor's Head
8x Flay
2x AncientVile
2x Symbolof Power
1x SlowTime
1x EneryBank
1x Fontof Putrescense
2x Heartof Darkness

- After destoying Nupraptor, get the spiked mace. You'll
notice that you now can enter some secret area's, whichyou
couldn't enter at first, but don't rush. They will come

- You will automatically fly to the pillars. There you'll
obtain your second quest: kill Malec.

- Go north of Vasserbhnde and smash the rocks with your mace.
Move on and enter the cave you passed. There you'll finda
bloodfountain, which gives you quicker magic recovery.

- Go outside and follow the road (south-west is a secret
area). You'll soon be entering Coorhagen-your hometown,
where a plague has broken out.

- Take the first house to your left. There you'll get one
Heart of Darkness. Now go to the third house (the second
one is empty), the one with the bodypiles.


Spells: Repel
Items : 1x Heart of Darkness
1x EnergyBank
1x AncientVile
1x Flay
2x Implode
2x Symbolof Power
1x Fontof Putrescense

- Back outside again, go inside the first house and take the
items by smashing the barrels. Now enter the second house
and take the item and finally enter the last house.


Spells: None
Items : Bone Armor
1x Implode
2x Symbolof Power
1x AncientVile

- Once again go into the second house, get the items and
enter the first house leading to the final dungeon of


Spells: Inspire Hate
Items : 11x Flay
5x Heart of Darkness
3x Pentalich of Tarot
2x Symbol of Power
1x Ancient Vile

- Check the final house and head north.

- Climb your way up the mountain's and look at Malek's
Bastion (you must fly), but activate the landmark first.


Spells: None
Items : Axes: Havoc and Malice
10x Heartof Darkness
3x Symbol of Power
1x Pentalich of Tarot
2x Flay
1x Energy Bank
1x Ancient Vile

- After running from Malek, you are teleported outside.

- Activate the landmark

- Cut the tree's with you new axes and walk you way to the
bandit camp (you might notice a cave to the west but you
need mist form to get there). Before going to the camp
enter the other cave


Spells: Stun
Items : 1x Heart of Darkness
2x Flay
1x Symbolof Power
1x AncientVile

- Go through the bandit camp and enter the cave leading to
the Oracle of Nosgoth.


Spells: Incapacitate
Items : 2x Font of Putrescense
12x Flay
2x Heart of Darkness
1x Ancient Vile
1x Implode
2x Symbol of Power

- Note: Take your first right. It will lead to a
bloodfountain, whichmakes you immune to snowfall.

- When you have visited the old man at the Oracle, you are to
find Vorador, an old Vampire. He has defeated Malek once.
Now you must find him for answer's on how to defeat Malek.

- Leave the caves and walk south. Equip the axes and chop the
tree in order to gain entrance to the house of Mist.


Spells: Mist (form)
Items : 1x Ancient Vile
1x Symbolof Power
2x EnergyBank
2x Heartof Darkness

- Go east and activate the landmark. Now head west again and
cross the water in mist form. You can see Vorador's
mansion, but you must walk, because you need the 'control
mind' spell to get to Vorador (and there are other itmeson
the way).

- Exit south. Look on your overhead map. You'll see two caves
and three small dungeons. First go to the two caves (inone
there is a bloodfountain which increases your strength),
then enter the small dungeon's.


Spell: Blood Gout
Items: 4x Anti-toxin
1x Energy Bank
1x Ancient Vile
2x Flay
1x Symbol ofPower


Spells: Control mind
Items : 1x Ancient vile
1x Symbolof Power
1x Heartof Darkness


Spells: None
Items : Flame sword
1x AncientVile
1x Symbolof Power

- When you've finished these dungeons, exit to the right and
walk to Vorador's mansion.


Spells: Blood Shower
Items : Chaos Armor
2x Ancient Vile
16x Flay
1x Anti-toxin
3x Energy Bank
9x Implode
1x Font of Putrescense
2x Symbol of Power
5x Pentalich of Tarot
2x Heart of Darkness
3x Slow Time

- When you have left the mansion, walk to the left and
activate the landmark. Head on and take your first left
(it's a secret). Walk all the way up, jump off, go south
and explore the village of Uschtenhiem.

- Go North. On your way you'll once again pass two caverns.
The first one is a bloodfountain and the second a secret

- Just follow the way to the Dark Eden. On your way to the
Dark Eden you'll see a cave, which you can enter, butcan't
walk through. Come back to this point when you've finished
the Dark Eden.


