Anunnaki, Nephilim, Atlantis & Archons (Gods or Demons?) (2022)

Anunnaki, Nephilim, Atlantis & Archons. This in-depth article discusses that an advanced ET race came to earth to mine for gold. In the process, they ‘tinkered’ with the beings on earth and created an upgraded version of humans.

The Nephilim have been trapped here for at least 50,000 years. They communicated with “Off-World” beings known as Archons to figure out how to escape their prison planet.

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Anunnaki, Atlantis & Archons: Human Origins Evolution Explained

Have you ever wondered about the origins of modern humans? Where did we come from, how did we originate, and what was this “missing link” element all about anyway? Somewhere back in the early 2000s, my curiosity got the better of me.

Many of you already know that I have read well over 700 books beginning around 1997.

I mainly read personal development books back then because that was what I enjoyed. After that, I learned a lot about religion and spirituality and channeled messages like Abraham-Hicks, The Seth Material, Barbara Marciniak, and A Course in Miracles.

From there, I delved into spiritual topics like numerology, tarot cards, dream interpretation, psychic attunement, and so on. As my thirst for knowledge expanded, so did my reading materials.

David Icke

One day when I was perusing through Borders or was it, Barnes and Noble? I don’t remember, but I remember coming across a book that would forever change my perception of reality. That book was titled: – And the Truth Shall Set You Free by an Author named David Icke.

The book was incredible, and it just made me hungry for more information from this David Icke fellow. So much so that I ended up reading and buying every David Icke book that I could get my hands on, even if that meant going to many bookstores in one day.

Most David Icke books are pretty large, and I admit skipping through some chapters to get to the more juicy stuff. His writings have plenty of that. As a result, many questions about why the world is the way it is (The human matrix not the natural world) were answered.

Granted, I am the first to tell you not to believe everything you read, and I will also be the first to remind you to bring your full conscious awareness with you at all times and not just accept something just because you read it.

Much of the information I read from Icke took me to other alternative researchers like:

  1. Graham Hancock
  2. Michael Tsarion
  3. Jordan Maxwell
  4. Zecharia Sitchin
  5. David Icke
  6. Erich von Däniken
  7. Michael Tellinger
  8. David Wilcock
  9. Credo Mutwa
  10. Jim Marrs,
  11. Wes Penre

I began to connect the dots about the unnatural nature of our human reality through these authors’ brilliant works. (Most of these authors will tell you that they don’t get 100% of the information right all the time).

The Missing Link

One area that piqued my interest was creating modern man and modern civilization and the whole Extraterrestrial intervention. The common belief is that man evolved from the ape, yet there is still that pesky “missing link” factor that no one has officially solved yet.

Eventually, I stumbled upon the idea that modern man was not created by luck. One story I read stated that modern man is a creation of Extraterrestrial intervention. For the record, when you hear extraterrestrial, don’t think “Little green men,” think more human-looking.

Just like in Star Wars or Star Trek, most of the characters were, in fact, human even though they came from planets other than Earth. The first story about extraterrestrial intervention I read goes something like this.

An old ET civilization had eroded the atmosphere on their planet Nibiru.


As a result of the crucial “ozone layer” having a giant hole or weakness, the inhabitants had to find a way to fix it or lose their planet. After many years or decades or longer, they finally found a way to improve the gaping hole in the ozone layer.

The key ingredient was gold or Goldust. They found out that if they could condense the gold into a fine powder and spray it into the atmosphere, then this would indeed fix their ozone layer debacle.

There was one major problem, though. Nibiru had almost no gold on it. After some time, they found one planet that was rich in gold. That’s right; you guessed it – planet Earth.

After some time of exploring Earth, they were able to find some areas that were particularly rich in gold. One of those areas is located in South Africa in which to this very day.

They are ancient, long, and deep, perfectly made tunnels that no one can explain who made them. After the scouting mission to Earth, many fleets of Nibiruans came to Earth to begin mining for gold.

King Alalu

Alalu, a former Anunnaki King, went to earth first and located the gold. Later, two brothers, Enki and Enlil – who happened to be the sons of the Current King and Queen, had the job of mining and sending the gold back to Nibiru.

At one point, they set up a way station on Mars because Mars’s low gravitational pull meant they could take larger loads back to Nibiru.

No one knows how long the Nibiruans did their mining for gold, but one thing is for sure. They eventually rebelled against it.

The Nibiruan workforce was tired of working in those hot, humid mines – their bodies were not built for the Earth’s harsh conditions. Nibiru had a consistent year-round temperature, neither too hot nor too cold.

Since Enki and Enlil were in charge of the Earth’s mission, they had to develop a plan before their workforce bailed on them.

