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David Wilkerson's "latest" prophecy

Wednesday: March 11, 2009
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Latest David WilkersonProphetic Prediction - Is It New?
Be Alert! David Wilkerson's "latest" prophecy (2)MORIEL MINISTRIES - By JamesJacob Prasch - March 10, 2009
Moriel and Jacob Prasch havereceived multiple inquiries regarding the issuance of a prophetic prediction by David Wilkerson dated March 7, 2009.

The complication is thatalthough having some additions, it is not new but reiterates one made in 1992when he said it would be "soon" 17 years ago and is confusing in thatit urges 30 days emergency food supply be kept on hand, but stating he has noidea of when.

The latest version of Mr.Wilkerson's prophetic prediction:

An earth-shattering calamityis about to happen," he writes. "It is going to be so frightening, weare all going to tremble - even the godliest among us." Wilkerson's visionis of fires raging through New York City. "It will engulf the wholemegaplex, including areas of New Jersey and Connecticut. Major cities allacross America will experience riots and blazing fires - such as we saw inWatts, Los Angeles, years ago," he explains. "There will be riots andfires in cities worldwide. There will be looting - including Times Square, NewYork City. What we are experiencing now is not a recession, not even adepression. We are under God's wrath. In Psalm 11 it is written, "If the foundationsare destroyed, what can the righteous do?" (WorldNetDaily)

The Original version of Mr.Wilkerson's prophecy - Sept 7, 1992:

"I have had recurring visions of over 1,000 firesburning at one time here in New York City. I am convinced race riots will soonexplode! New York City is right now a powder keg-ready to blow!...federal andState Welfare cutbacks will be the spark that ignites the fuse. Next year, NewYork City could have over 100,000 angry men on the streets, enraged becausethey have been cut off from benefits.... Federal troops will have to move in torestore order. New York City will have tanks running down its avenues....Churches will be closed for a season because it will be too dangerous to travelabout. Fires will rage everywhere."

Many prophetic voices frommultiple quarters have been directed by The Holy Spirit to alert The Body ofChrist of divine judgment coming on the planet generally, including on theutterly backslidden Protestant Democracies not excluding the USA due to thegenocidal proportions of non therapeutic abortion. Britain and Europe howeverare even more post Judeo Christian and Neo Pagan than the USA, and incipientpersecution of the true church and growing anti Semitism and anti Zionism,(both factors in divine judgment) are more acute. More importantly, scriptureforetells a coming judgment of God on the Moslem world and unbelieving Israelis bound for 'The Time of Jacob's Trouble'.

We certainly do not denyDavid Wilkerson's good intentions, nor can we deny that God has spoken throughhim in the past in the prophetic realm with accuracy. Additionally, Hebrewprophets like Jeremiah, Joel and Isaiah warned of judgments decades before theytranspired.

There are however concernsthat lead us to urge caution in testing Mr. Wilkerson's predictions as wecommanded to test prophecy in 1 Corinthians 14, and we are warned of thosepredicting things in a time specific manner that fail to transpire inDeuteronomy 18 & Jeremiah 28 where we have a list of biblically provenfalse prophets such as Paul Cain, Rick Joyner, Benny Hinn, Cindy Jacobs, PatRobertson, and Kenneth Copeland.

In fairness, Mr. Wilkersonset no date, but the question automatically arises:
  • "Why then are 30days food specified"?
  • Also, how soon was soonin 1992?
Had Mr. Wilkerson said'soon' and then said to store up 30 days food supply, it would make sense.Instead, his latest prediction states flatly he has no time frame and does notsay "soon" as he did with the same prediction in 1992.

Biblical prophets gave clearsignals. Store up 30 days food supply from when? Surely there must beclarification if this is from God.

Mr. Wilkerson discreditedhimself and his ministry in his shameful and stupid visit several years ago tothe UK, and this has made many British Christians who had admired him in timespast skeptical, not of his integrity, but of his credibility.

