Blood Omen 2 Cheats and Hints for PlayStation 2 (2022)

Draw weapon during a jump attack
During your jump attack, hold [L2] then select"Berserk" Release [L2] and hold [R1]. Kainshould draw his weapon and hit them with it.

Sneaking up on enemies
Hold [L2] during game play to be able to creepup on enemies and attack them. Be careful, as at times enemiesmay be blocking because they may have seen you. This does workon end Bosses.

Rage attacks
Get your rage bar full. To do this you must block anumber of attacks. When your rage bar is full, press [R1]+ [Circle] to do the rage attack. It works with Fury, Berserk,etc.

Strong attacks
Pick up the an enemy by pressing [R1] + [Triangle]when close. Press [Square]x2 to do a light attack. Afterdoing this, press the [Analog-stick Up] then press [Square],which does a large amount of damage to the enemy.

Instant death attack
To do an instant death attack, you must have mist inthe area of the person. Enter the mist using your dark skill ability"Mist", then sneak up behind them. A skull will appear.Use this time to attack and you will cause instant death to theenemy. Note: If you run into the front of the person, they willimmediately attack.

To do an instant kill you must have either the thick sword orthe sword ax weapon equipped. Block until an enemy rests, thengo to them and press [R1] + [Triangle] to pick themup. Depending on the enemy, you should be able to cut their headoff. This will not work on heavily armored warriors. Press [Forward]+ [Square] to make Kain chop the head off.

Note: You must be able to grab your enemy. Equip the thick swordand grab them. Press [Forward] then [Square] to chopyour enemy's head off for an instant kill.

Easy health
Immediately after clearing a checkpoint, if you arelow on health, reload the game. You will be back exactly whereyou just were, except your health meter is now completely full.

Easy kill
After defeating Sebastian and acquiring the Dark GiftCharm, use it on a enemy that you cannot charm. It will appearas if they have a headache. Quickly run towards the enemy andattack. Repeat this until the enemy is killed.

Raising Kain's lore
When you encounter a save point, avoid it. Instead,first kill all the enemies ahead. After your satisfied with theamount of enemies you have killed, backtrack to the save pointthat was skipped and hit it. The game records your current lorelevel at this point. Next, after the save point is hit, kill yourself.Therefore when you regenerate at the save point, you will havethe same amount of lore. All the enemies that you already killedare back. Kill them again and get even more lore. The Relic Boxesalso work in the same way.

Note: Do not max out Kain's lore (blood bar roughly the same lengthas lore bar and lore bar full). If this is done and the game issaved, Kain's blood bar will revert to absolutely nothing. Ifthis happens, a simple jump will cause Kain to die. If you killall available targets (including humans) throughout the game,you will achieve the same blood bar level as you would using thetrick. If you do use this trick and are nearly maxed out, stopdrinking blood and opening relics. Otherwise, you will lose allyour hard work when you save.

Defeating Faustus
At first, you are in a small circle room with two doors.All you have to do is face the Boss and hold [R1] + [L1](Attack and Block). Wait for him to attack. He has four differenttypes. In the first, he does a five or six hit combo. In the second,he can punch, then kick. In the third, he will just kick. In thefourth, he jumps back with a red glow and lunges forward. Whenhe uses his first type of attack, wait until he punches a thirdtime, then release your block and attack. Repeat this about fivetimes to continue. In the next room you must use the mist formto sneak up to the furnace and burn him. To do this, you mustfirst find the two furnaces with fog in front of them. They areon opposing sides. When you first enter the room, one is to theleft and the other is to the right. Run around until he jumpsto one of the two, then sneak to the corner and turn mist on.Slowly walk to the switch and fry him. Finally, he will jump aroundand lunge at you. Just run around until he lunges. This will causehim to eventually fall. Run up to him and use a combo. This mustbe done about three or four times in order to defeat him.