Enki, the Scientist of the two, decided to make slaves out of the humans already on the planet (Homo Erectus).

The Nibiruans viewed them as mountain people. Slow, quiet, and primitive in their eyes. They created a clone (Adamu), a mixture of their DNA with that of the Homo erectus creature that already existed on Earth when they arrived.

After some time of playing God with the genes of the primitive man, they eventually were able to create a ‘slave force’ to mine the gold for them.

Nibiruans Created Humans

The Nibiruans created some humans that were almost a complete genetic match to them. For the record, it is forbidden to interfere with the inhabitants on any planet by spacefaring beings like the Nibiruans.

Altering DNA is a big cosmic “no-no.” Professor Hermann Oberth, the father of rocket science, openly believed Earth to be watched by beings from other planets. Indeed, ancient records also confirm that visitations were a relatively common occurrence.

Generally, the visitors respect Earth’s sovereignty and have conducted their research without attracting attention or attempting to interfere with Earth’s indigenous tribes.

Eventually, the children of the Gods (The direct genetic descendants) later became the Kings and Queens of old, and everyone else got to be the peasants. Humans are an “accidental” byproduct of the ancient colonization of Earth by the Nibiruans.

If you think this idea is made up or wondering where the proof is, it was all written in stone on Sumerian Clay Tablets. The same tablets where we get much of the Old Testament. Yes, some of the facts were lost in translation.

However, the story still holds that spacefaring beings visited Earth. ‘Those who came from the sky.’ as it is written, were referred to as gods because of their knowledge, technology, and creative abilities.

Since the 1970s, when more scholars became attracted to the Sumerian translations of clay tablets polluting the basements of many museums of the world, a whole new wave of information started to emerge.

Suddenly we were exposed to an entirely new civilization that preceded all others, which spoke a different language and made references to times before their own from where all their knowledge was derived.

Erich Von Daniken & Zecharia Sitchin

Erich Von Daniken truly popularized the concept of extraterrestrial activity on Earth in prehistoric times, already in the 1960s, with his book: Chariots of Gods.

But it was Zecharia Sitchin who indeed pushed the deciphered Sumerian cuneiform text to the highest heights in his nine books, dealing primarily with the Sumerian tablets’ content and the eroded truth behind them.

Most of the information in the clay tablets deals with humanity’s beginnings up until about 2000 BC. These scriptures all have one thing in common: their reference to the Sumerian gods who came from distant lands and gave the early humans their knowledge.

The story has been captured dramatically in Sitchin’s The Lost Book of Enki, a compilation of cuneiform translations of Sumerian tablets over some thirty years.

There is much more to this story, and you can read more here.

Other Authors like Wes Penre claim that Enlil never stepped foot on Earth and that his wicked half-brother Enki and his son Marduk have been running the show here on Earth for a long time, much to the detriment of human beings.

Go to the archives section and scroll down to October 2013 to read more articles by Wes Penre.

Michael Tsarion – The Destruction of Atlantis

I stumbled upon Michael Tsarion around 2010; I was even his friend on Facebook for a hot minute before he deleted his page. I dabbled in his work a few times and then changed course until I stumbled upon him again this past summer.

(Video) Ancient Aliens: The Garden of Eden's Genetic Laboratory (Season 8) | History

So far, I have listened to over 50 hours of Michael Tsarion’s work on YouTube. Let me tell you something; this man has extensive knowledge of our past, present, future, and especially spirituality and psychology.

His website is and go to to visit his YouTube channel.

Michael Tsarion has been at this work since the age of 13 years old. He grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland, with an Irish father who was into politics, and his mother was a famous clairvoyant from the Himalayas.

He cites some of his sources as the Ancient Sumerian Texts, Enuma Elish, The Book of Enoch, including parts left out (Apocryphal books), The Bundahishn, Zecharia Sitchin, Celtic records and legends, channelers, and many suppressed authors.

In his YouTube video talking about the destruction of Atlantis’s lost empire, Michael speaks about our not too distant past. I am writing some of this from memory, so some of it may be off a bit.

Either way, always double-check any information you read or hear! Please do your homework as they say.

Tsarion states that a race of beings known as the Nephilim or “Serpent Brotherhood” from the Alpha Draconis Star System strayed into our solar system while being chased by their pursuers.

They took refuge on Earth while pretending to be on another planet located between Mars and Jupiter. The planet they pretended to be on was known as Tiamat.

We read from various sources that approximately 50,000 years ago, a specific planetary body in our solar system was mysteriously destroyed.

This body has been called: Tiamat, Phaeton, Lucifer, Marduk, Maldek, Rahab, and even Luna (not connected to the name later given to the moon).

