25 Girl Names That Mean Fire (2023)

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From the moment you first lay eyes on your beautiful baby girl, you just know that she will set the world ablaze with their intelligence, charm, and passion. You dream of how she will set the universe on fire with her many gifts and all that she will bring into the world. You know your bundle of joy is destined for great, fiery, and passionate things. And this may inspire you to look at girl names that mean fire for your future little firecracker.

Girl names that mean fire are a strong choice when trying to find the right name for your little girl that will perfectly capture their spark and fiery spirit. You know that the baby you hold in your arms will make a beautiful difference in an amazing way, and girl names that mean fire are inspired choices that will definitely make a mark — just like your little girl.

Girl names that mean fire carry a lot of sparkle, shine, and power. And they are perfect for your little one who’s sure to make a huge impact.

25 Girl Names That Mean Fire (1)

These fiery names are perfect for your bundle of joy who’s destined to set the world ablaze!


Aalish is a name with Persian origins. It has a fiery meaning. Aalish means “flame”, and it is a melodious sounding name with a feisty meaning that you can give to your little girl. With its exotic roots, this name is beautiful and rare.


Adan is a unique and captivating name that is of Gaelic origins. It is the female variation of the name “Aiden”, and carries the same meaning, “little fire” or “fiery one”. Other variations are the Irish name “Edan”, and the likewise Gaelic name “Edana”. Whatever the variant you pick, its a bewitchingly adorable name you can give to your most precious bundle of joy.


Anala is a name with Indian roots. The name is said to mean “fiery” or “fire”. Anala is a laid back, pretty name that is a great choice for edgy families looking for an unusual name that means fire for their baby girl.


Aonani is a sweet, beautiful name. It is a name with Hawaiian roots, and its meaning is beautiful as well. Aonani means “beautiful light”. It is a mesmerizing name you can choose for the little one that brings light to your life.


Barbara is a name that is classic and timeless. It is a name of English origins, and it was actually the name of a martyr in the third century. It is said that in Catholic customs, St. Barbara was the name of the protector against lightning and fire. Barbara is a popular name in European countries.


Candace is a name that is feminine and lovely. It is a name that originated in Greece. Candace means “fire white” or “white-fire”. It’s quite popular in the United States, particularly in the 1980s, especially with the popular Full House actress, Candace Cameron Bure, carrying the name.


Cyra is a name that is mysterious and intriguing. It is Persian in origin, and is considered the feminine variation of the name “Cyrus”. Cyra means “lord”, “throne”, or “sun”. It can be pronounced as either CY-ra of SEER-a. A known namesake is Cyra McFadden, a famous writer.


Electra is a name that is charismatic and, well, electrifying! It is an appealing Greek name that is very much associated with fire. Electra means “shining” and “light”. It is also said to mean “the fiery Sun”. This name is very famous and beloved, especially in pop culture, particularly because of its association to the Daredevil comic series, wherein his love interest is the well-known anti-heroine named Elektra.


Eliane is a pretty, melodious sounding name. It has roots in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. The name means “sun”, giving it a pretty straightforward association to fire. Eliane rolls sweetly off the tongue and is an excellent choice for a name for your baby girl.


Ember is an appealing, bewitching name with a sizzling meaning. The name is of English roots, and gives off a glowing, smoldering vibe. Like the word it was based from, Ember means “the smoldering remains when fire extinguishes”. It is also the English word to name coal that’s burning or burning out, or coal that’s glowing. Ember is a hot, fiery name indeed.

11. ENA

Ena is a name that is short and yet packs a fiery punch. This name of Celtic roots may only have three letters to it, but it is a sizzling and feisty name. End means “fiery” or “passionate”, and is a great choice in giving your little girl a name that may instill passion in her early on.