Keep blocking and sidestepping his attacks while finding openspots for attack until you get about one quarter of his life down.Then, he will run off and enter a room will large heaters andmist around them. When Faustus jumps on to a heater, proceed towardsthe beginning of the mist trail that leads to the heater and pullthe switch to hurt him. Keep repeating this procedure until hejumps up on to a chain, then run to a corner of the room and staythere until Fautus jumps down . He will now try to jump and kickyou from far away. If you sidestep his attack, he will hit thewall and will be vulnerable for a few seconds. Keep repeatingthis until he is dead.

The easiest way to defeat Faustus is to block until your Furybar glows and hit him with that. Dodge every time you see himtry to use a glyph attack. It only takes two Fury hits to gethim to go to the furnace room. Load up the Mist glyph and headto a steam spot immediately. You should be able to turn on thefurnaces without taking too much damage running from steam spotto steam spot. Once he gets burned and starts running around therafters, just run around the edges of the room until you hearhim drop down. Try to be near a corner or wall. Wait for him tojump at you, then jump or dodge his attack. Once he hits the wall,he will be stunned. You can hit him with a good combo before hejumps back up to the rafters. Repeat this two or three times andhe will die quickly.

At the start, equip your Fury power. Block his combos, and backup when you see him charge up with a red attack (which is unblockable).Try to get some hits in, then use Fury when it is charged up.You will then enter a room with four furnaces. Conveniently, onefurnace has mist that flows close to the center of the room. Chasehim around until he is on top of that furnace. Then, without gettingtoo close to it, use the Mist power, and activate the furnace.You will need to do this about three to four times. Finally, hewill jump up into the ceiling and strike you when he comes down.Keep running close to the walls, and he will run into them. Attackhim when he recovers. Keep this up until he is defeated.

Defeating Magnus
Magnus is fairly simple to defeat. When he is standingin the middle of the giant fountain that is surrounded by statues,run and hide behind the closest one. He will try to burn you,but will hit the statue. Jump out and shoot him with Telekinesisvery quickly. Once he falls into the water, run behind the nextstatue until he tries to burn you again and repeat the processuntil he leaves. It should only take three times. In the nextroom you will see giant statues holding scythes. Magnus cannotburn you anymore, but he will charge into you. Do not bother hittinghim. It does not do any good. Get in front of one of these statuesand get him to charge you. When he does, dodge him and he willrun into the scythe, breaking it. Once it breaks, you will seea glowing telekinetic switch. Jump onto one of the boulders orplatforms so Magnus cannot get you, and shoot the switch. Thestatue will open its arms. Do that to all of the statues and thegigantic statue in the middle of the room will be put back together.Get Magnus to charge into the base of the weapon that the statueis holding the same way as before. When it breaks, make him chargeinto the base until the statue falls and crushes him. Just standnext to it and shoot Magnus with Telekinesis. That should makehim charge you.

When you are fighting Mangus, it is a lot easier if you just grabhim and throw him into the giant statues holding scythes. Evenif you miss with the throw, he can still bump into them when heis getting up, and they will still break.

Defeating Marcus
You will fight Marcus in a cathedral, on the bottomfloor first. On the left and right sides of the room are switches,one on each side. These switches activate bells which disruptMarcus' concentration and leave him vulnerable for a short time.Hit one switch, then run to the other switch, hitting Marcus onthe way. Continue this until his "puppets" disable thebells. Go up to the second floor. Marcus will just run arounduntil you kill him. Use the jump ability to alternate betweensides, hitting him on the way. Once he dies, you obtain the Charmability.

Just hit the bell switches and hit him when he is stunned. Whenhis puppets disable the bell, you can still ring it by jumpinginto it. He is easier to locate that way. Then, just run aroundkilling enemies while hacking up Marcus, occasionally ringingthe bell. You can avoid the puppets altogether, but you will wantto build up your Lore bar as much as possible.