It was believed to have existed between Mars and Jupiter and was referred to as the “second sun.” It may have been mistaken as such because its atmosphere was resplendent with reflections of the actual sun.

Venus The Morning Star

This is not as improbable as it sounds since Venus, the “Morning Star,” the second planet from the sun and the third brightest object in the sky, is so bright that it casts a distinct shadow on a moonless night.

The Nephilim erected a makeshift radar-type station beacon or homing device on Tiamat so their pursuers would think they were hiding out there.

The beings that were chasing them destroyed Tiamat, believing their prey was hiding out on it when, in fact, they were hiding out underground on Earth.

Upon the Nephilim’s arrival, they almost immediately went underground into existing caverns that they knew existed through scans of the planet. They also descended into other caverns that they cut out of the living rock.

Tiamat was an entire water planet, and some believe that dolphins and whales formerly came from this planet. Tiamat, or what is left of it, is now known as the asteroid belt. Tiamat was destroyed around 50,000 years ago.

As a result of the water planet Tiamat being destroyed, Earth was battered by massive amounts of water, making its way into Earth’s atmosphere. It rained for 40 days and 40 nights, completely covering whole continents with saltwater.

Does that story sound familiar? Before the Earth was flooded with Tiamat’s water, it is believed that it only had one or perhaps two small Oceans.

Tsarion claims that Earth was a heavily forested place when the perused beings came here.

The future Atlantean beings became stuck here when their pursuers cast an Etheric net to act as a type of quarantine around the Earth, which is controlled by the Moon. Since then, the Earth has become a prison planet for them because they cannot get past it and leave.

The Nephilim pursuers erected a sheath, an etheric membrane around the Earth, and this energy field placed the earth in quarantine. Beings can get in, but anyone with Alien DNA cannot get out even with the proper technology.

Prison Planet for the Nephilim

The Nephilim are incarcerated on this planet or “chained to the pit,” as stated in the old testament.

The Earth is considered nothing more than a prison to them, a place of internment which is almost unendurable. The pursuers of the Nephilim did this to prevent the Nephilim from ever escaping this planet.

I think the Earth wasn’t destroyed because once the pursuers realized their prey (Nephilim) were here, they didn’t want to create another significant solar catastrophe like what happened with Tiamat.

(Michael stated he doesn’t know if the Nephilim pursuers are malevolent or benevolent or who they are.)

The Nephilim can only go as far as the Moon. Have you noticed that they can send probes to places like Mars, and many people still question if a man has ever landed on the Moon?

The Nephilim want to leave Earth and are trying to create technology that would allow them to penetrate the global quarantine that has kept them stuck on Earth for at least 50,000 years.

According to Tsarion, these beings are not benevolent; their only goal is to keep control of this planet while at the same time desperately trying to escape it. In the beginning, these Nephilim created several hybrid races to do work for them.

Sons of the Serpent

Their first progeny was known as “The Sons of The Serpent.” The name serpent to describe these Nephilim derives from the fact that they were master geneticists.

Have you ever seen the symbol for medicine known as the Caduceus? It represents the double helix of DNA and shows two snakes (serpents) wrapped around a winged staff.

This is an old symbol going back to antiquity. So the Nephilim were known as the Serpent Race, not because they were reptilian, they were a Nordic-looking race, much like their first hybrid creation.

The Sons of the Serpent eventually rebelled against their father’s authority over them and moved away to Lemuria, located in the Pacific Ocean.

The “Sons of the Serpents” possessed the DNA of their alien fathers, as well as that of the indigenous Earth people, the Homo Sapiens.

The Nephilim eventually created several more slave races to work for them, but each one eventually rebelled and left them on their own or was taken back to Lemuria by the Sons of the Serpent.

The Nephilim decided again to create a race of workers.

This one, they “dumbed down” a bit, and they also chose not to use their genes in that creation process, hoping that their slave workforce would be too simple-minded to realize their sole purpose was to be servants to their masters.

Much later on, perhaps around 11,000 years ago, the Nephilim created another worker race using the DNA of reptilians – since they had some of the characteristics that they were looking for in their new slave/worker race.

Reptilian Race

According to Tsarion, the Reptilian Race or Reptilian Beings that we read so much about were created on Earth. They are not a spacefaring race, as we are taught to believe by other alternative researchers.

The Sons of the Serpent had found out what their fathers were up to, and they tried everything they could to free the latest slave race (this was before the creation of the reptilians). They brought many of them back to their continent of Lemuria, located in what we know as the Pacific Ocean.

Eventually, there was an “all-out war” between the Nephilim and The Sons of the Serpent or Atlantis vs. Lemuria. The first being the original Serpent Race, and the second being their first hybridized creation.