After denouncing the kind of'laughing & drunken' counterfeit revivals associated with the Pensacola andToronto fiascoes in his excellent recording "Reproach On The Solemn Assembly", in a direct, and some would say hypocritical contradiction ofhis own warnings, Mr. Wilkerson rejected solid warnings and accepted a numberof engagements to speak many of the most lunatic fringe churches that continuedpromoting these very deceptions. One church he spoke at in The English Midlandspromoted Benny Hinn only one month later.

Mr. Wilkerson then begandefending the wolves in sheep's clothing and criticized their opponents whowarned the sheep from them. Mr. Wilkerson then went to London to a church thatfollowed the Toronto Experience and Paul Cain (the confessed homosexual andalcoholic false prophet and mentor of Todd Bentley) to deliver one of the mostutterly ridiculous, completely irresponsible, and totally unbiblical teachingsimaginable.

With no regard to theexegetical context, Mr. Wilkerson invented the unbiblical doctrine of 'feedingJesus' (Jesus Himself said that His food is to do the will of The One who sentHim) and essentially mindlessly blabbed out a line of biblically un-foundedrubbish in its purest form.

We are warned not to sharplyrebuke an older man, and we do not wish to. However, his teaching was a barrageof silly unscriptural junk not supported by the cited text in context and notof God. This however was the prelude to his supreme betrayal of those whotrusted him.

Mr. Wilkerson spoke of beingon the ground laughing unable to get up because God's Hand was on him. TheFruit of The Spirit is 'Self Control' (ekreitei) not the lack if it. Thefact that he 'could not get up' proves it was not God's Hand that was upon him.The Word of God teaches the very antithesis.

For a respected brother ofhis stature to preach one thing but do the very thing he preached against was acolossal act of hypocrisy. It was a huge let down. It would have been betterhad he never come to Great Britain. His visit has had no enduring positiveimpact. Ever since Mr. Wilkerson's indefensible antics in Britain, we have notbeen able to trust him or respect his judgment or discernment to the degree weonce did. We do not attack his integrity but we simply cannot exercise theconfidence in him in The Lord we so much did at one time.

Again, he is a man of Godbut none of us is perfect. He may be right but the prophecy is so nebulous howcan we know? Why does he say something 17 years ago saying it would be soon,but now say store up 30 days provision yet saying he does not know for when? Itis very unclear and the source of the prophecy no longer commands thecredibility that he once did.

His nonsense in Britain wasan idiotic disgrace. We just do not know if he is any longer reliable or not.Yet, we are not against him personally and we again recognize that God hasindeed used him including prophetically. Our simple advice is to weigh hiswarning carefully. We want God to bless David Wilkerson and we still esteem hisoverall legacy. However, in the UK he sadly tainted it.

Having said that, withoutany reference to David Wilkerson, the scriptures generally point to a globalcrisis socially, economically, strategically, and politically with a comingchaos heralding the wrath of God. Many godly Christians likewise echo similarwarnings. God's judgment is coming and to a degree has already come. This nobible based praying Christian can possibly deny.

On this note, we would pointour readers to the following article by our friend Brother Paul McGuire.

In Jesus,
Jacob Prasch

(Philippians 1:6)

David Wilkerson's Prophecyof Judgment
PAUL - By Paul McGuire

On March 7, 2009 DavidWilkerson issued a strong prophetic warning of impending judgment upon Americaand the world. Wilkerson said, "AN EARTH-SHATTERING CALAMITY IS ABOUT TOHAPPEN. IT IS GOING TO BE SO FRIGHTENING, WE ARE ALL GOING TO TREMBLE - EVENTHE GODLIEST AMONG US.

(Video) Judgment is Coming; Draw Near to God! Rev. David Wilkerson Prophecy Sermon

"For ten years I have beenwarning about a thousand fires coming to New York City. It will engulf thewhole megaplex, including areas of New Jersey and Connecticut. Major cities allacross America will experience riots and blazing fires-such as we saw in Watts,Los Angeles, years ago.