To defeat Marcus follow the previous strategies until his "puppets"break the bells. After this happens, chase Marcus until you runinto his "puppets". Kill the puppets, increasing yourLore and Blood bar. He will be on the same floor as his "puppets"-- this will help you learn where his next minion is located.When you find him, use combos repeatedly until he loses.

Chase him into the room that has two switches on each side. Oncethere, run to a switch and use it to ring the church bells. Thiswill momentarily paralyze Marcus. Attack him with combos and theFury power. When he recovers, run to the switch on the other sideand ring the bell again. Continue to do this until he summonsthe bishops. Run upstairs and attack the guard, gaining any lostblood and weapons. He will be invisible, but will occasionallyreappear. When he does, chase him, then attack him. You can stillhurt him while he is invisible. He will summon more guards, butwill be defeated before long.

Defeating the Sarafan Lord
When the battle starts, the most important thing todo is to locate him. When you do, go to the platform across fromhim so that there is a walkway between you. When he fires theenergy orbs, jump above the first one and stay down on the second.Then, jump again on the third. When he is over you will have secondsto use your Telekenisis on him. When you use it, immediately switchover to jump and knock him off the ledge. You cannot be too closeto him when you try to jump or he will teleport away. When hehas the Soul Reaver out, switch over to Immolate. He only hasone set of attacks. He hits you five times, then uses the magicred sword. Block his five attacks, jump back from the sword, anduse Immolate on him. This is the only way to hurt him here. Dothis three times to continue. When you get the Soul Reaver, hestill has the same attack pattern (five hits then the magic punch).Block the five hits and jump straight up in the air to dodge thered hit. When you get down, immediately use the Soul Reaver. Youcan only hit him one time per round of attack. It will be awhilebefore you can defeat him.

When Kain has the Soul Reaver and the Sarafan Lord does the fivehits, dodge the magic hammer blow. Then, grab the Sarafan Lordand thrust the Soul Reaver through his chest. You will defeathim in less than a quarter of the time it would take with onehit on each turn.

Once you have obtained the Soul Reaver, build up your specialpower and use the berserk attack. It will kill him within twohits.

After getting Kain's Soul Reaver back, the Sarafan Lord will hityou with his five punch combo and his power punch. Block his fivepunches and dodge his power punch so you can charge up Kain's"Berserk" attack. When done, just block the SarafanLord's punches and side step his power punch, then hit him withthe "Berserk" attack. If the Sarafan Lord does not blockthe attack, just repeat and enjoy the ending.

For the first part, wait for him to teleport, then make your wayto him while avoiding his blasts. Before you stand on the sameplatform he is on, fire a shot of Telekinesis to knock him back.If done correctly, you will see him start to lose his balance.While still standing far off, use the Jump power to knock himoff the platform. For the next part you must face him in hand-to-hand,except you are not going to use your hands except to block. Hewill do a five hit combo, then an unblockable attack. After blockingthe first five, back off and wait for him to finish his attack.Then, move back in and continue to block. When your rage is highenough, use the Immolate attack. This is the only attack thatcan hurt him. After the short intermission sequence, you willfight him again, but this time with the Soul Reaver in your hand.Once again, he will do the five-hit combo plus the unblockableattack. There is only one way to hurt him -- grab him and stabhim. Do this a couple of times, and you will view the ending sequence.

When you have reached the third and final stage of the battlewith the Sarafan Lord, you must block his first five attacks thenattack once. This takes far too long. Instead, select "Berserk"from your Dark Gift menu when the final stage of the battle begins.As you block his first five attacks then dodge his sixth attack(which is unblockable), you will be building Berserk energy. Blockhis five attacks then dodge the sixth unblockable attack. Unleashyour Berserk attack, and you will get in twice as many hits. Youonly need do this twice and the Sarafan Lord will be defeated.This shortens the battle and allows you to complete the game withmuch less aggravation.