Both of these groups had advanced weaponry, and they used it during this epic battle, which took place around 11,000 to 13,000 years ago. The battle was so severe that it caused a pole shift on the Earth. The poles may have only shifted a few degrees, but it was enough to create global cataclysms.

Also, the Earth’s pole shifting caused a chain reaction in our solar system. Mars was destroyed, and Tiamat’s waters once again fell upon Earth. Remember, Tiamat was a water planet much more massive than Earth, perhaps 15 times as big.

Sinking Continents: Atlantis

On top of that, due to the pole shift, some continents wholly sunk to the bottom of the ocean due to the tectonic plates shifting. This is where we get the whole “sinking of Atlantis” theory.

So much so that the Nephilim and the Sons of the Serpent lost almost all of their technology, including their weapons, spacecraft, and their stargate technology. The pole shift cataclysms caused severe mental and emotional trauma to the Earth’s people back then too.

This is why today we have fears about being in the dark, about being alone, about going hungry, concerns about the ocean and water, wild animals and snakes, foreign people, traveling to unknown places, and so on.

After this cataclysm, many people were lost. They were alone because most of their tribe had been killed. They went hungry; some never saw another human being again in their entire lives.

(Video) This Prometheus Theory Will Blow You Away | Fan Theory | In Theory

Many eventually encountered other humans that they had never seen before or even knew existed. Many had to travel far away from their homelands to survive.

The Earth was covered in a cloud of darkness for weeks, perhaps months or longer, and this cataclysm is why we are the way we are today.

We are still healing from the trauma that happened 11,000 to 13,000 years ago, and this is why we still have so many irrational phobias and superstitious beliefs today.

Humankind is a mentally fragmented being. I also believe that cancer was created in humans after this event because of the mass use of nuclear weapons back then. The radiation went into everything, and some places more than others.

It was in the food, the water, in the plants; it was everywhere. We have the genes of our Alien forefathers that completely contradict Earth human’s peaceful and grounded nature.

The Nephilim and their direct bloodline descendants have been trying desperately to get off this planet. The only way they can do that is to either create new technology, which they are trying to do, or find their old technology buried during the flood.

This is one reason why we have such a preoccupation with the Middle East right now since some Alien Technology is buried underneath there. Some people say the Iraq invasion wasn’t for oil; instead, it was to locate ancient technology that was buried or hidden.

You probably read that almost immediately after the Iraq invasion, ancient artifacts in their museums of antiquity were looted and taken to some unknown location.

Some historians know that Mesopotamia is located in Southern Iraq and also that Mesopotamia was the cradle of civilization at one point in time.

Ancient Nephilim – Cryogenic Sleep

Michael also explains how some very ancient Nephilim are in a type of cryogenic sleep right now. Even though the original Nephilim live longer than humans, most are dead now except a few in stasis in underground chambers.

Like the Ancient Vampires in Underworld sleeping in their tomb or the lone surviving engineer in Prometheus who was in cryostasis until the humans woke him up, onthe surface, it is the Nephilim’s direct bloodline descendants who are running the show on planet Earth right now. (Not the Sons of the Serpent).

Michael also explains that the Nephilim were in a predicament after the pole shift that destroyed the planet because they needed their technology, and they needed it fast.

On a side note.; the Sphinx and the Pyramids of Egypt were not built at the same time. The Sphinx was made before the pole shift, and the pyramids were created after.

We know this because the Sphinx has water damage at its base, whereas the Great Pyramids of Egypt do not. So that means the Sphinx was built before 11,500 B.C., give or take.

It is believed that pyramids are weights that balance the rotation of the earth. The pyramid goes underground in the above-ground shape, and the pyramids are systematically placed around the planet.

Who Won?

I understand that neither group has complete control of this world because of the pole shift and the ensuing cataclysm. The direct bloodline descendants of the Nephilim are what are known today as the Cabal or Illuminati.

The descendants of the Sons of the Serpent are what we would consider the “Good Guys,”even though they are not perfect beings, they genuinely have humanity’s best interest at heart.

The Macrocosm – Communicating with Archons

Michael Tsarion states back as far as the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of the Tudor Dynasty (The Virgin Queen/ also a Virgo/ Daughter of King Henry VIII) that the direct descendants of the Nephilim were actively pursuing technology to get them off this planet.

The Royals Bloodlines have the divine right to rule because they are direct descendants of the Nephilim. Take the Tudor Dynasty of England for example. They came to power as a result of the victory of Henry VII over Yorkist king Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. – Both descendants of the Nephilim.

You have to have Nephilim Blood to be a Royal.