"There will be riots andfires in cities worldwide. There will be looting-including Times Square, NewYork City. What we are experiencing now is not a recession, not even adepression. We are under God's wrath."

In today's "seekersensitive' church world those words may be an affront to the EvangelicalChurch's god, who is not the Biblical God.The Old Testament prophets, the Apostle Paul, the Apostle John and theLord Jesus Christ Himself were not "seeker sensitive." They told the truth! Using Jesus Christ, the Apostles and the OldTestament prophets as God's standard, the seeker sensitive model could becharacterized as false prophecy.

Some Bible teacher's, whoteach a Pre-Tribulation Rapture, which I believe the Bible teaches, may havedifficulty with David Wilkerson's prophecy because at face-value it appears todescribe events that would occur during the seven year Tribulation Period. However, I would like to point out twothings.

First, there is nothing inthe Old Testament or New Testament that states that God cannot allow judgmentprior to the Tribulation Period.History is filled with examples, of what may have been God's judgment ona nation or an individual after the birth of the Church or what is commonlyreferred to as the "Church Age." It isa clear that "the time of Jacob's trouble" begins with the Rapture of theChurch and the revealing of the Antichrist.But, judgment has and can occur before that time period. The difference is that the judgment andwrath of God during the seven year Tribulation Period begins with the Church ofJesus Christ being removed from the earth and the man of sin or the Antichristis revealed.

Clearly, when one readsDavid Wilkerson's vision of judgment and his word's, it appears to reflectDavid Wilkerson's Post-Tribulation viewpoint.For example, Wilkerson writes,"In Psalm 11:6, David warns, 'Upon the wicked he will rain snares (coalsof fire) wind...will be the portion of their cup.' Why? Davidanswered, 'Because the Lord is righteous' (v. 7). This is a righteousjudgment-just as in the judgments of Sodom and in Noah's generation." These words indicate a Post-Tribulationviewpoint. However, if Wilkerson's vision is from the Lord none of the thingsWilkerson says necessarily have to occur after the seven-year TribulationPeriod begins or we are on the verge of the Rapture immediately before theTribulation Period begins. I am notsaying this with certainty as to the date of the "Rapture," as the Bible warnsagainst specific date setting.

Obviously, we cannot equateDavid Wilkerson's vision at the same level as the scripture. David Wilkerson has had earlier visionswhich did not seem to come true exactly as he saw them. Yet, many of the things he saw did cometrue. Some would raise the argumentthat if David Wilkerson's prophecy is not 100% accurate that he is not truly aBiblical prophet. There is no questionthat in the Old Testament, a prophet could be stoned to death for not being100% accurate. However, there are manyfaithful leaders in the Body of Christ who are alive today who have missedGod's timing or who have gotten certain things wrong. Yet, they remain faithful men of God. Again, the question could be legitimately raised, "Your argumentis on a slippery slope theologically." In the strictest sense of interpretationthat challenge is legitimate. That iswhy no man, vision or experience, including the opinions of this author can beput on the same level of scripture.

However, what if God didreveal something to David Wilkerson?What if, for example, what he saw was a consequence of an Israeli strikeagainst Iran where computer guided missiles from Russia and other nations werelaunched. Intelligence experts areaware of the fact that there are thousands of missiles aimed at major U.S.cities and vice versa that are on a hair-trigger alert. What if Iran attacked Israel and that actionprecipitated a nuclear missile exchange through super-powers like Russia,China, Germany, Britain and the U.S. or Russian vessels armed with nukestraveling through the Panama Canal or off the coast of Venezuela or Cuba? Whatif an act of terrorism such as an EMP or Electronic Pulse Weapon crashed thepower grid and U.S. system? Clearly,riots would occur and cities would burn.Or the possibility of an unexpected asteroid hit? The possibilities are endless. In addition, we have the theological debateamong those who hold to a Pre-Tribulation position of an Ezekiel 38 scenariotaking place before the Tribulation Period.I am not here to be an apologist for David Wilkerson, but I amsuggesting that his vision does not necessarily conflict with the prophetictime table.