When the battle first starts, find him quickly. Then, go to thenearest platform to him (not the same one) and use your Telekinesisdark gift. Use it on him, then use your Jump dark gift and jumpon him. It will knock him off the platform. He will say some thingsabout the Nexus Stone. Kain will drop the Nexus Stone off theplatform, destroying the Hylden Gate. After that, do your normalblock dodge attack moves and use your dark gift Immolation. Thiswill take him down quickly. Ionnis will appear, and he and theSarafan Lord will fight. The Sarafan Lord wins and Ionnis willtell you to pick up the Soulreaver. You will need to do normalblock dodge attack and use your dark gift Berserk to bring theSarafan Lord down very fast.

To defeat the Sarafan Lord, dodge the shots from the Soul Reaver,then use Telekinesis to briefly stun him. In this time, switchDark Abilities to Jump and attack him. This will knock him off.An intermission sequence will start, then you will have to fightagain. During this time, block until he raises his sword abovehis head. When this happens, jump directly up and float untilhe finishes his attack. Your Rage Meter should be filling. Whenit is full, use Immolate on him. Repeat this process until thefirst vampire appears. He will be hurled from the area into banishment.An intermission will play and you will be on the middle platform.Once there, repeat the process, except he will rest after doinghis combo. Hit him once with the Soul Reaver and continue.

When on the final stage of defeating the Sarafan Lord (when youhave the Soul Reaver), switch to Berserk and build up your ragebar. Attack with Berserk you should kill him in two repetitions.

First, dodge his beams then knock him off. When he is using hissecond tactic, use Immolate four times. When he is using his thirdtactic, use Berserk two times.

Defeating Sarafan guards
If a guard is a good distance away from you, use theCharm spell. The Charm spell will not succeed in controlling them,but it will succeed in confusing them. The guard will hold hishead with both hands, as if they he has a sudden headache. Duringthis time, dispose of the guard with any desired weapon. The easiestway is to cast Charm, walk up to them, lift them off their feet,then decapitate them with the axe sword.

Defeating Sebastian
When the battle starts, run the opposite way of themist shooting out of the grates. Jump over when needed. Sebastianwill not jump, thus burning himself. In his second phase, youmust be directly behind one of the mists and follow it arounduntil it stops. When he grabs onto the wall, put the purple portalobject between you and him. He will run directly into it. Do thisthree times to continue. In his third phase, he will try to destroythe stone. Jump up there so he gets off and charm the peasantin the room to unload all of the mist on the ground. His fourthphase is just a fist fight until the finish.

Allow Sebastian to kill you once. Then, allow the game to idleand watch the "steam" appear and kill Sebastian.

At the beginning, block his attacks and watch out for his redattack. Be careful -- after you knock him down, he will chargeat you with an unblockable tackle. Simply undo the Autoface andjump over him. Next, he will start to run around in circles whilea column of thunder hits the middle of the room. Run around thecenter while avoiding the dangerous gases from the side of theroom. When you see him stop, this means he will strike. Standin the room so that the column of thunder is between you and him.He will run into it, then leap back into the side. Repeat thisabout three times. Knowing he cannot defeat you, he will try todestroy the Nexxus Stone. Jump on top of the platform and usethe Charm Gift on the guard that is activating the switches. Usehim to operate one of the switches and draw Sebastian to you.Continue to attack until he is defeated.

Enable the "Cheat mode" code. Play through the gameand drink everyone's blood, even the civilians. You will needas much strength as possible through the game. Look out for thechests that only vampires can access. When facing Sebastian, makesure you have Jump on, step into the middle, and use it straighttowards Sebastian. He should light up red before you jump. Thatwill take away a little power. Then. slash with the Soul Reaverthen let him go off on you. Block his first hit, take his second,then hit him with the combo hit by pressing [Square]x3.Keep doing this until he starts running in the circle. When thishappens, note the little circle in the middle of the room. Runin circles around that circle and he will jump in the center andhurt himself badly. Do this three times and he will raise themiddle of the floor. Jump up there then turn on Charm. Charm theperson in the window who pulls the levers. Once controlling him,pull the lever to the right of the room then press [X] toget back to yourself. Watch out for the edges and knock him offa few times to win.