The name Elizabeth means “beloved of the Gods.” Either way, the descendants of the Nephilim were stumped. For one, they didn’t have enough brainpower to create the necessary components for their technology.

Remember, this was back in the 1500s.

That was until Sir John Dee, the court astrologer and ambassador of Queen Elizabeth Tudor along with Edward Kelley and others, set about opening portals to other dimensions to speak with the “angels.”

His fraternal counterparts in Europe, under his instruction, performed similar rites. Their obsession was to contact extraterrestrial, or preferably, pan-dimensional beings, the “Archons.”

He invented what was known as “Enochian Magic,” which has been misunderstood due to its clever camouflaging.

Sir John Dee

Sir John Dee was successful in his enterprise. He succeeded in opening his portal and entering into dialogue with oversouls from another dimension. This was not the first time in Earth’s history that this had been attempted, nor would it be the last.

Sir John Dee entered into dialogue with these ‘pan-dimensional bits of intelligence‘ to see whether he could learn from them the secrets to a higher form of technology, which would precipitate the escape from Earth of his masters.

As a living “macroscope,” Dee found out that these pan-dimensional beings did indeed have answers.

But Dee also discovered that the ‘Macrobes’ did not take well to contact with creatures so lowly and presumptuous as he. The communion nearly destroyed his mind.

The knowledge that the Dark Archons communicated through his consciousness was so vast and complex that it was soon, after that, realized by all concerned that it would take centuries to accomplish physically.

It had to be decided whether to give up altogether and remain interned on Earth forever or somehow try against all the odds to actualize the intricate details of what was being relayed.

The Tudor Dynasty elites, with assurances from Dee, elected to press on. They put the most gifted minds at their disposal to the task of decoding into practical terms the strategies given from the “beyond.”

Others were commissioned to come up with camouflage strategies to hide what was going on from those not privy to it and from members of the Lemurian (Sons of the Serpent) offspring.

It took hundreds of years for humanity to get to the point of learning how to turn energy into matter and matter into energy.

No easy task at all. Along the way, the great Universities (Universal Cities or the study of the Universe) were created to harness man’s mind into understanding how matter and energy work.

(Now, instead of improving and enlightening, modern Universities confuse and mislead their students.)

It wasn’t until the 1950s that man had the brainpower and knowledge to split the atom.

When Dee entered into communication with the supernatural bits of intelligence, he was told that there was a price for the knowledge he was given, an amount for continued assistance throughout the ages.

(There is no such thing as free, everything has a cost).

Archons Want Blood = Power

The oversouls wanted something, and that something was “blood.” Blood has occult properties, especially when taken from an innocent, murdered in a ritual setting (see Highlander and any of the Dracula movies).

Blood is a form of energy, and vampires live on it. Blood is essential to occultists, and blood is also the origin of ‘Rolling out the Red Carpet’ for the Royals or “Celebrity Royal’ events.

So Meister Dee, with his colleagues and underlings, saw to it that his Dark Guardians would get all the blood they required. In his significant pact, he put the whole of humanity up as a sacrifice to his masters’ cause.

This is the reason for the endless wars and conflicts that beset world history. Wars are precisely planned blood rituals, with all seemingly opposing sides being financed by the same unseen echelons.

The Nephilim Descendants want to get off this planet. They are so desperate to do it that they sacrificed humans’ lives to become food for these macrocosms (Archons) in exchange for information to get them past the etheric grid and off this planet.

Author, researcher, and speaker David Icke also mentions something very similar to this macrocosm idea.

He states there are interdimensional beings that feed off the negative energy that emanates from planet earth. Our collective fear, chaos, confusion, and other low vibratory emotional states are food for these interdimensional beings.

(Video) Are Our Gods Actually Aliens? – Sadhguru Answers

They feed off the energy emitted from our stress hormones, whether through murder, trauma, or stress from just trying to make ends meet. It’s all food for them, and they have an insatiable appetite for it.

This is why the world is purposely set up the way it is and why things, no matter what, never seem to get better.

Michael Tsarion: The Lost City Of Atlantis, Alien Visitation, & Genetic Manipulation

On the other hand, in particular, the Bible and the Book of Enoch relate that Earth’s sovereignty was violated by one contingent of ancient visitors.

These beings were named the Nephilim (“those who were cast down”). Many names have come down to us that were used to describe the visitors.