In the final analysis, DavidWilkerson's prophetic warning should be heeded. It does not mean that the Tribulation Period has begun, eventhough Wilkerson probably believes that.The point is that David Wilkerson had a long-term track record of beinga strong and faithful preacher of the Word of God. He has challenged apostasy and false prophecy for years. At every level, David Wilkerson's characteris one of a true Biblical leader in a day where apostasy is epidemic. I for one take David Wilkerson's prophecysoberly. I do not put it at the samelevel as the Scripture and I do so, recognizing the fallibility of even thebest of Christian leaders. Butbeginning to be prepared both spiritually practically is prudent. The American Church and much of the Churchin Europe is the Laodecian Church described by Jesus Christ in the Book ofRevelation. After 911, the Churchcontinued to slumber and even in the midst of global economic crisis the modernLaodecian Church refuses to consider the real possibility that Christ could returnand Israel is our major prophetic sign.

Without question we are inthe last days and Israel is God's prophetic time clock. Iran is a threat to Israel's veryexistence. Although, the Church andwhat Henry Kissinger recently called, "the new world order" trifles withIsrael's existence and right to the land, God does not. Isn't it interesting that Wilkerson issue'shis warning as the threat to Israel is at the critical state. I don't know about you, but I am going toseek the face of God and pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I will not be headed to the hills in acamouflage outfit, but I will do what the Lord has commanded us to do which is"occupy until I come." Ultimately, my faith is in the Word of God and not theprophecy of any man.

Paul McGuire is the authorof 16 books on prophecy including "The Day The Dollar Died." Paul is a conference speaker and a professor at the King's College &Seminary.

Original Report

Follow-Up Word by David Wilkerson
Concerning His Latest Prophetic Prediction

DAVID WILKERSON TODAY - Posted by David Wilkerson on March 9, 2009

"If the foundations be destroyed, what shall the righteous do?"

Recently I felt compelled to send out an URGENT message warning of an impending great calamity - such that will cause even God's elect to tremble.

One Bishop asked, "Is there no further word: How should the righteous respond to such a word?"

I can only answer by sharing what the Holy Spirit is speaking to my own heart and what I am to do. I shared that I was led in a practical way to lay aside a month's supply of food - because I have witnessed the panic in the wake of terrorism. That has to be a personal word for every individual.

This is what I hear the Holy Spirit speaking to my heart concerning my own spiritual response to impending calamity. It is simply this -STAND STILL AND SEE THE SALVATION OF THE LORD.

"And Moses said to the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will show you today...The Lord shall fight for you, and you shall hold your peace" (Exodus 14:13-14).

This is the attitude of faith in the face of calamity. What could Israel do on the brink of the Red Sea? Pharaoh's army is pressing in, mountains are on both sides, and there is an impossible sea ahead. The flesh cries, "Do something!"

The flesh cries hopelessness. Can God's people dry up the sea? Level a mountain? Fight a great army without having weapons? They are in what appears to be a dreadful, frightening situation. God's people tremble - and in this hour of trembling comes a word from God. In essence:

(Video) 1973 Prophecy - The Vision by David Wilkerson

"Stand still. Fear not. This is the hour of salvation. You are going to witness the pulling down of the foundations of a world power. But in the same hour, I will fight for you. Hold your peace - be still and see my works."

Beloved, my warning is just one voice among many who are saying the same thing. We may all tremble for a season, but those who truly know God's Word will be quickly comforted by the Holy Spirit. We will be baptized with a great peace - a supernatural quietness - which will be a tremendous witness to the fearful multitudes.

In Christ,
David Wilkerson

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