Enable the "Cheat mode" code to get the Soul Reaverand Iron Armor. When you encounter him, quickly grab him and holdthe [Analog-stick Up] then press [Square]. This willmake him lose a large amount of health. When he falls and getsup, quickly grab him again and repeat. Note: The game will notshow the move of the "circle" in the middle go up orwhen he runs around the wall.

Whenever Sebastian charges at you, jump and use the fire attack.Get his health down to about one fifteenth, then he will chargeup and will eventually hurt himself. He will take off half hishealth.

Defeating the big mosquitoes
In almost every scene, the enemies have boundariesthat they cannot cross. If you find these boundaries, the mosquitoeswill be waiting on the opposite side for you to cross back over.Use the jump attack by jumping over and kicking them. Then, beforethey recover, run back over the boundary line. After four kicksthe mosquitoes will die. It is more difficult when there are twowaiting for you, but can still be done.

Wharves: Jumping to Rune Knights
Around the middle of the Wharves chapter is a placewhere you have to constantly jump across a river with one RuneKnight in each area you jump to. Before you jump, hit the RuneKnight twice with Telekinesis. When you jump, try to make thejump indicator red so that you hit the Rune Knight. While he ison the ground, press [R1] to draw your weapons or get yourclaws out. Immediately when he stands, start attacking and catchhim off guard. Two hits should be required with bare claws andonly one hit with some sort of weapon.

Glitch: Surprise death
If you completely fill up the purple bar and die orload a game with the purple bar completely filled, your life barwill shrink to nothing and you will die after a few steps.

Glitch: Spirits of the dead
At some points in the game, when you have killed someoneand go back a little later and are a little bit away from thebody, you will see a black image of that person standing abovetheir own body. When you try to get closer, the spirit will disappearand the body will still be on the ground.

Glitch: Nexus Stone returns
Immediately after Kain throws the Nexus Stone intothe portal and Janos fights somewhat and dies, Kain will turnaround and talk to Sarafan. You can see the Nexus Stone is stillon his chest, even though he just threw it in the portal.

Glitch: In and out of the hovercar
Towards the end when you have to ride the hover carto where the magic spells are being done, you can have Kain inthe hovercar. However, when the intermission starts, he is seenwalking into it as if he just walked into the room.

Glitch: Wrong head
In the last few chapters when Kain encounters the Hildenthere are times when you can use your fog ability to chop thestanding Hilden characters. However, once you perform the sneakattack and chop off their head, a human head flies up insteadof a Hilden head.

Glitch: Death grab
When you have a weapon and you kill someone with it,take theirs. The weapon they had will now belong to you, howeverthe weapon you just used will be in the dead enemy's hand, asif they grabbed it.

Glitch: Voridor stabbed with Reaver
Enable the "Cheat mode" code and fight yourway to Sebastian. In the intermission sequence following the absorptionof his essence, where he grabs the Nexus stone and chats withVoridor, the Soul Reaver will be on Kain's right shoulder, withthe blade pointed forward. You can watch Voridor talk while theReaver waves back and forth through his body.

Glitch: Invisible Soul Reaver
Enable the "Cheat mode" code. Have the SoulReaver and Iron Armor on save without being on a save spot. Ifdone correctly, the Soul Reaver will not appear, but you can stillattack with it. The Soul Reaver will show up if you use Mist.

Glitch: Soul Reaver stuck in Kain's shoulder
Enable the "Cheat mode" code. When you defeatSebastian, during the intermission sequence where Kain jumps upto get the Nexus Stone, the Soul Reaver will be sticking out ofhis right shoulder. Note: This does not happen all the time.

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