Some of the names of ‘those who were cast down’ are:

  • Annunaki
  • Anakim
  • Rephaim
  • Djinn
  • Giants
  • Titans
  • Fallen Angels
  • The Watchers
  • the Els
  • the Ari
  • Elders
  • Sons of Zadok
  • Sons of Seth
  • the Uranids
  • Cyclopeans
  • Prometheans
  • Olympians
  • the Elect
  • Asuras
  • the Illies
  • Fomorians
  • the Necromancers
  • Rayless Ones
  • Bent Ones
  • the Dogons
  • Dagons
  • the Ana
  • Amaraka
  • Nagas
  • the Rakshasas
  • Dragon Kings
  • Naddred
  • the Brotherhood of the Snake
  • The Serpent People.
  • They were also referred to as the Djedhi (see Jedi).

The Bible

In the Bible and other scriptures, we read about these “Fallen Angels” and their sojourn on Earth, for in ancient days, their arrival and activities were not concealed as they are now.

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. (Genesis, Chapter 6-8)

The Bible takes the position that the Nephilim were a malign presence and insists that their leaders committed a great “sin” by interfering with the evolution of humankind:

And the great dragon was cast down, the old serpent, he that is called the Devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world, he was cast down to Earth, and his angels were cast down with him.

(Revelation) And it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the Earth, and daughters were born unto them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all that they chose.” (Genesis, Chapter 6-8)


We read from various sources that approximately 50,000 years ago, a specific planetary body in our solar system was mysteriously destroyed. This body has been called Tiamat, Phaeton, Lucifer, Marduk, Maldek, Rahab, and even Luna (not connected to the name later given to the moon).

It was believed to have existed between Mars and Jupiter and was referred to as the “second sun” and may have been mistaken as such because its atmosphere was resplendent with reflections of the actual sun.

This is not as improbable as it sounds since Venus, the “Morning Star,” the second planet from the sun and the third brightest object in the sky, is so bright that it casts a distinct shadow on a moonless night.

Around the time of this event, the solar system, and later the Earth, was colonized by extraterrestrial beings who were either attracted to this solar system by that conflagration or, upon coming here, caused the calamity themselves.

Whether the disaster was natural or not, the result was that humankind on Earth experienced total and long-lasting chaos and confusion. The surface of the planet Tiamat consisted mainly of vast oceans.

These vast saline waters entered the Earth’s atmosphere upon its destruction, causing the first of two massive prehistoric deluges and tribulations that humanity would experience.

It is thought that the alien invaders took full advantage of this predicament and moved in to bring about colonization. They met no resistance from the Earth’s disoriented and weakened inhabitants who believed their visitors were powerful gods.

Like the energetic Erich von Daniken, some theorists have also determined a tremendous intergalactic war between two (or possibly more) extraterrestrial forces in a neighboring galaxy or solar system.

The result of this titanic war had enormous consequences for the Earth because it is postulated, that the losers being pursued into our system pretended to take refuge in Tiamat.

They even erected a makeshift radar-type station there to decoy their pursuers. However, the defeated ones had taken refuge on planet Earth, not on Tiamat.

Upon their arrival, they almost immediately went underground into existing caverns that they knew existed through scans of the planet. They also descended into other caverns that they cut out of the living rock.

There were at least five entire continents on Earth in ancient times called:

  1. Appalachia
  2. Tyrhennia
  3. Beringia
  4. Fennoscandia
  5. Oceania.

Our present continents are remnants of these.

Beneath them were thousands of miles of underground passages, caverns, and refuges. Some of these remain today, and experts know that many of them were not made naturally.

Many of our quaint myths and tales, like those of Dwarves, Trolls, Elves, the “Little People,” and the Scandinavian “King Under the Mountain,” for example, concern these hidden worlds.

Almost all the Native American Indian tribes speak of their original residence beneath the surface of the Earth. The pursuers, the victors of the war in the heavens, erroneously thinking their enemies were on Tiamat, utterly demolished it.

The Destruction of Tiamat

This horrific act and its subsequent consequences were witnessed and recorded:

And behold a star fell from heaven…and the children of the Earth began to tremble and quake before them and to flee from them. And again I saw how they began to gore each other and to devour each other and the Earth began to cry aloud. (Book of Enoch)

I saw in a vision how the heavens collapsed…and when it fell to Earth I saw how the Earth was swallowed up in a great abyss…and I lifted up my voice to cry aloud, and said “the Earth is destroyed.” (Book of Enoch)

And in those days Noah saw the earth that it had sunk down and its destruction was nigh. And he arose from thence and went to the end of the earth and cried aloud to his grandfather Enoch, and Noah said bitterly, three times, ‘Hear me, Hear me, Hear me!’ And I (Enoch) said unto him, Tell me what it is that is falling upon the earth that it is in such evil plight and shaken…(Book of Enoch)

And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as if it were a lamp…And the name of the star is called Wormwood; and many men died of the water, because they were made bitter. (Rev 8:7 – 9:1)

Celtic records also speak of the Deluge:

I have been in the bark of Dylan, Son of the Wave, when the waters rose as lances, falling down from the skies, into the exposed abyss. (Book of Taliesin)

The Indians of Lake Missoula, Washington, have in their myths the following account:

One summer morning the people were startled by a rumbling and a shaking of the Earth…Then the sun was blotted out…Terrified people ran to the hills to get away from the pounding water…Then a rain of ashes began to fall. It fell for several weeks.