12. ENYA

Enya is a name that is sweet and lovely but also full of fiery spunk. The name has Celtic origins and means “tiny fire”. It is also said to have roots in Ireland, and is the variation of the Irish name “Eithne”. Enya sounds a lot like “Anya”, but with a distinct difference because of the “E” at the beginning. The name increased in popularity due to Irish singer and songwriter Enya.


Fiamma is an exotic, mesmerizing name. The name has Italian roots and is beautiful and mysterious, as well as sizzling. Fiamma means “flame” and is a rare, gorgeous choice for a name for your little one. A longer, intricate variation of this is the French name “Fiammetta”, which is said to mean “little fiery one”. Both variations are great names you can give your daughter.


Helia is a name that is both sweetly feminine and gloriously magnificent at once. The name is of Greek roots. Helia means “sun”. It is said to be the female variation of “Helios”, who was the Greek sun god. Helia sounds a lot like the also pretty “Delia”, “Lelia” and “Amelia”, but with more uniqueness and feistiness.


Hestia is another name of Greek origins with a magnificence and power attached to it. It is said to be the name of the Greek Goddess of home, hearth and chastity. Hestia means “fireside” or “hearth”. It’s an uncommon name with deep mythological roots that would make for a wonderful choice for your baby girl.


Ignacia is a name that is exotic and mesmerizing, and full of charm. It is a name of Spanish or Latin roots. Ignacia carries with it the meaning “firebrand” and is an amazing and lovely name you can give your lovely daughter.


Kalama is a beautiful, melodious name. It is a name with roots in Hawaii, that has a lovely meaning. Kalama means “torch of flame”. It is charming and captivating, and carries a meaning that makes an impression as well.


Kiran is a name that is uniquely captivating, and with a likewise captivating meaning attached to it. The name is Sanskrit in origin. It carries with it the meaning “ray of light”. Kiran is an excellent choice for a name for the lovely sunshine of your life.


Mirri is a name that is full of charm and sweetness. It is an Aboriginal name that carries with it the meaning, “the sun”. The name is pronounced as MIH-ree, and is a name that can be given to both girls and boys. It certainly makes for an adorable, charming name for your little girl.


Oriane is a name that is exotic and captivating, and likewise has a mesmerizing meaning. This name is of French roots. It means “sunrise”. Oriane is a name that rolls beautifully off the tongue, and it is a unique, melodious and mysterious name you can choose for your bundle of joy.


Salana is a bewitching name with melodious tones and a fiery spirit. The name is of Latin origins. Salana means “sun”. It is closely related to the name “Solana”, which is of Spanish roots and means “sunshine”. Salana and Solana are warm, bright names you can consider for your baby girl.


Seraphina is a name that is full of sweetness, innocence, and fiery passion all at once. The name is of Hebrew roots. Seraphina means “advent”, “fiery”, or “fire spirit”. It is said to have been derived from the seraphim angels, who have six wings. It grew in popularity in the United States when it was chosen by Hollywood parents Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck for their daughter’s name.


Soleil is a name that connotes enchantment and a whole lot of charm. It is a name that has roots in France. Soleil means “sun”, and is a perfect choice for your beaming, beautiful bundle of joy. Soleil has a carefree, sunny feel, and at the same time is exotic and unforgettable,

24. TANA

Tana is a name that is definitely regal and full of fiesty sparkle. It has roots in ancient Greece, and has a magnificent and memorable meaning. Tana is said to mean “fire” or “star goddess”. It is also the name of an Ethiopian place. Tana is a mesmerizing name you can give to the little star of your heart.


Vesta is a name that is fierce in its beauty and appeal. It is said to be the name of the Roman Goddess of the hearth, chastity, and home. The goddess Vesta was hardly ever depicted as having human form. She is often depicted in the form of a fire that is burning in her temple. Vesta is a fiesty and lovely choice of name for your baby girl.

Your little one is sure to light the world with her fire and sparkle. These girl names that mean fire are beautiful choices that will definitely capture the passion, charisma, and strength of your bundle of joy.

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