Spells: Spirit Death
Items : Flesh Armor
18x Anti-toxin
2x Energy Bank
4x Ancient Vile
3x Symbol of Power

- Enter the cave mentioned before and walk through. Walk all
the way down (you can enter the cave, but thats only for
items). Just keep walking until you reach the town of

- Having reached Abernus, you'll see it's in ruins. You can
go several way's, but all will eventaully lead to the


Spells: None
Items : Soul Reaver
Azimuth'sthird Eye
6x AncientVile
4x Symbolof Power
4x Heartof Darkness
1x Flay

- Outside, activate the landmark and walk out. You will be
teleported to the pillars where you will place the eyein
front of the dimension pillar.

- You will be told to seek out king Otmar of Willendorf. For
that you'll need to upgrade your disguise to a gentleman.
Fly to the last landmark and walk east.

- After a while you pass two small camps. There's nothing
important there. Just blood. Near the second camp (orange
tents) however is a cave. Enter it (don't forget to acti-
vate landmark.


Spells: Spirit Wrack
Items : 2x Pentalich of Tarot
2x Symbolof Power
2x Flay
2x EnergyBank
1x AncientVile

- Walk south and drink from the bloodfountain in the cave you
can enter. It will give you more strength (now you canpush
big grey boulders).

- Keep walking on south.

- Take your first right, cut the tree and enter the cave it
leads to. There will be another bloodfountain.

- Take your second right and enter the secret cave. Take the
items and exit.

- Climb your way down and take your first left. Cross the
water and take the items. keep heading south. You'll finda
mooncave and a landmark.

- Fly to Willendorf. Walk all the way east, through the town
to the cave, where you will find a better disguise.


Spells: Improved Disguise (form)
Items : 1x Ancient Vile
1x Symbolof Power
6x Flay
1x Heartof Darkness
2x Fontof Putrescense

- With your new disguise you can enter the city of Willen-
dorf. You can explore the city for items if you want,but
if you want to get through it quickly, go to the towers
located east and west of Willendorf and open the doors.

- When you've met king Otmar, walk south and go into the
tunnel leading to the dollmaker.


Spells: None
Items : 3x Flay
1x Pentalichof Tarot
2x Implode
1x EnergyBank

- Walk south and use the spirit wrack spell to control the
Nemesis guards and switch both levers to open the door.Now
walk north.

- When you're outside again, just walk the way. Activate the
landmark and exit north.

- You will enter the town of Stahlberg. Explore the town and
exit north.

- Now go west. Use the spirit wrack spell to control the
puppet and open the gate. Now you can go to the dollmaker.


Spells: None
Items : Elzevir's Doll
1x Implode
1x Heartof Darkness
1x EnergyBank
1x AncientVile
2x Fontof Putrescense

- Return to Willendorf and visit King Otmar again.
Now you must battle the army of the Nemesis.
(read note on next page first)

NOTE: Be warned!, if you go to Otmar's throne room, you
will automaticallygo to the battle field. If you
want to search forsecrets, make a second save game,
before going to Otmar.

- Fight your way through. You will be teleported.

- You'll notice you've been teleported 50 years back in time.
Kill the man and watch the scene.

- Now head north to Stahlberg. Explore Stahlberg again for
items. Go north.

- Search the houses for items and go north once more.

- You'll see the stronghold of William the Just. Enter it.


Spells: None
Items : Time-Streaming Device
2x EnergyBank
2x Symbolof Power
2x Heartof Darkness
1x Pentalichof Tarot
2x AncientVile
3x Implode


Spells: None
Items : 2x Ancient Vile
2x EnergyBank
4x Heartof Darkness

- Outside again, walk south. You can explore the town again
if you like (I did). I don't walk south. You'll realise
that after killing William the Just you've changed history.
And you are in the time of vampire hunting.

- Walk all the way to the event. You'll see Vorador being
decapetated. Kill the people who will attack you.
You meet Mobius (again), from the Oracle. A conversation
will take place and then head north.

- Fight Mobius's creature from the past. Then fight his
creature from the present. And finally a creature from
times yet to come, yourself. After that slay Mobius himself
and take his hourglass.

- You will automatically fly to the pillars for your final

- First fight Mortanius in his normal form. After you
destroyed him he will morph into a demon.

- Take Mortanius's Death Orb and Anarcrothe's Scales. Then
fight Mortanius

- Having finally defeated the demon, you will be given a

1. Let the world of Nosgoth be doomed.
2. Save the world of Nosgoth.

The choice is yours!


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and walkthroughs

Thanks to Revolution reader Poison!

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