The Navajos, Coyoteros, and Pueblos Indians have similar reports, in this vein:

Their only food was meat…for all kinds of game were closed up with them…Then the men and animals began to come up from their caves and their coming up required several days. The Earth was at this time very small and the light as scanty as it had been down below, for there was as yet no heaven, nor sun, nor moon, nor stars.

From maverick catastrophist and researcher Comyns Beaumont, we read:

The Flood, to the world generally a vague and nebulous tradition, really conceals the most appalling visitation and its ravages in the British Isles and Scandinavian lands may be retraced to more considerable extent by the effects of what geologists term the “Drift” Age. It was no mere ice drift.

It was sudden and terribly swift and violent. It permanently affected the world’s climate towards greater extremes of cold and damp, lengthened the solar year by enlarging the world’s orbit.

It shaped world history by compelling the flight of survivors to other less inhospitable climes and led in considerable degree to the dispersion of the Aryans. It inundated the British Isles for a period to a great extent except the higher lands.

It was the drowning of Atlantis. The Flood immortalizes the collision of a fallen planet, later termed Satan, actually a cometary body, with our earth. Comyns Beaumont (Riddle of Prehistoric Britain)

The debris from Tiamat’s destruction has become the asteroid belt with its orbit.

When it nears the Roche Limit (the closest distance from the planet’s center that a satellite can approach without being pulled apart by the planet’s gravitational field), the debris occasionally re-enters the atmosphere, falling to the surface.

It’s Raining Fish and Frogs

As researchers like Charles Fort have so splendidly collated, our Earth has seen strange rains of fish and frogs, oil and stone, hail, and ice descending from the skies.

What has been kept back is that these anomalies are indeed the remains of an entire planet, that of Tiamat.

(Video) Ancient Aliens: DNA Reveals Human/Alien Hybrids (Season 7) | History

The waters of its vast oceans became frozen in space. When they entered our atmosphere, they liquefied, depositing their often live contents on the surface of Earth to the perplexion and bemusement of witnesses.

Zacharia Sitchin and others of his kin think that the losers in this cosmic “Armageddon,” that is, the visitors, were generally moral and ethical and that their arrival here was usually a good thing for the Earth.

This writer finds it difficult to accept this theory in its entirety.

Intergalactic Refugees

It is just as reasonable to assume, as the ancient texts advocate, that these visitors, being so remorselessly pursued, were evil, negative beings, who had perhaps contributed to the corruption of their home planet and who were finally being erased.

A great deal of information coming out of the ancient legends convinces this writer that the visitors, for all their intellectual acumen and technological expertise, were morally corrupt, without spiritual sensibilities of any kind.

These alien, criminal renegades took their cover on Earth, met with the indigenous tribes, were considered gods, and took full advantage of their hosts’ relative credulity.

Having no love for the people of Earth, they almost immediately sought to enslave them. We believe they were successful and that no one can have a real grasp of humankind’s history and progress without considering the idea of alien colonization.

The Hindu scripture, Srimad Bhagavatam, relates the coming of a demon race which invaded the three planetary systems.

Ant People

One of the visitors’ epithets was the “Ant People” because they had the habit of mining and burrowing underground and living there in complex colonies.

This practice availed perfect concealment as these renegades knew that it was imperative that they were not traced to this planet and that their previous hosts believed them utterly destroyed.

The Celtic legends and the Bible declare that the Nephilim (fallen angels) took refuge underwater in their crafts. In Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s book, The Coming Race, he describes the existence of advanced beings living in tunnels and caverns beneath the Earth’s surface.

He refers to these beings as the Ana, saying they were forced below because of Earth’s changes and a flood that destroyed their civilization thousands of years before the Biblical cataclysm.

In David Icke’s Children of the Matrix, we read:

Thirty-six underground cities have been discovered in Cappadocia so far and some are huge complexes going down eight levels. The ventilation systems are so efficient that even eight floors down the air is still fresh.

Thirty vast underground cities and tunnel complexes have also been found near Derinkuya in Turkey.

These accounts of the ancients have been dismissed for centuries and often ridiculed and misunderstood. For instance, the visitors are sometimes described as fantastic in aspect, sometimes as having “two heads” or faces.

But this description is comprehensible when we realize that it refers to a face inside a space helmet, which appeared to our ancestors as two faces or heads.

The “Men of Brass” or “Bronze” was also a title used for the visitors, possibly due to the metallic suits they wore. They also seem to have communicated in strange voices (many-tongues). Can this not also be explained in practical terms?

Fallen Angels

Can the references about the “fallen angels” in the Old Testament, Book of Enoch, and the Dead Sea Scrolls, for example, not be based on fact?

The Nephilim had to begin calibrating the Earth about the neighboring planets and stars almost immediately after ascent from their hidden havens.

Although they were in no immediate hurry, they believed they could leave the planet whenever they desired. Earth was undoubtedly not their home, but it was better than nothing in an emergency.

But because they had arrived suddenly and not by choice, they were in a predicament about where they were in celestial terms and a quandary about where to go in the future.

With the help of the Neanderthal race, the Nephilim constructed and erected stone monuments and giant Earth calendars on the plains for their astronomers to engage in calculations to orient themselves correctly in this new wing of the galaxy.

There is some evidence to indicate that the Nephilim did not leave Earth immediately because they feared that the solar system after Tiamat’s destruction was magnetically unstable to the extent of preventing them from flying out and navigating quickly.

(One does not drive their car through a volcano or earthquake by choice). The risk was too high for a time.

They also did not know if their enemies were still watching for them or whether they had set some warning “alarm” system to signal the Nephilim’s presence.

Nephilim and Atlantis

The Nephilim established their main headquarters, Atlantis, on the continent of Appalachia. From this center, they would corral and experiment on the indigenous Earth inhabitants taken from cultures and tribes shaken asunder by the recent celestial catastrophe.

Those ever-so “lucky” persons chosen for hybridization by the Nephilim inherited the alien DNA and became morally corrupt.

Some of these persons were sent back into their tribes as kings possessed of powerful magic and wealth. Henceforth, bloodline would be extremely important to the monarchs of the Earth.

Records were kept in Atlantis of all their engineered slaves, and from then onwards, the progeny of those persons would be favored and protected. After hybridization, certain “chosen ones” from the Earthmen were also brought into the “inner circles” of the visitors.

This would have been done for purely pragmatic reasons. Those genetically-modified were sent back to their societies and exalted as priests, elders, or even kings.

They were lackeys of the malign warlocks of Atlantis who indeed ruled from “behind the thrones,” keeping in touch with their minions through the use of powerful crystal “seeing stones.” (Just like we have today minus the crystal “seeing stones”).

Sons of The Serpent

The race that they (Nephilim) subsequently created, the “Sons of the Serpents,” possessed the DNA of their alien fathers and that of the indigenous Earth people, the Homo Sapiens. (In the Bible, the correct translation of “create” is “build.”)

These genetically created offspring were made to serve their creators’ needs in the “Garden of Edinu or Eden.

They are “Homo Atlantis.” Unluckily for the “Serpent Masters,” this firstborn progeny eventually began to chafe against their imposed servitude.

Their human qualities and sensibilities were such that they were not only lofty of intellect but were possessed of a moral and spiritual dimension utterly lacking in their extraterrestrial masters.

As a result, they openly began to resist their creators, whom they disliked and came to outnumber physically. The “Sons of the Serpents” leave the “Garden of Edinu” (Atlantis) and vacate the continent of Appalachia, relocating to the island of Oceania, later known as Lemuria, where today’s Pacific Ocean is.

Here they established a thriving civilization where they also practiced the high sciences. Their rebellion and departure affronted their creators, who, from that time onward, would consider their “firstborn” avowed adversaries.

What To Do About Our Predicament?

your will is leaving you, slipping away, and you are now beneath my influence. Though your eyes are open, and you seem aware, you are in fact asleep, your faculties dormant, your ability to act and think, subservient to my will…Satan

Using the example of David and Goliath, author Guylaine Lanctot (The Medical Mafia) addresses the question of triumphant victory over adversity.

Her analogy applies perfectly to our present thesis.

David, she writes, destroyed his monstrous enemy because he did four crucial things: He identified his enemy, he overcame his fear, he found a weak spot, and he used a simple weapon.

The answer is that we, the present occupants of the planet, make a conscious return to the land (to the Earth) and begin again to apply the rituals preserved by the Shamanic traditions of our races.

In so doing, we strengthen the “immune system” of the biosphere, which then allows the Earth (in its mysterious manner) to destroy or repel the offending presence.

Thus, the pathogens infecting her become eradicated in a sane, healthy, and permanent way. When the sleepers awaken and make a return to the Earth, a great circle of time closes.

Men and women return to the human, as opposed to the alien, within themselves, becoming their priests and priestesses.


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